G O A L – Football Fever


Sitwe, Burma, 1996


Whether you say futbol, futebol, voetbal, soccer, футбол, or calcio, you already know that football is the most popular sport on the planet.  This World Cup Tournament final match will be the most-watched event in television history.


Burma, 2010

More than simply kicking a ball around, football stirs passions, and crosses every boundary of nationality, race, class, generations, and religion.


Burma, 1984



Istanbul, Turkey, 1998


Yemen, 1999



Herat, Afghanistan, 2003


Football is played in every corner of the globe by every child who sees a moving ball and kicks it.


The Sahel, Africa, 1986



Morocco, 1998


“Some people say football is a matter of life and death.  I assure you, it’s much more important than that.” -Bill Shankley

26 Responses to “G O A L – Football Fever”

  1. […] files, it will be harder to find a certain file. I was inspired to write about this when I saw this post by legendary Steve McCurry and saw how he could easily gather his photos under one theme like […]

  2. Hi Steve.
    Just added ‘The unguarded moment to my book collection. Nice one. I’ve learnt a lot from it and will continue to do so for a while, I imagine.
    I’ve also just come across this blog and I’m adding it to my list of regular visits.
    I’m a restarter in photograhy. For some strange reason I left it alone for years. Don’t ask me why. Crazy I guess.
    Still, its all coming back. Maybe it never left me.
    Thanks for the stimulation. Getting my ‘eye’ back has been assisted by looking at the results of other photographers ‘eye’, like yourself. Funny how we all see the same thing in different ways.
    Funny how we all like to kick a ball as well.
    Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with me.

  3. Such a great and special set of photos.
    One world…

  4. Nice post friends!
    I also want to sharing Video, Photo and Wallpaper Gallery of Greatest Football Player in The World, Im verry happy if you want visit my blog..:) Greatest Footbal Players

    thanks ..:)

  5. Paul Jenkin Says:

    I’ve been an admirer of your work for a very long time and the visions of reality you bring are as astonishing as they are a wake-up call to the governments of the world.

    It’s also a joy to see images like these on the beautiful game of football (the proper one where you kick the ball…!!) as it shows that, at the very core, even in the most deprived and far-flung corners of the planet, kids just want to have fun.

    The problems are all created by adults. How ironic.

  6. Love it. Hope you’re well Steve.

  7. Awesome pictures! So sad that WC 2010 is over… the countdown to 2014 begins.

  8. Football is everything… when our countries win we are happy for a minute and when they lose, we suffer. Yes, football is that powerful. One goal can change the emotions of a whole country. Football is life.

  9. Purely amazing….talented eye. Inspiring and most beautiful. Exquisite and breathless. It’s energy and honesty. A great blend. True to the surrounding and fair to the harmonious blend of mankind. Accurate capture of the soul….perhaps the eyes speak what words cannot express?

  10. Amazing shots! Love the blog, it’s always nice to see more of your work.:)

    It’s interesting and enlightening for me because as an American living in a first world country, I see all these players from around the world, yet in any of your pics I don’t see one single cleat, shin guard, or minivan…

  11. Wonderful post, I am really fascinated by how you archive your work, to find photos in a certain theme since 1983, which is my birth date:)
    You always inspire me by you work.

  12. Amazing collection of right timing … (i guess)


  13. Hi Steve,

    You’ve totally nailed why the world goes football crazy at the world cup events. What’s more, you’ve visually shown us why a corporate executive can talk to a construction worker in a pub; why a Spaniard can have a conversation, if only using hand gestures, with a Norwegian during a chance meeting at an airport. Football’s beauty is in its simplicity.

    Your photographs have captured this equally beautifully.

    Thank you.


  14. Probably untypical for a German my interest in professional football is very low. As a game however it is wonderful (as many team sports are) and it is really a way for people to work out their playing and fighting instinct in a peaceful way.

    Above all, your photos show this quality regardless of the place where it is played. Thx.

  15. amazing set of pics

  16. I like your photo so much…
    it’s make another way to tell about happines of football😀

  17. Tsamina mina eh, eh
    Waka waka eh, eh
    Tsamina mina zangalewa
    This time for Africa

    bravo spain…
    spain will be the next champion..

  18. Different topic as usual, fun to read and to look. Beautiful images! This a common language that people understand. Thanks for sharing Steve!

    best regards,

    Jos Runarka

  19. These are wonderful. I would image you photographed your fair share of wrestlers too, while in India.

  20. Wonderful photos… I play, coach and ref soccer. If we can solve the world problem with soccer then there is no WAR…

  21. Albert Ruegg Says:

    Hello Steve and everybody else
    Interesting, well composed pictures (fantastic colours) showing the attention these boys are putting into playing the game. In a way it’s surprising how such a simple thing as a ball and a goal (or two) can catch the attention of so many people worldwide.
    Philosophically speaking: Live is a game. It consists of Freedooms, Barriers and Goals. Right?

    Greetings, Albert

  22. LindaO Says:

    Funnnn post, Steve. I’ve loved keeping up with your blog and reading your insight into many current affairs alongside your wonderful pictures, but this post surprised me — in a good way. Makes me want to yell GOALLLLL for Steve McCurry. Thanks for posting!

  23. Again these photos are amazing.

    As a South African I have witnessed how football has brought our rainbow nation together and how it has made our many colours deeper and brighter.

    Let the vuvuzela’s ring out louder!

  24. Nice post. I’m not really into football but I loved the photos and the idea of a global connection. Thanks for posting.

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