Children of War

Every gun that is fired, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone.

“It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower


AFGHN-10083, Afghanistan, 1992


Kabul, Afghanistan, 1993


Luzon, Philippines, 1986


Beirut, Lebanon, 1982


Kuwait City, 1991


A landmine victim, Pul i Khumri, north of Kabul, Afghanistan, 1992


Shepherd boy at Al Ahmadi, Kuwait, 1991


Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1985


Child with Dutch Soldier, Afghanistan, 2002


Tamil Tigers recruits during training, west of Batticola, Sri Lanka, 199


Kabul, Afghanistan, 1992

22 Responses to “Children of War”

  1. Hello Steve could I use your picture for my art work?
    Your photos sat a thousand words.
    God bless you .

  2. Thanks so much for posting. It’s an issue that weighs on my heart.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Please pray for all these victims

  4. Dr. Tom Flores Says:

    I would like to use the landmine victim photo for a song of mine dealing with children and war. I am a professor of peacebuilding at Emory university. It is perfect for the song. Can I please use it?

  5. […] * الصورة الاولى : تم التقاطها لطفل كويتي في منطقة الاحمدي عقب تحرير دولة الكويت مباشرة عام 1991 – المصدر […]

  6. jarsea burphy Says:

    steve – Do you have any images of child soldiers in liberia? Were you ever there during the civil war?

  7. Daniela Piccinini Says:

    Sometime one photo can communicate more than one thousand words! Thanks for your job ! :-)))))).. and in your photos the truth is unite with a very strong beauty!!!

  8. MengZhiyin Says:

    Hi Steve,I’m a student from China.I want to be photgrapher.I am inspired by your photography.

  9. Nashwa Says:

    Hi Steve, I love the shots you’ve taken. Do you have any more photos from Kuwait in 1990/91?

  10. valeria trillo Says:

    las imágenes hablan por si solas, no tengo palabras….. solo algo, agradezco no vivir en guerra.

  11. I cant speak- thanks for capturing the truth

  12. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. Barely holding it together. Thank you.

  13. “Moving” is too a weak word.
    This post brought me to a reflection: it’s easy for us, far from any war since decades, to cry against war and arms. But if you grow up in war, if you are used to play with guns, if you saw since your really first years killing, deaths and bombs, well it’s much easier that you will consider war the normality, that you’ll have little doubts in becoming a soldier, a rebel or a terrorist. We should consider this when we talk about stopping wars or terrorism. Our view point is so far from theirs. What do you think?

  14. Wake up call- I wonder if anyone is really listening!
    Kudos to you for posting these images and the message on Veterans Day. Celebrations were hounding 5th Avenue in NYC that day, and although I understand that the soldiers give it all, and deserve respect and command awe…the jubilation cannot distract me from that absolute truth that is war. Heinous, always.

  15. Thanks for all those images. It is a sad necessity that we in our comfortable western world need these wake-up calls. And reality is still much more cruel than the images can (and maybe shall) transport. My generation, that was brought up in the longest peaceful period that we ever had in Central Europe, simply has not the slightest idea any more about the cruelties of war. Instead death is made an all too common pattern for daily TV entertainment. It’s hard to escape depression when recognizing the deplorable reality.

  16. Dear Steve, Thank for your moving pics and thoughts. WAR whether International Civil or mere riot does not pay. I come from Africa where our leaders seems to think civil war is a prerequisite for good governance. In Kenya 2007/8 We had 1300 people die just because some political leaders felt they had to win an election. This happens every five years although the last one almost sent our country into full scale ethnic civil war.

    We the people of the world need to say enough is enough and discard all the weapons and arms, and embrace each other.

    why start a war and then seek to have a ceasefire truce so as to negotiate??


  17. I am big fan of yours. I want to be photgrapher. I am in intial stage of photography. I am inspired by your photography. You are amazing:-)

  18. Very moving. Thanks for reminding us that there is really nothing to gain from war especially for our future generation.

  19. Steve out of curiosity, when you are on such assignments (for example : Tamil Tiger recruits training) is your appearance pre-arranged in advance with thier leaders etc.. Or do you randomly appear on site and shoot? (obviouly I understand you also ask permission if you randomly appeared on site.

  20. Some of these pictures are had to take in Steve! To be there in the midst of all would be even be a lot harder! It mustn’t be easy at all bringing out your photographic tallent when emotion and feeling are so high! I’m sad to be the first to comment on this thread!😦. (I don’t think it’s religion but miscrewed religion and dirty politics! that creates wars!

  21. I’ve been subscribing to your blog since the inimitable Sartorialist mentioned it in one of his posts. Have admired your work since, well, before I knew it was your work. My parents had hundreds of National Geographics piled up on our bookshelves in Australia in the 80s and even as a kid I’d always look at you iconic cover of the girl and wonder about her. All of the photos you feature here are extraordinary but there’s something about your photos of children that makes them even more special. Today’s post is beautiful. Heartwrenching but beautiful.

  22. Moving…😦


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