Family, Nature’s Masterpiece


Tagong, Tibet



Families return to Herat, Afghanistan





“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”
-Jane Howard


Viet Tri City, Vietnam



Tihamah Plain, Yemen


“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana




Jodhpur, India


Shanghai, China


Maimana, Afghanistan



Tiguent, Mauritania






Cambodian refugees in Thailand



Porbandar, Gujarat


“The family is the nucleus of civilization.” –  William Durant

33 Responses to “Family, Nature’s Masterpiece”

  1. Thanks Steve. These are not photos anymore. These are life of human being before my eyes. The way you took them help they live forever.

  2. Cruises For The Family…

    […]Family, Nature’s Masterpiece « Steve McCurry's Blog[…]…

  3. Colorblindxs2 Says:

    Beautiful Album..Your Photos Shows The Very Heartbeat Of Life….

  4. Amazing. Amazing.. Amazing..

  5. Says:

    great job steve.i shall be great dream if you be my critic,because,you are the best photographer of all time,and i have a wish to be like the great steve mccurry

  6. Beautiful and Amazing!
    Thanks, Steve.

  7. Wondeful images, with a depth of meaning to them. The spirit of these reminds me of how I became first captivated by the power of photography, when I first viewed (in book form) that epic collection, The Family of Man. I was later to go on and be inspired by your work, Steve. My gratitude, then…

  8. Felicidades por sus estupendas fotografías, me gusta venir a este espacio y pasar un buen rato disfrutando.


  9. […] with a great one then you are one of the luckiest. Steve Mccurry  post beautiful pictures of Family, Nature's Masterpiece.  -Ten month after the Earthquake in Haiti, Cholera has hit the devastated island. Scenes […]

  10. Hi Steve,

    Amazing collection one more time…:) thanks for sharing…

    Sorry for being late this time … I was buys in my India trip… Please take a look at my website… hope you like it …


  11. The age old saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words, but there are few people that truly have the talent of capturing an image so full of emotion that it becomes a work of art in and of itself that captures the mind and invokes end…
    Amazing Photography

  12. Andrew Kirkby Says:

    I’m currently in Namche Bazaar, Nepal thinking exactly these same thoughts. The connection of people here is a phenomenon that i don’t see here every day at home in Sydney, Australia. Family definitely is Nature’s Masterpiece.

  13. It’s so true that even if we don’t chose it by birth, family is the most important asset we have, specially when difficulties are there – splendid collection of photos !

  14. Wonderful colors and strong work Steve. Wish I can be a companion…

    Jos Runarka

  15. Steve, very well done, families are what holds us all together. Well thought out, and the images are special. I know I will never get to most of the places you are photographing so I will live through you and your images.

  16. Stunning photos, Mr. McCurry!

  17. Here I was thinking I would have a productive morning…I just spent an hour going through your posts and could easily spend all day looking at your photos. You have some amazing shots and phenomenal talent! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Very suggestive collection of photos. I like all the portraits you made to this big multicultural family. Congratulations!

  19. look at your photos, i was very touched so beautiful love and great love, will be in vain if you do not love one’s and in love.
    thanks, Steve.

  20. vikas sood Says:

    Amazing photographs…..Thanks for sharing.

  21. Magical Steve, it is an honor to see those unseen photos!

  22. Very nice collection Steve! I like your photography with thoughts a lot.


  23. Amazing shots as usual. What a way to tell a tale.

  24. Great pictures ! Thank you for sharing all these moving images with us. Like the last image ‘Porbandar, Gujarat’ most.

  25. Jeff Silber Says:

    The Ways Of Life

  26. very . thanks

  27. Beautiful photos. Thank you for giving us these glimpses into places and situations that we would never otherwise see. Each one is a gift.

  28. Thank you:-)
    All pictures are beautiful…as usual.

  29. Magnifiques photos ! Beaucoup de profondeur dans ces portraits.

  30. Si y no. Puede ser el lugar de acogida y crecimiento, o el de encarcelamiento y destrucción. Para mi a sido el lugar de aprendizaje más duro que he tenido en mi infancia. Ahora ya sé porqué. Todo lo que la familia destruye tenemos que ir reconstruyéndolo a posteriori para recordar a que hemos venido aquí.
    Aún así, estémosles agradecidos a los que escogimos como padres, son los vehículos que nos permiten poder acceder a la iluminación para convertirnos en verdaderos seres humanos.
    Lo siento:), no soy muy amiga de los halagos, me parecen uno de los más nefastos comportamientos que se utilizan para quedar bien y engrandecer egos, léase narcisismo.
    Me quedo con la última, es la que más cercanía refleja, las otras sólo distancia, aislamiento. Todo interpretado por mi claro, no la verdad.
    Un abrazo, desde el corazón

  31. this is amazing..!!!

  32. Arresting, thought-provoking and humbling. Thank you for carefully and thoughtfully curating these posts, Steve.

  33. Patti Beard Says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these incredibly moving images. You are THE BEST!!

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