Off to Singapore and Malaysia

I’m leaving tonight for a series of events including an international photography event called Month of Photography Asia.  I have an exhibition in the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore which will feature a lot of my pictures that haven’t been seen before. The title of the exhibition is “The Unguarded Moment” which is also the title of my new book which just came out last week.  I will be visiting with university students, high school students, journalists, business leaders, and other groups. 

I will also be teaching a Master Class on June 21st.   It will be an  interactive session which will include an on-site photo shoot practice component. Your photos will then be printed on Epson’s latest photo printers and then we will discuss your work.

It will be great to be back in Southeast Asia.  For the last few years I have spent time during the holidays in Singapore, and always look forward to my time in that part of the world.  I look forward to seeing many friends during this trip, and hope to make new ones as well.

21 Responses to “Off to Singapore and Malaysia”

  1. Steve, I missed you when you visited Malaysia last year. Will you be heading back this way again soon.


  2. fadzarafidelic Says:

    thnks for coming to malaysia steve

  3. Hi Mr. Steve,

    It was just like any other working day of office, when one of my colleagues informed me that Steve McCurry is coming in Singapore for an exhibition, workshop and photo contest.

    “Who is Steve McCurry?” was the first question comes in my mind. I googled your name and saw the Afghan girl. I recalled an episode of National Geographic about the girl and search of that girl again after years. Me being very new to photography you were totally unknown to me. I saw that Afghan girl many times, but never think of exploring more about “The Man behind Camera”. This ironic that we use to see and appreciate photographs but never think about photographer.

    Got the link of your website and saw your work, I spent half of day going through each of photographs. I was delightfully surprised to see the first album “Kumbh Mela”, you were there in my home town (Allahabad) and sadly I was totally unaware of that.

    I was there during the photo contest result announcement. My focus was on you and not on results. Taking your photographs was a price for me.

    Wishing you seeing you and more work of you soon…


  4. The Masterclass workshop in Singapore was fantastic.

    I gained a lot of meaningful insights of ways of documenting a fasntastic image, the process of thinking, the visual of putting various elements together to form a captivating image and the respect towards any subject.

    Hope to see your new work soon, take care and god bless.

  5. It’s wonderful to meet you in Singapore. The best part is too running down with you get the autograph…and Its a life time experience to see those photos(moments) front my eyes.

  6. I missed out a lot of your stuff; courses, talks…that’s really sad but I’m glad enough I didn’t miss out your amazing solo exhibition.

    Went over today and every single one of your photographs tell a lot of story with deep meanings and symbolism and I was overwhelmed with emotions throughout my stay in the Asian Civilisations Museum. I love how rich in colours your photos are and how the composition, light and shadow becomes part of the pictures and together with the subject, they tell a story vividly.

    I’m definitely dropping by again to your gallery, Steve.

    Thank you for capturing those wonderful photographs and sharing them with us.

  7. kagome92 Says:

    Hello Professional.

    Did you enjoy the magnificent view at the National Library today?

    Thanks for the NLB sharing and hope you’ll continue to enjoy your time in Singapore.

  8. Mizuho Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you very much for coming to Singapore, and holding the public opened workshop.
    It was such a nice workshop, and I was inspired a lot from your lecture.
    I will treasure the experience, and will have fun shooting more and more!!

    Please come back soon again!!


  9. Hi Steve

    Attended your slide presentation and photo exhibition at ACM on 20 June. It’s eye opening and I’ve definitely enjoyed it, will visit the exhibition again.

    Good to know you have always enjoyed Singapore for the buffets. :p

    And thanks for the autograph on the exhibition brochure!

  10. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to Singapore!
    I totally enjoyed the exhibition today, but missed the event.
    I would like to come to NLB session on the 23rd, but it’s fully booked.
    Is there any way I can sign up on the day?

  11. Atan Chua Says:

    Steve, Thanks for the great exhibition and thanks for signing the national geographic magazine I brought with me today. It was a pleasure meeting you and your images are very inspiring. Thanks again.

  12. Daphne Says:

    Welcome! I’m definitely going to the exhibition!

  13. Hello Mr. Steve McCurry!

    I am an intern for Month Of Photography Asia at La Salle Singapore.

    I will be visiting your exhibition at the Museum.

    Can’t wait to meet you in person.

    I have always been a fan.


    Diyana Rahim

  14. kagome92 Says:

    Perhaps you can register on the day itself? Don’t think all who registered will turn up.😉

  15. Gargh, the sharing session at NLB is fully-booked.

  16. kagome92 Says:

    There will be a sharing session at the National Library on the 23rd of June if you’ve signed up for it. It’ll be held at the POD @ level 16 of the National Library Building. Beautiful place.

  17. We will meet again here… MALAYSIA…

  18. Irene Chen Says:

    Am very happy to have finally ‘met’ you tonight – I was the one in purple who asked to have a photograph with you as you were leaving the building.

    I enjoyed your talk very much – it was enthralling!

    Thank you so much for visiting Malaysia.

  19. Hi Steve, welcome to Singapore!

    Congratulations on your first solo exhibition in Singapore! I look forward to viewing your exhibition when it opens. Up till you published this post, I had no idea that you would be visiting. Would there be any chances to meet you in person, at the exhibition opening, or the like?

    Either way, have a safe journey.


  20. Soham Gupta Says:

    Wow, Mr. McCurry, you are surely trotting the world! Don’t you, at any time, feel tired?:-)

    What’s the secret behind your super stamina?



  21. kagome92 Says:

    Hope you’ll have a pleasant flight.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore!

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