Unpublished, Unseen 4


Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011

Over the past thirty years, I have taken nearly a million pictures.   Many of them have been published in my books, in magazines, and seen in my exhibitions, but a majority have never been seen.  Here are a few of those unseen pictures.


Myanmar/Burma, 2011


_SM12394, Burma/Myanmar, 02/2011, BURMA-10273

Burma, 2011


Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011


Tokyo, Japan, 2008



Day of Ashura, Afghanistan



France, 1989


Madrid, 1995



Rajasthan, India, 2010



Myanmar/Burma, 2011





Mumbai/Bombay, 2011





Chiang Mai, Thailand

_SM14180, Myanmar, Burma, 02/2011, BURMA-10314




Over the years I’ve come to see  that all of us are basically the same.  There are many more similarities that bind us than differences that separate us.


Yangon, Myanmar/Burma


69 Responses to “Unpublished, Unseen 4”

  1. Hermosas fotografías Steve, nos retrata el alma de los hecos y las cosas.

  2. Thanks Steve , very amazing and hard photos…Awesome ! Eric

  3. Aloha Steve,

    Your images need to be shown on television and in the main stream press. It would be great to see you be offered a corespondents position on PBS, CNN or MSNBC sharing your work and insight at least once a month. It’s unconscionable that these remain hidden from us as a people. Gordon Parks stated it so eloquently, you have made your choice of weapons. I pray yours is effective.

    You are truly special for doing what you do.

  4. Hi Steve.
    If you have to pick just one camera and a lens to get up and go for a day long shooting, what would be your choice? …. I’m talking about places in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh ect.

    By the way, I’m sorry that Mama took your Kodachrome away !!!😀

    You are my hero

  5. Steve, you are great. Thanks for all.

  6. Mainul Arif Says:

    Dear Steve, Its my first text on your blog. I am from Bangladesh. Really i am so inspired after visiting your website and your blog site. Specially when i seen the greatest job you done. It was my dream that if i could be a photographer! but i dont want to still it on dream, as early as possible i would like to make it real in my life. coz, recently i am going to admission photography course. I am always inspired by your work. Thanking you.

  7. Hi Steve, I’ve just been reading your introduction to your book that I have had for a while (Portraits; Phaidon 1999). Beautiful.


  8. Great series, as usual. I have lots of unpublished pictures too, but that’s probably because they never got published (yet):)
    Thank you for inspiring so many of us Steve.

  9. Lovely images and locations.

  10. Every time I take a peek at your site & work I become silent.
    What an inspiration, can’t get enough of it. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Steve, thank you for sharing your wonderful work. Your feel for humanity shines through every frame.

  12. Great collection Steve ! Thank you very much for sharing all these unpublished photos !

  13. Your photos are amazing and such an inspiration. Hope to see many more.

  14. steve with your pictures , you make me travel (sorry por my english)


  15. Obrigado / Thank you.

  16. In a way, I hate you… (just kidding, no offense ya ?)

    You are a so great humanist, through your photos. I do the same, I mean, I try to take good photos… But when I watch your work, then suddenly I feel soooooo small !!!
    That’s the reason why I hate you… But I love you more than that…

  17. What a great set of photos. Love your work.

  18. Pete Ross Says:

    Great photos – love your work!

  19. Yara Al-mohaimeed Says:

    Great photos.

    صور رائعه

  20. What wonders you have captured. I especially love the flow of Myanmar/Burma 2011. And, yes, those wild old ladies in France, 1989. Last, but not least and certainly not the only one, ChiangMai, Thailand and that old tree framing the scene.

    Every time I get a notice of your post, I feel like I get a little vacation to exotic places .

  21. Steve, my favorite has to be the three French ladies under the tree. Priceless facial expressions. Thank you once more for these visual treats!

  22. I love all the human gestures so full of grace. Thank you for being there with your eye and camera . I love sharing these with my students.

  23. Marietta Yandoc Says:

    I could only be grateful there’s a Steve McCurry to show that the mysterious is visible.

  24. Sajid Aboobaker Says:

    As usual no words to express my feeling admiring this stunning images from this great legend. I was so lucky to attend a Magnum workshop from this legend, who is so simple and down to earth. He is my hero.

