Unpublished, Unseen

Over the past thirty years, I have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures.  Many of them have been published in my books, in magazines, and seen in my exhibitions, but a majority have never been seen.  Here are a few of those unseen pictures.

Note:  November 9 – I have added some pictures at the bottom of the Berlin Wall which came down twenty years ago today.


Kashmir, 1999


Kashmir, 1998


Java, 1983


Burma, 1994


Australia, 1983


Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1992


Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 2006


Morocco, 1988


Manhattan neighborhood, 1996


Central Park, New York, NY, 1994

00438_19_8Berlin Wall

Fall of the Berlin Wall, November, 1989

Berlin Wall1




49 Responses to “Unpublished, Unseen”

  1. Steve ,

    Un emmerveillement vos photos !!!
    Merci merci merci merci❤


  2. Amazing work Steve. Your an inspiration to me.

  3. Dear Steve

    Last januari I was in Milan and had the chance to see your’e work. I was moved by it!
    Thanks so much, it was the highlight of my visit in Milan…

    Anya from the Netherlands

  4. I am a fan of your photography since I click my camera. It is 3-4 years I become very much passionate regarding my hobby.
    I have already enjoyed your website a no of times and your photographs is like grammar to me.
    I must say the unseen and unpublished shots are as interesting as your most famous ones.

  5. steve !! you are the best… and you have seen it all.
    Please let me know how do you take such shots at such low lights !!

    how do u ready the light …

  6. Steve, your picture Java 1983 – was that taken in small town Tasikmalaya from Mount Galunggung eruption ?

  7. I have loved your work since I was a child, when I came across the “Afghan Girl”. Your work has inspired me in many ways and was one of the reason I took up photography in the first place. I especially admire your work on Kashmir, maybe because I am originally from there and haven’t come across many photographers who take an interest on Kashmir. I do hope that you will one day return to Kashmir, to photograph the difference from what it was 10 years ago.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work and hope it will inspire the future generation too, as it did me.

    Kind Regards,

    Noor Mubarak

  8. Your photography has inspired me to want to be photographer since my freshman year in high school, I am now working on finding a good photography school. I just hope that someday I can be as good of a photographer as you are. I have one question: What inspired you to travel all around the world?

  9. Estoy impresionada!!! Soy estudiante de fotografia y nadie me ha tocado más en mis sentimientos, creo que para hacer ciertas fotografías hay que tener una sensibilidad tan especial como estar tocado por una varita mágica no sería posible de otra manera. Enhorabuena, ójala sepa encontrar esa “varita” como tu. gracias por enseñarme a sentir.

  10. Hola!

    I’m sure you know and it’s nothing new, but you’re a great photographer.
    Love the way you portray society, life…. thank you for your talent!:)

  11. HI Steve,
    Thanks again for sharing unseen images. I love to see the ones from NYC, in your eyes especially, since I am a New Yorker at heart, after living in the E Village and Brooklyn. Sincerely, there is no place like it on earth …that I have found. Another thanks for the Berlin Wall! Was that luck that you were there when it came down? I feel fortunate to have gone into East Berlin in 1986. I was an exchange student (15). This trip is what gave me my first inspiration for photography! This is a part of the world I will never see again, but so grateful that have experienced it. The energy in Berlin 20 years ago must have been amazing!!!

    My best from Normandy,

  12. I was quite surprised by the image of Australia taken in 1983. That was sooooooo different from what I ‘thought’ Australia was! Great insight!

  13. Thankyou Steve for bringing us these photos! Thankyou… Where are you heading next? In terms of location?

    Ps. Hope you’re doing well!


  14. It was very inspiring and refreshing to see some of your unpublished works. I hope you’ll show us more in the future. I really like the snow scene in central park,ny. The black figure with umbrella set in the white background of snow with the buildings on the horizon is perfect.

  15. Thanks for sharing these. Viewing them literally caused me to hold my breath – – they are so beautifully done. You remain an inspiration to me.

  16. I like the champagne drops and the joy of the women on the last one, but the one I prefer is the first : These colors ! The stare of this very old man !

  17. Love the Berlin wall picture — the woman’s smile and the shape of the champagne as it flew from the bottle. A spontaneous picture of celebration!

    Esp. poignant given it’s the 20th anniversary today! Perhaps you could send it to your fav. newspaper / magazine, give the picture a public airing after 20 years?

  18. The Kashmir, 1998, image is my favourite of this wonderful series (after savouring “The Unguarded Moment” it goes without saying that I enjoy this kind of images)

    I have one question/plea: Would it be possible to increase the size of the images posted? Especially the landscape format suffers from that small horizontal size. I know that there are aspects of intellectual property protection as well as adaptation to the viewers’ screen sizes, but I think a compromise better suiting the impressive quality of the images should be possible.

    Thanks – Markus

  19. I love traveling and whenever I visit your blog I feel like I’ve had a mini adventure! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of our amazing and diverse world.

    In gratitude

  20. breathtaking photographs…

    Bamiyan landscape is very nice… I don’t know why you didn’t added more sky in that, may be someday I will learn why…😛

    – Pawan

  21. wow simply amazing photographs. I love the top one.

  22. I am glad you have decided to share some of your unpublished work. Like a fine violin should be played, your photos deserve to be shown.
    Absolutely awesome.

  23. beautifuly indonesia…the equatorial emerald

  24. Very well done… Do you have photos of philippines?

  25. like your stuff very much:)

  26. Thanks for these. Just wonderful.

  27. Great images. As always…

  28. Hi Steve….love these pictures….so simple yet so much character…they somewhere depict the true nature of the circumstance….truly love them:-)

  29. Superb photos. I very like the portraits of men from Kashmir and Burma. I admire your work.

  30. Am glad we are getting to see some of your previously not seen works. Please show us more.

  31. million thanx for sharing them …..would like to see more ….

  32. Beautiful pics..I have a couple of your books, I cannot tell you how much peace they bring me!!

  33. Thank you for sharing these gems….open you vault, we want more …

  34. Thanks for showing us some that (until now) didn’t make the cut. Any plans to shoot/visit etc in Taiwan anytime soon?

    • Steve McCurry Says:

      Thanks for your comments and for reading my blog. I don’t currently have any plans to visit Taiwan.

  35. arlenesfelt Says:

    Fantastic photos…..as always. Starting out the post with the red bearded man was brilliant. I could feel the texture as I scrolled down from the turban to the beard.

  36. Thank you for showing us these beautiful pictures. I was wondering where in India did you took photo nr.4? And do you still use film sometime?

    Thank you,


  37. […] Link: Unpublished, Unseen « Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  38. absolutely beautiful. your photographs are always such an inspiration! thanks for sharing.

  39. Thank you so much for your capture of the soul of the Afghan people. I was so sick of people dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan, that I started a blog to try to do something to stop the war(s). Your photos are heartwarming. Thank you again. You can see what I’m trying to do by visting my site: http://outofcentralasianow.wordpress.com/ Today’s feature is Daniel Ellsberg interview “The Afghan war is not winnable”.

  40. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing these images.

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