Veterans’ Day, 2009

Thank you to our active duty service members and all veterans today and every day.


Kuwait, 1991


Kuwait, 1991


Kuwait, 1991


Treating an Afghan child, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002


Iraq, 2003


Afghanistan, 2002


Luzon, Philippines, 1985


On assignment during Desert Storm, 1991

7 Responses to “Veterans’ Day, 2009”

  1. Great collection !

  2. I look your art and wonder how can someone do something so nice, so powerfull and where you find the courage to stand there and take a WONDERFUL photo with danger around you and how can people be so confident looking through your lense…I felt in love with your use of colours, light , everythings! You are a magician and I’m glad I ‘ve discovered you and you ll be my inspiration for ever…

  3. Steve, As a veteran and a photographer, thank you. You are an inspiration.

  4. I have been a fan forever. When I look at your work I think of
    nothing else for days.
    You inspire me to look outside my little space of life.
    Thank you

  5. Dear Steve,

    I have been following your blog for sometime now. A big Thank You. I do agree that photogrpahy is very individualistic but nonetheless it would be great if you could give some pointers on photography. It will greatly benefit photography – an art which you and most of us love.



  6. Thank you for posting. These are wonderful shots of men and women who really deserve our appreciation.

  7. i too would like to register my thanks and appreciation for all our active armed service members and veterans

    special thoughts for the members serving at fort hood and the family and friends of the victims of the recent tragedy at your base

    thank you steve for this important post and also for your wonderful blog

    marcy (from washington dc)

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