The Grit, Grind, and Glory of Work


TIBET-10013NF2 Tibet




Whether it is men fishing from poles in Sri Lanka, nuns washing dishes, miners digging beneath the earth in Afghanistan, or Dalits cleaning the streets of India, work is universal, yet  intensely personal. Many work in order to survive another day.

KASHMIR-10023Srinagar, Kashmir



USA-10205NFNew York City

INDONESIA-10006Java, Indonesia

BURMA-10044 Yangon, Myanmar

Many find their identity in the work they do. Some enjoy intense satisfaction in their work.  For others, the line between work and play is hard to find.


SRILANKA-10072Sri Lanka

SRILANKA-10006Weligama, Sri Lanka

PARAGUAY-10019Filadelfia, Paraguay

“Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.”

–  Kahlil Gibran



PAKISTAN-10032Between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan




KASHMIR-10004Saffron Harvest, Srinagar, Kashmir



55 Responses to “The Grit, Grind, and Glory of Work”

  1. […] Gefunden auf Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  2. […] Gefunden auf Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  3. Between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan is one of your best picture from train !

  4. Bellissimi !

  5. a m a z e d! fell in love with your works anad i’m following ur blog now~

  6. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is worth millions. I’m new here and awestricken. Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  7. […] of the human portrait that I’ve seen. I highly recommend you take a look at his post on the Grit, Grind and Glory of Work, then explore the rest of his site! It is truly […]

  8. Des couleurs toujours très évocatrices !Magnifique !

  9. Hello, I love your work!
    I have a question about copy right for your painting haunted Eyes. Could you please contact me. Thank you very much.

  10. Remarcable in all perspectives … Thank you Steve !

  11. wonderful!

    going to work . .

    good day

  12. Vince Provenzano Says:

    As always, truly love your work.

  13. Inspirational, Steve. I am in the midst of a long term project documenting work across the continent of Australia. Http:/this
    Your fine pictures encourage me to sustain my direction.

  14. Thank you for this post. I signed up for the new posts.

  15. Amazing and beautiful work!

  16. […] Gefunden auf Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  17. Apart from the quality of your work, I’m quite impressed with all the miles you’ve put in.:)

  18. Awesome collection one more time …

  19. stirring photos which glorify the work and the dedication and devotion it requires a work into a masterpiece

  20. Wow, absolutely stunning photographs. Just gorgeous. Makes me immediately want to pack my bag and go. My wanderlust and my thirst for new adventures never seem to diminish. My curiosity about people and places never seems to dissipate. And your beautiful photos do not help me in my resolution to settle down – finally. Guess I never will.

  21. very nice photo with the best composition. thanks

  22. I was wondering if any great photojournalist could help me find my way into photojournalism world, I’m just starting after 3 years of pro photography, my focus was fashion but journalism has always been my dream.

    How do you guys capture photos of people from places like India and Phillipine, with the language barrier being there, and i am sometimes afraid they will not like it.

  23. Great blog, amazing pics.
    One small request, can u please make the captions look like
    Kashmir, India PLEASE

  24. Great Post, amazing work.
    One small request. To the pics where its written, **, Kashmir can u add , India to it Please.

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these photos with us. Inspiring a soul touching…

  26. Very nice blog love your work!

  27. Amazing photos. Very intense each of them.
    You are always an inspiration for me.
    Wondering who’s guarding the miners in the third from below.

  28. Your images always speak unuttered words which are difficult to utter. Its a great learning for all sorts of photographers to tell a story in a single image.

  29. Splendid faces in usually places! I’m in great shock of your work! Thans a lot!

  30. Aisha Roy Says:

    ❤ each one of the images and the quotes/descriptions. All best wsihes.:)

  31. Thank you for sharing this with us. Great work, as always. Merry Christmas from Spain.

  32. Thank you Steve . Great.

  33. always a nice work… Really amazing shots… I see “Weligama, Sri Lanka” shoot in Incredible India campaign.

  34. I was just wondering how you get access to some of the factories? Do you say you are with a magazine or something? This is spectacular stuff.

  35. I like 1. Pakistan train, 2. India, 3. Srilanka, 4. Myanmar and 5. Newyork. Really a fantastic work, Steve. Your works are always inspirational.

  36. You have traveled the world, Steve. What an intense life.

  37. Morgan O'Neill Says:

    Most Amazing shots!!!!
    Your shots always had so much life!!!!

  38. Jeff Silber Says:

    Warmest Holiday Greetings Steve,

    Your Superb Work Documents Human Life On Earth.
    Your Ability To Bring Out The Human Condition & Ways Of Life Always Impresses…… All ways.

    I Salute You.

    Jeff J Silber

  39. Gorgeous pics! It’s like you are there, among those people…

  40. I really enjoy your photos. It is a fantastic work. Your series are made with sensibility, they have soul.

  41. Diane Richards Says:

    Your images never cease to inspire me, thank you so much.

  42. I really enjoy with your photos. It is a fantastic work. I love your series, they are made with sensibility, they have soul.

  43. Wow! Love them all!

  44. Interesting post. I think that photograph people working and study the interactions between old man and the job they’ve done during all their life is another interesting theme to photograph.
    I’m thinking about a project where I can take photographs to old people in their work environment in Italy, to preserve memories of old italian works, that we are loosing year after year.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures and, of course, your amazing life experience.

  45. Great post, great images. Larger ones would be amazing though..900px wide? That last shot is beautiful. What’s the story there? What kind of flowers are they?

  46. Anidra Hom Chaudhuri Says:

    wow!!! way to go

  47. Says:

    Fabulous pictures as usual. It is to your credit Mr McCurry that you capture what most of us would ignore everyday. It inspires me to explore new ways to photograph the world

  48. Amazing photos! Your photos always blow me away!

  49. Amazing!

  50. Great work as allows ! Great reportage !

  51. DPB_Blogger Says:

    Great post as always.

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