Unseen, Unpublished Redux

Over the years I have shot close to a million pictures.  Many of them have been published in my books, in magazines, and seen in my exhibitions and on my website. Most have never been seen.  Here are a few of those pictures.


Cambodia, Angkor Wat, 1999



Tibet, 2008



Tibet, 2001


AFRICA-10179NF2, Morocco, 03/1998

Violinist in an outdoor market, Morocco,1988



Morocco, 1988



Nomad, Kham, Tibet, 2004



Jodhpur, India, 1996



Kashmir, 1998



Yemen, 1997



Tibet, 2001

45 Responses to “Unseen, Unpublished Redux”

  1. Alamelu Mangai Says:

    Hi Steve

    How would you rate your experience in Inida? Which all places have you visited. Hope you have visited the South of India!! Any plans on coming to India again.

    Your pics speak out to people.. I love that..

  2. Dear Steve,
    For me it has been a great surprise to see the photo of the violinist in Marrakech in the Jamaa Fnaa taken by you in 1988. Years later, in 1990 I also did a photo, but at night. The violin itself, the same look. I call my attention.
    Greetings from Murcia (Spain).

  3. n.sugavanam Says:

    your pics are spellbinding.
    how r u able to bring the soul in the pics?

  4. n.sugavanam Says:


    Will you please share, how r u able to bring the soul in the pics.
    All your unpublished pic are superb. Spellbinding.

  5. Sirpa Tobin Says:

    Hi Steve, I recenty visited your Exibition in Salo, Finland. Truly magnificient pictures. Thank you Steve for sharing the world some of us know very little about. You are very blessed having an eye for beauty and perfection and ability to share such beauty with rest of us, not as forturate as yourselves. Thank you again.

  6. Great Shots Steve. Like the way you use the available light.

  7. Great pics Steve!

  8. Steve, love your photography..

    I’m wondering with your portraits, how often you use just the natural light versus an off camera flash, etc?

    Thanks. Excellent work.

  9. Beautiful. I can only dream about having outtakes like these. I adore the colors in the photo of the tailors in India and the wet plaza in the photo of the violinist. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. truly, truly magnificent. really inspiring. thnks for the inspiration.


  11. Hey Steve

    Magnificent images. Nothing more precious than unpublished images. If you know what I mean. Wish you posted more often. All the best.


  12. Hi Steve,

    Your photographs are truly amazing. I would like to ask of your permission to feature your work in my blog.


  13. HI there, i have two questions:
    1) do you have to obtain release permissions from the subjects of all your photos — for example the violinist whose face is recognizable?
    2) what made you choose some other photos over these? it would be incredibly instructive if you could blog once about the rationale that goes behind choosing a photo over another.

    thanks– been a fan forever!

  14. Magnificent post!

  15. Dear Steve,

    thank you again for these wonderful images. I am planning to go to Cambodia, what besides Angkor Wat do you recommend? I like remote places, where you can feel and see the life of local people, and really get to know country better.

    Have a fabulous day, wherever in the world you are.


  16. When I looked at the first and last Tibetan photos in the sequence I “felt” them before I “saw” them. It was quite strange and very spiritual.

  17. Dear Steve

    I hope to see you on day in Iran


  18. Hello Mr McCurry,

    all of this pictures are so wonderful! Why they are not published? Of course, not every of your 1 Million pictures can be published. But what are the criteria for a picture to be published or not?
    Thank you for writing this blog!

  19. Your photos are always amazing. I always feel that they kind of speaking to me.. God bless and may you continue the good work

  20. Great to see this work! Maybe it will bepublished someday?!

  21. Chris de Block Says:

    A million pictures is quite a dazzling number! Ever so nice to see some of your unseen work!
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. What a treat for us who follow your blog!!

  23. Thank you for your sharing!

  24. Dear Steve,

    Its always a treat to see your unpublished work. Thanks for posting them on your blog. I also enjoyed the reading about and looking at your photographs on India’s nomads in this month issue of NG (and a few on NGM.com not published in the printed version of the magazine).

    Best regards,

  25. Definitely the best use of your blog. Many people who read this are familiar with your work and using the blog to highlight work that hasn’t been published is great. Thanks for doing this and I think I speak for many other readers in saying that we hope you’ll do more of this in your blog in the future. I personally wouldn’t mind if your blog was 50% unseen and unpublished work. Thanks so much, Steve. Please put up more in the future!

  26. volcomman1 Says:

    great photos steve i have seen your great blog at your website!
    what camera you use in moment??

    best regards from austria!

  27. like all of them:)

  28. What a range of images: Drama light at Ankor Wat (great details in the foreground shadow, BTW), a poignant violinist unaware of his listener, muted colors of the chadors in a grey alley, vibrant blues and reds at the “Very Nice Tailors”. But the one shot that made me laugh out loud was the young Tibetan boy in the maroon robe–and athletic sneakers!

    Mr. McCurry, your work has inspired me, goaded me, delighted me, astounded me. Thank you for sharing.

  29. wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    Someday I hope I can take one picture than can somewhat equal the brilliance of your pictures. Just one and I’ll be happy!

  30. I think the pictures are incredible.
    They deserve applaud too.

  31. It’s so great that you are able to share some of your favs on this blog! Wonderful pictures! I especially love the Tibet and Angkor Wat selections.

  32. I especially enjoy seeing your never before published photos. Always a varied and stunning assortment. Your photos are superb. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  33. Angkor Wat photograph gives a very different feel, I am in Singapore from past 4 years, unfortunately could not make it… will go there for sure someday…

    Do you think Kashmir must be a separate country?

  34. Gracias por hacernos partícipes de tus imágenes inéditas. Mi más profunda admiración como uno de mis fotógrafos de referencia.

  35. A nice selection Steve:) do you have any from inside the Potala Palace or even its court yards? I’ve always wanted to see your unpublished work from Bangladesh too! I remember you saying one year you simply get swapped by kids when shooting in Bangladesh.
    ‘Close to a million pictures!’ How do you manage the indexing for these pictures? Are you using the likes of Lightroom thesedays? No?

  36. it’s a good idea show us these pictures. they are super in particular those taken in Tibet! thanks!

  37. …And I belive that your unpublished photos are absolutly impressive as the published. Thanks to show us so excellent works and, if it’s possible, show us more.

  38. thank you for these treasures and the wisdom and beauty you always share with us

  39. I salute the service that you are doing for the world through your lens. May your tribe increase.

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