  25. Love the images of Burma, just posted some myself – http://visitedplanet.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/photo-gallery-helping-the-burmese/

    Always look out for your work and your posts. Thanks Steve.

  26. nikkirixon1 Says:

    Thank you for sharing – your work is such an inspiration:)

  27. Khalid Rahim Says:

    Steve I pray that Teh hich cher e staer e mash e. (May you never tire).


  28. kuldeep Says:

    Thanks for sharing the unseen works…
    I always admire your composing the life into a photo frame…..
    hats off to you, steve !!!

  29. Sajid Aboobaker Says:

    As usual no words to express my feelings for these stunning images from this legend. I am proud to say that I was lucky enough to attend the Magnum workshop from this legend, who is so simple and down to earth person. He is my hero.

  30. Oh yeah – THAT’S why I take photos! I’m inspired to take more. Thank you…

  31. Brilliant Steve! Really appreciate it.

  32. Thank you so much for your years of inspiration! Your work pushes me to stretch myself. Your portraits are uniquely unforgettable as they enable us to really see the individuals. Thank you.

  33. Once again, you leave me in awe and I am reinforced why you are my favorite “people” photographer around. Thank you for making my day.

  34. I like all especially the second…

    Lets pray for speedy recovery of Japan…

  35. abhishek nandy Says:


  36. Eugene K Riley Says:

    Thanks for sharing – love your work. Your photos always present a reality I am out of touch with.

  37. Great images all ~ my fave is the ladies in France.:-)

  38. Pat Bagley Says:

    I am impressed with your use of a, for lack of better phrasing, “frames within a frame.”

    If you don’t mind me asking, how deliberate of a technique is this for you?

  39. Great selection, Steve! Thank you. Some of these pictures are just absolutely beautiful.

    Greg Shanta

  40. Brian Hudson Says:

    Thank you, Mr. McCurry

  41. All I can say is just THANK YOU.

  42. Cindy Williams Says:

    You touch the spirit.

  43. Speechless with every post you have here. You have complete stories in each picture, people that let us know their feelings.

  44. Love them. I can feel your patience in them.
    Regards from Czechia

  45. claudiosantoni Says:

    le tue foto sono da ammirare in silenzio

  46. Loved the pictures – thanks for sharing. I really like your comment regarding people and the observation that we are all basically the same. How true and how often and easily we forget this!

  47. How is life ? What is life ? Just have a lok at these pictures. Thank’s Steve.

  48. i love evry pic. Fantastic!

  49. i always love your images.. they are inspirational, sweet, true.. snd like short stories…never ending..

  50. Love these blogs. It’s like getting to rummage through your files and finding all these historic images made in places I have been and those I hope to visit.

  51. It’s always great to see your work, I really enjoyed your talk in Dublin.

  52. Thanks Steve,
    So inspiring and so beautifull.

  53. […] the rest here: Unpublished, Unseen 4 « Steve McCurry's Blog Posted in: Bangkok ADD […]

  54. MOSHI,Moshi,Me, as a soka-gakkai member, have meet so many warm people in the environment of Tokyo, that I’ll send back now many daimoku, to your country IE,Nippon,Japan.in this sad days. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. We are all connected with each other as human being,WIL Bartosik,from Holland,

  55. sir,

    Unseen pictures of yours are sweeter

  56. What an incredible way to start the day. Thank you for sharing these!!!

  57. Prezado sr Steve
    Tenho acompanhado seu trabalho ao longo dos ultimos anos e o que mais me impressiona em suas fotografias é o sentimento que transmitem.
    Hoje pela manha estava olhando o seu website e descobri que o sr havia fotografado os moradores de Lambari aqui no Brazil .

  58. tskraghu Says:

    Lovely images of a caressing camera!

  59. Breathtaking, emotionally charged. You are an artist.

  60. Anbazhagan Says:

    Your photos celebrate diversity !
    Your views are very humane ! Your work is value ladden..
    They encourage life and living, in any form and in many forms!
    You are an artist ! Professional photographers and ordinary people will continue to like your creations!


  61. Chang Mai, Thailand, 2011 and the three ladies in France, 1989 are my favorites!

  62. Wow… Truly classy… Loved each and every pic

  63. I love your photos!

  64. Thanks, a great job

  65. Fantastic photos, Steve! Thank you!😉

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