The Power of Two

I have always been interested in the ways that people around the world share things in common.  All of those things remind us of what the human condition is really about.  In the blogs that I wrote about reading, we saw that there is a strong connection between people and their books which is the same in Yemen as it is in China as it is in France as it is in Thailand as any other place on the planet.  The relationship between people and their books goes all the way back to the invention of the printing press.

The subject of this blog goes back millennia.  Here are some pictures of couples who have a relationship that is evident in their gestures of caring, their body language, in their eyes.


Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam



Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan



Tagong, Kham, Tibet



Gostivar, Macedonia



Agra, India


Nouakchott, Mauritania



Lourdes, France



Kampala, Uganda



Sanaa, Yemen



After the ball, Dublin, Ireland



Ljubljana, Slovenia



Belgrade, Serbia


49 Responses to “The Power of Two”

  1. Bhaswaran Bhattacharya Says:

    One of the best blogs and photographs I have ever seen …. very beautiful

    Bhaswaran, Kolkata

  2. A very nice portraits – couples from all over the world

  3. Anonymous Says:

    very nice portraits – it takes two

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for the very expressive portraits!

  5. every work or yours is a masterpiece. Where is Pakistan here?

  6. Sense of feeling beautiful pictures

    Very good angles of the output and the beautiful

    Thank you very much I enjoyed watching your photos

  7. #3 wins……………..!

  8. What an amazing post!
    Love is in the air!
    Thanks for sharing, MAA

  9. Classic McCurry. Especially love the one from Gostivar, Macedonia. It brings so many memories of a country I left 23 years ago…

  10. love these!!!

  11. nice,awesome

  12. vvvvvvvverrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy gggoooooooodddddddddddd

  13. goooooooooooodddddddddddd

  14. […] عکسهای دو نفره ی استیو مک گوری رو هم از دست ندین . بی خود نیست اگر کسی توی یه کار بزرگ میشه . […]

  15. that Uganda shot takes my breath away. seriously…

  16. […] the places he as been and pulls together series of shared human experiences, experiences such as LOVE, SOLUTIDE, SLEEPING and READING[READING partII]. Do yourself a favor a take […]

  17. I wish more people saw the world through your eyes. This was a beautiful collection.

  18. Simplesmente espetacular o conjunto de fotografias, na qual nos vem sempre um sorriso de alegria por sentir-mos o amor que anda no ar.

  19. These are so inspiring. They really speak to the global sameness of ‘mankind’!!!

  20. Albert from Switzerland Says:

    Dear Steve
    A very interesting study of human nature. Actually a philosophic subject. Man consists of spirit or soul, mind and body. You demonstrate the fact, that man is not a body but controls a body. A very subtle yet powerfull statement. Thank you.
    Best regards, Albert

  21. Andrew Kirkby Says:

    I particularly like the image from Bamiyan Province. I am trying to figure out a way of going to Afghanistan but without an army involved…

  22. Stunning! No matter our differences in the end we are all the same…

  23. I’m a fan of your photos. When I look at them I see reality.

  24. love transcends cultures. the series also portrays interesting variations in how we express these relationships… dublin vs. tibet for example!

    the photograph in belgrade cracks me up!

  25. All you need is love, all you need is love !!
    All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

  26. Sudarshan Says:

    Dear Mr. Steve,

    You are my inspiration to see the world in different way and styling photography in a very unique way. From you, one can learn that subject is always there in front of our everyday lives but its just need eyes to identify that and then showcase in a touchy way to the world.

    Great job sir! Thank you for wonderful work.


  27. The Uganda image is definitely the one which touches me most. Great light, great background, strong story.

  28. I dedicate my last window in my blog to you becouse of the first photo of In Memoriam.
    I hope you enjoy. (it´s only spanish, i´m sorry)
    Thank you

  29. I don’t want to miss the chance to thank you for your amazing work. I’m sure that you know how many people see your work as an inspiration and as a message of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”, but just wanted to repeat that your fotos give people hope.

    I’m also curious to know if you still photograph with film and if you do, what film you use.

    Thanks again and please continue to make such amazing pieces of art!

  30. …The love who move the Sun and the other stars…about TheBOOK ;)!
    …and you get meaning Steve, not like Him, but it’s so “lifeLY” their love! very compliments!

  31. Another great series Steve. The huge variations of location is a great message about people.

  32. What a fantastic feeling…

  33. ognuno di questi scatti ha qualcosa di estremamente affascinante, ognuno trasmette realmente una sensazione potente..

    la ammiro molto, complimenti sinceri Steve.

    Carlo Pisani

  34. love all your photos! But the couple in Lourdes, France, is definitely my favourite photo! Funny how all from such different cultures and distant places, have the same attitud, the same posture. After all we are pretty similar…
    Thank you for your photos, for bringing the large world, closer!

  35. Such a nice collection, I will be forwarding this to my girlfriend.

    Keep up the great work Steve!

  36. Hi Steve,

    The one of old couple taken at Lourdes, France is touching … Alliance is defined by those 2 … amazing …:)

    Many Thanks,

  37. Soham Gupta Says:

    My dear Mr. McCurry,

    This is indeed a wonderful collection! In the modern world, whenever the word ‘couple’ is uttered, the mind sees two young individuals, madly in love with each other, meeting over a cup of coffee, or in a discotheque or in a park or something. However, you’ve successfully broken that image. You’ve proved that love is not confined to youth or to the happier days of life. The photo of the couple in Uganda is undoubtedly about true love…I consider this photo one of the best photos of your collection and I’m sure I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg only.

    With respect and admiration,

    Soham Gupta,
    Calcutta, India

  38. Lidia Cardoso Says:


  39. Steve, your images remind me of the section of “The Family of Man” titled “We Two Form a Multitude”. Very nice.

  40. i can smell love is all around.:)

  41. As in these times those who try to separate and discriminate seem to be the more influential – almost regardless which part of the world you look at – I do enjoy your images even more, because they emphasize what we do have in common. Thank you very much for this powerful reminder.


  42. islandmomma Says:

    As always since I started following your blog, you awe me. I am curious about something, as a very neophyte photographer, do you just take random fotos of people? There is no way these are posed, so do you ask their permission afterwards? It’s being drummed into me at the moment about people not allowing fotos?

  43. Very good pictures, Steve. The last one is the one I like the most. I guess that for you is different having the extra experience. Is the first one about your AIDS story in Vietnam?

  44. The beauty of love. Thanks to memind us that world is better wuth love.

  45. Another nice series form you Steve. You have great ideas to show common things in people around the whole world ! All the pictures are fantastic ! I express my respect to you !

  46. This is life without anything surround it…thanks for sharing Steve!


    Jos Runarka

  47. denise l. moore Says:

    these are beautiful….love the park bench – what a shot! so intimate these are

  48. Some of these images give me goosebumps. Good goosebumps. Beautiful images… every one of them.

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