Rajasthan, India



Cambodian refugees fleeing from the Khmer Rouge



La Esperanza, Colombia

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” –  William Shakespeare




Helmand Province, Afghanistan


“A Man knows that he is growing old  because he begins to look like his father.”
– Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Wedding, Rajasthan, India


West Bengal, India


“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
– Sigmund Freud


Srinagar, Kashmir, India


“One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters.”
– George Herbert




“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”
– Clarence Budington Kelland

Dedicated to my father, Eugene T. McCurry

50 Responses to “Fathers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m moved by your post, thank you for sharing

  2. […] meant to post this link to Steve McCurry’s photography post devoted to fathers, but our day was a little insane and I just never got to it.  […]

  3. […] of excellent dads that I know, I meant to link to Steve McCurry’s photography blog again for his series on fathers in honor of Father’s Day, but I forgot. You can still […]

  4. a picture of a father with the umbrella is really make me want to cry. Thanks sir, your picture really touch my heart.:)

  5. Jonathan Lancaster Says:

    Wow Steve, he looks just like his brother — my grandfather — John Earle McCurry. All three brothers had some kind of glint in their eyes. Thanks for this, I am sharing it with my son.

    Your cousin Jonathan

  6. Chris Scheve Says:

    Thank you for such wonderful photographs over the years. From being captivated by your photos in National Geographic as a child to stumbling over your blog tonight as I fed my 8 month old son his 1 AM bottle with only the screen of my iPhone illuminating his face and the outline of his older brother in bed across the room, your photos have always caused me to pause and contemplate the universality of our experiences. Thank you.

  7. Thurman Mason Says:

    Steve, I talked to Lance Elko last year and discovered what you have been doing with your life. Just happened on your blog today and want to say how blessed you are and impressive your work is. All of your pictures are wonderful, most exceptional and a few are truly exquisite. Congratulations from this member of the DC class of 68′.

  8. You simply have the most amazing gift and talent for capturing wonderfully tender and meaningful moments. Your work is tremendously inspirational and creative.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    You have simply the most amazing gift and talent for capturing amazingly tender and meaningful moments. Stunning and tremendously inspiring and creative work!!!!

  10. ROBIN EVA Says:

    HI Steve,,,, Beautiful Work, Thanks.

  11. Thank you Steve for sharing this great compilation. I send you energies to continue with your hard work and adding new stunning subjects.

  12. Stunning photos, Mr. McCurry!
    Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Thanks for sharing us image of your father Steve! Very personal!

    Jos Runarka

  14. great photos! – Your pictures are full of emotion, a feeling that should be transmitted from everyones pictures!

  15. After the loss of a father one can not keep being the same person as before He/She was, one can either grow up or fall down and give it all up . . . lucky I chose to grow up.

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  17. When I feel discouraged and tired for not taking good photographs, I seek inspiration through your photos, somehow I can not explain, I feel a very strong emotion and a magnificent courage to start all over again.
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures that touch the world and express a story with each photograph.
    sorry for my english

    Fabio Severo Jr.

  18. very romantic . excellent .

  19. Yesterday was my deceased father’s birthday and i really missed him,thanks for sharing these amazing photographs.

  20. Great tribute to father from a son ! Excellent photographs !

  21. Very well done…

  22. […] sent me this guy’s blog post the other day. There’s a great collection of photography and quotes. ”My father didn’t […]

  23. What an amazing and moving tribute to you father.
    Beautiful … stunning photos. Thank you so much for sharing
    your gift.

  24. A mio padre

    Se mi tornassi questa sera accanto
    lungo la via dove scende l’ombra
    azzurra già che sembra primavera,
    per dirti quanto è buio il mondo e come
    ai nostri sogni in libertà s’accenda
    di speranze di poveri di cielo
    io troverei un pianto da bambino
    e gli occhi aperti di sorriso, neri
    neri come le rondini del mare.

    Mi basterebbe che tu fossi vivo,
    un uomo vivo col tuo cuore è un sogno.
    Ora alla terra è un’ombra la memoria
    della tua voce che diceva ai figli:
    – Com’è bella notte e com’è buona
    ad amarci così con l’aria in piena
    fin dentro al sonno – Tu vedevi il mondo
    nel plenilunio sporgere a quel cielo,
    gli uomini incamminati verso l’alba.

    A. Gatto

  25. Fascinating, wonderful, amazing, this work is simply
    fantastic. I have no words …

  26. I love that final Clarence Budington Kelland quotation… that’s exactly how I feel about my Father.

    A beautiful series of images which say more combined than I think words ever could. Stories of human behaviour. You have such an incredible body of work to look back on, and no doubt forward to. Meandering through your photographs always inspires me. So cheers! : )

  27. Pawan Pandey Says:

    Hi Steve,

    So much warmth and emotions…

    Thanks for sharing,


  28. moving, evocative images

  29. Simon Ling Says:

    It is shooting excellence, Great works done!!!!

  30. Carol Stevens Miller Says:

    Really great seeing your father’s picture! I remember him well!

  31. GREAT! The best photographer that I ever known!

  32. What a wonderful tribute to your father, Steve. Thank you for sharing it with us — it’s really special.:)

  33. I admire you Steve! I was in your exposition in Buenos Aires last time, and always write about you in my site. Congratulation! Tnahks.

  34. Since great and fameus Afghan girl’s photography all Steve’s works are the special example for me. The example how show joy, tragedy, family, warm relations between us. “Father” photographs are so warm and full of humanity. Thanks Steve!

  35. This is a very strong collection of photographs, I find it much stronger than mother and child one. Thank you for sharing, I admire your talent.

  36. Nicole Giguere Says:

    Father and son from Helmand Province, Afghanistan… By your art in general but especially by this picture, you touch my soul. Again, thank you.

  37. Beautiful photographs – and I like the quotes too!

  38. Aung Pyae Says:

    I feel these photos, my father is my life boss. Thank’ s for your sharing, I have a some idea for feature photography.

    Thank u..

  39. Célia Campos Says:

    Fathers and mothers our immortality!
    Wonderful photos !
    Thank you very much!

  40. Father: what a beautiful subject. I am a father and lové so much my little daughter. So i love this tender and strong subject. Thank you!!!

  41. laurence Vétu Says:

    the pix is on the other computer, to come later

  42. laurence Vétu Says:

    “My heart belongs to Daddy”

  43. Parthajit Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming.

    Wish you best of everything.


  44. I’m moved by your post. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Such a beautiful, loving tribute to your Father.
    Stunning images and beautiful words.

  46. Hi… excellent post… would appreciate more on this topic…


  47. denise l. moore Says:

    Your photographs are the poetry of humanity.

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