Fusion: The Synergy of Images and Words Part II


Rieti, Italy, 2006


We are familiar with words describing images, but not so familiar with images describing words and the impact reading has on our lives.


Los Angeles, California, USA, 1992

For as long as people have read books, artists have tried to portray the relationship of a reader and his/her book.


Kabul, Afghanistan, 2003


No matter where I go in the world, I see people immersed in books.  It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, young or old, they find comfort, information, distraction, and inspiration between the covers of their books.


Kandze, Tibet, 2002


Los Angeles, California


Sri Lanka, 1995



Kuwait City, Kuwait, 1991


Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma, 2010


Tibet, 2001


Afghanistan, 1992


Afghanistan, 1984


Kunduz, Afghanistan, 2002


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

— Jorge Luis Borges

52 Responses to “Fusion: The Synergy of Images and Words Part II”

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  8. […] Fusion: The Synergy of Images and Words Part II | Steve McCurry’s Blog. Some interesting pictures of people reading. I like this one the best. […]

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  11. Liek books even his pictures are universal…

  12. Abhiroop Ghosh Dastidar Says:

    Like books even his pictures are universal. the sole soulful contender of depicting the everyday life in the best possible way.

  13. Abhiroop Ghosh Dastidar Says:

    The colours of life and imagination both is vividly explored by Mr Mc Curry. Bringing out the common features of life and highlihting them through his view finder keeps on amazing people. Like books even his pictures are universal

  14. oh god!so beautiful!

  15. teehache Says:

    What an awesome blog! I feel as if I just flew around the world!

  16. I believe the LA Trekkie that you captured is actually Brent Spiner, the actor who played “Data” in The Next Generation series. He’s probably reading the script of the next show!

  17. A wonderful portraits …. I really like it…. so natural…. so real…

  18. How bizarre to see The Afghan Girl behind the schoolgirls in Kabul 2003! Beautiful shots as always, love your updates.

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  20. All photos great as usual. Personal favorites the LA Treky and girl from Afghanistan. Thanks for sharing!!!

  21. I am so moved by this series of images and reading. An absolutely beautiful and touching pairing. And I’m more than a little amused that you captured Data reading too! Ha:)

  22. A library with some spot for a quick nap. What eloquent photos.

  23. […] What can I say, I am a deeply suspicious person. That doesn’t change the fact that the photos are beautiful, moving and yes–romantic… Thank you to my friend LW, who pointed me towards this […]

  24. Hello Mr McCurry, I writing about the first photo in this post, the one about the Franciscan friar… my brother is one too and I think you’ve met him during your shoot in Italy. He was very enthusiastic about his meeting with ‘a famous photographer’ and told me all about it. I don’t know if you remember him, his name is Federico, he speaks ‘good’ English and he’s a lovely fun guy. Young, blondish…

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I just love it when things go full circle in a way or another…

    I’ve been admiring your blog and amazing photos for a while. Always an inspiration.

  25. A wonderful essay on reading which badly needs to be highlighted, as the next gen is weaning away from reading.

  26. Thank you for your inspiration – your work speaks of Humanity. The book relationship speaks of our hopes and dreams and our perseverance no matter the circumstances.

    It is a treat to experience your art. Thankyou!

  27. Beautiful and very true

  28. Hello Steve,

    The incredible stories that you tell through your photographs! I could gaze at all for hours and hours. Thank you for being here, in this world.

  29. […] Steve McCurry posted a series of photos of people reading. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← The […]

  30. : ) We find endless, physical and spiritual joy while reading. Ultimately, we find ourselves again in it..

  31. Steve, these photos are incredible. I love the shot of Brent Spiner in the baseball cap, and even more the first photo of the monk opposed with the statue. Brilliant!

  32. Through books we share our common humanity! So thank you for sharing these.

  33. Mr. McCurry,
    Your work has inspired me to pursue photography… ever since I bought your book Portraits from ’99, I’ve been propelled into the photography world with such speed, as tends to happen with art! I wanted to thank you for your work and your existence, and I hope I may one day meet you at a workshop (or a cafe!) and discuss your amazing success. I’ve already taken the first step and moved from Texas to Lebanon, with my camera ready, to follow in your footsteps from a distance.
    Best wishes to you, and may you stay safe in your travels.
    Alice Kezhaya

  34. Fantastic! Thank You!

  35. Dear Steve,

    love this series, a lot of fun looking those images. Very strong work!


    Jos Runarka

  36. […] the first time on his own blog. Entitled “Fusion: The Synergy of Energy and Words” (Part I and Part II) drew a strong reaction from book lovers. “More than 4,000 people visited the site in the first […]

  37. […] time on his own blog. Entitled “Fusion: The Synergy of Energy and Words” (Part I and Part II) drew a strong reaction from book lovers. “More than 4,000 people visited the site in the […]

  38. Great blog!

    Regards from the Basque Country!

  39. Love the one shot in Kuwait…
    Amidst the chaos, the man manages to read a book. I guess, in a way reading helps him escape the disorder around him.
    Love your work Steve. You inspire me in my work as a photographer too..If you ever get the time, please drop by my site..I’m Sri Lankan and live and work in India now.

  40. I have always said..
    Steve McCury always takes us to another soulful world, filled with emotions.

    An amazing post

  41. […] photo-essay up on his blog about the relationship between readers and their books. (Part II found here). Category: Linked […]

  42. All photos great as usual. Personal favorites the LA Treky and girl from Afghanistan. Thanks for sharing!!! ;o)

  43. David Parmenter Says:

    Interesting to note that the iconic NatGeo photo of the Afghan girl has been painted and framed in “Kabul 2003” photo above.

  44. Fascinating series. Indeed a very interesting theme. It’s also interesting to note that most of these images were taken in a religious context. Images & words, but not just any words !

  45. Respected Steve,

    The Synergy of Images and Words Part II has also very attractive images like the Part I. Here the images are much strong. Great work as allows !

    Apratim Saha.

  46. Josh Bergeron Says:

    These “unseen” type images are a joy. I love the 3rd pic of the Afghan Girl painting. Thank you.

  47. […] of People Reading pt.2 Posted on August 23, 2010 by Dennis Y. Ginoza More excellence at Steve McCurry‘s […]

  48. Hi Steve,

    More mediums are available these days, but intensity of connection is same.

    Its gives a more opportunity to authors to share their thoughts and more ways to reader to interact.

    On a funnier note, now we know why Mr. Data know so much.:)

    Thanks for sharing these amazing photographs.


  49. Hi Steve,

    “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” – Confucius

  50. In awe of the images and the quote is a bright red glacier cherry.

    And to think everyone’s out there buying iPads.

  51. Love love love the first picture took in Italy. I’d love seeing more of your images taken away from the Indian subcontinent, Steve.

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