Elliott Erwitt

I’m often asked about what advice I could give to young photographers. I would recommend studying the work of Elliott Erwitt, my colleague at Magnum Photos who has had an illustrious career in fine art, editorial, and corporate advertising photography.

Elliott has done it all – from creating films including The Glass Makers of Herat (1977) to exhibitions in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Zurich and New York. He is also coming out with two new books this year.

I spent almost a week with Elliott in Australia about 10 years ago on a book tour and I was struck by his curiosity and his keen eye, photographing even at the airport before we got on the plane back to New York. I discovered that we both have a love for Italy and Japan and both travel there often.

8 Responses to “Elliott Erwitt”

  1. Hi Steve,
    I had this rare and wonderful opportunitty some months ago. Elliot came to Puerto Rico and we did in conjuction witn Ogilvy New York, the new advertising campaign for Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

    I’ve been a fan of Elliot and you for many years and also of David Alan Harvey…..This is a great picture and a great blog.

    Many years ago while in a world wide creative meeting of BBDO in Hawaii, a book was left over my bed as a gift from the agency. This book was from you (Stay that Moment). I’m also a good friend of Raul Touzon (that you probably know too)

    From that day I’ve been in love with color photography, woth your work and with the work of others like Eggleston, Shore and Meyerowith. I hope I can make it to Edwynn Hook Gallery in NY before their exhibition ends.

    Saludos and thanks for a great blog!!
    Puerto Rico

  2. Maria Alzamora Says:

    I agree! He has an original way of view.

  3. Hey Steve,
    I’ve added one Elliot’s books to my Amazon wish list and will pick up a book on my next ‘buying round’

    I hope life is going great for you, (it looks it).
    All is good on my end and I’m starting to see some fruits of my labor after many years combing the streets with my camera. Am starting to pick up some good jobs. Mostly in advertising.

    Also, I have just self published a book featuring five photo essays. One of them being an essay on Bodhgaya – one of the places you sent me off too after the 07 India workshop. The cover of the book is at the Mahabodhi Temple. You also get an honorable mention in the forward of the book.

    At the end of the India trip I had a very bizarre and enlightening situation that involved 10,000 souls, a saddhu at Bodgaya, a mystic from California and a red elephant. The story finished itself of in New Zealand and Australia afterwards. Perhaps if we run into each other again, I’ll share it with you.

    take care,
    Jonathan (your former kiwi student)

  4. Elliot, you are the best inspiration one can have.

  5. I look at this photo and the one in your last post and i’m struck by the happy-snapness of it. So pro photographers do pose for say-cheese group shots!:)

    Thank you for the advice Steve. Will you be coming back to Australia any time soon?

    • Steve McCurry Says:


      I would love to find a wonderful excuse to come back to Australia. I have been there several times on some National Geographic assignments and an assortment of advertising and corporate assignments. I particularly liked the area east of Darwin. I spent a week or two at some remote settlements including some Aboriginal settlements.


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