MJ’s Memorial

Two weeks ago, Michael Jackson and his producer discussed using my pictures in his upcoming tour during the song, “We are the World.”  Michael was excited by the idea of using my photography during his show.  They said his eyes “lit up” thinking about how the music and pictures would work together.

When Michael died, they asked if they could use my pictures as a montage during the song at the end of the memorial, and I was honored to provide them over the fourth of July weekend.

I remember listening to MJ’s music on my Walkman as I traveled around the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan during the early 1980’s. I could never have predicted that someday the pictures I was taking would be used at his memorial service.

9 Responses to “MJ’s Memorial”

  1. Life is a wonder and gift when two great artists can compliment each other. This was a gift to you, Steve that MJ was able to acknowledge his respect for your art and talent before his passing. It still seems so surreal he is gone. He was a dedicated performer who showed his love for music and dance …and we, the fans loved, love him still.

    I adored Saturday mornings, as a young girl to wake up and watch the Jackson 5. I will always have his music in my library. It only seemed natural that your images were used for ‘We Are the World’.

    Thanks for sharing the story of when you were in Hindu Kush listening on your Walkman (this is a nice time date). His music is timeless and inspiring.

  2. […] I learned from reading his blog that some of his images were projected at the Staples Center during Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Pretty […]

  3. indra5atmadi Says:

    god bless michael jackson.. he had done so many great cause to the human society in this world.. he should be proud of himself..

    I am your new big fan Mr.Steve, I met you at the Asian Civilization Museum Singapore as one of the winner.. thank you for your comment about the photo.. really glad to met you..

    best regards from Indonesia

  4. greatness!
    I always love how you see human right from as big as Michael Jackson right to any pretty peoples on the street!

  5. Congratulations Steve. Like a whole lot of others, I too am a big MJ fan. I was watching his music videos last night and even after all these years I still get goosebumps to his awesome-ness.

    Greetings from the Philippines!

  6. Thats amazing!
    I miss him so deeply, i just wish i could have seen him once, i was too young when he was performing earlier in life, and i just figured there would be another opportunity.
    May God let his soul rest in peace, my prayers go out to him and his family.

  7. I noticed they were your images while watching the memorial service on tv. They accompany the message of his humanitarian songs such as we are the world perfectly. I think both your work and MJs vision of a united humanity are similarly striking and I thank you for your efforts in what is sometimes a frighting world. Your images and Michaels music have both been a huge inspiration to me. I often browse through your book portraits and delight in the diversity of culture and spirit of mankind. Lets hope goodness prevails.

    • Steve McCurry Says:


      Many thanks for your post. It was an honor to have my images displayed during We Are the World and to pay respects to Michael Jackson.


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