War’s Children


Young Hazara Soldier, Kabul, Afghanistan


“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies is, in the final sense, a theft from those who
 hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers,
the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.”
– Dwight David Eisenhower



Unknown Cambodian girl, Holocaust Museum, Phnom Penh



Siem Reap, Cambodia




In recent years, an estimated 20 million children have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict and human rights violations and are living as refugees in neighbouring countries or are internally displaced within their own national borders.




More than 2 million children have died as a direct result of armed conflict over the last decade.
More than three times that number, at least 6 million children, have been permanently disabled or seriously injured.




More than 1 million have been orphaned or separated from their families.
Between 8,000 and 10,000 children are killed or maimed by landmines every year.
– Source:  UNICEF












Kunduz, Afghanistan



Kabul, Afghanistan







In peace, sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature and fathers bury sons.

– Herodotus,  c. 484 – 425 BCE



Luzon, Philippines




51 Responses to “War’s Children”

  1. Belíssimas imagens.Van Gogh das lentes!

  2. kinderschoenen…

    […]War’s Children « Steve McCurry's Blog[…]…

  3. hamburgsammelsurium Says:

    Hello Mr. Mc Curry,

    you have a good look for situations. The images convey deep emotions. Very good!

    I’m looking forward to see your pictures in Palma de Mallorca.

    Best wishes,
    an amateur photographer:)

  4. Painful.

  5. This is heartbreaking, Steve. Just heartbreaking…


  6. Speechless

  7. rosemary fitzpatrick Says:

    The saddest sight, maimed children, and the most damning indictment on our ‘so called’ civilisation – why I support CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE ARMS TRADE.

  8. Your images are truth and your Eisenhower quote is hard hitting, Today with have multi-million $$ laser guided bombs and Children begging for scraps of food. People are sleeping under newspapers in the gutters and Fashion gurus making millions in drunken racists rants. A President that plans on spending a billion $$ to get re-elected, but will not give those on Social Security a cost of living increase when food is up over 30 %. Shame Shame. Thanks your images are the greatest.

  9. Your pictures are always moving and serve as a reminder for me not to take my life for granted

  10. TreyAngel* Says:

    Looking at these beautifully taken pictures makes me realized my pains and problems is just a very small fractions of the pains and problems they are suffering! i admire what u did coz ur awakens my soul to do my part to make a difference in this crazy world of ours. i pledge to do my part by spreading this message to my friends and relatives, just a small step to CHANGE!

  11. Marietta Yandoc Says:

    Steve’s pictures make you want to do something. I have been running a school for children about 300 each year. Steve had always been my inspiration since he did a story in the Philippines in ’85-’86.

  12. So powerful! Congratulation:)

  13. […] Steve McCurry has a haunting collection of portraits and other photographs depicting the wizened, resigned, sad, shocked, and sometimes bewildered faces of childre… I just discovered his blog, and have found his artistry poignant and […]

  14. […] See War’s Children by Steve McCurry. […]

  15. Strong images and no words are needed to explain…

  16. Hi Steve

    It is amazing the way you observe the small and big things around you. You are a real master.

  17. Great collection as always !

  18. Makes me speechless

    By the way – the exhibition in munich was fantastic!


  19. Caro Sr Steve
    O que mais me me impressiona na guerra é a criatividade dos Homens para criar maquinas que exterminem mais rapidamente seus semelhantes.
    As crianças, seres indefesos, sao as maiores vitimas desta criatividade.
    A Guerra é sinomino de Lucro, dinheiro,poder.
    Que tal se os grandes cientistas que criam estas maquinas utilizassem a mesma criatividade para promover a PAZ ?
    Com certeza viveriamos em um mundo com menos injustiça


  20. Margaret Mair Says:

    In a more humane world, those who turned to acts of war, confronted by faces such as these, would turn once again to peace. Until then these children, these families, as you have pictured them here, stand as witnesses of the kind of cruelties that can be practiced when we see others as the enemy, not as people. Thank you.

  21. Powerful..heartbreaking images. You’ve captured the world’s most innocent and tragic victims here.

  22. Speechless again, Steve. And heartbroken.

  23. Poignant and beautiful, as always, thank you, Steve.

  24. Anbazhagan Says:

    Tomorrow if one wants to celebrate a warless nation, who are all would be invited?

    It is they are all responsible for this situation also.

    Until that realization dawns one would be finding fault with the instrument and not identify the wielders of the instruments, makers, promoters, the silent watchers and so on.


  25. how many times must a canonball fly before theres and end

  26. very haunting.. especially the second pic..of the girl..she luks beaten up and empty inside her mind..must have gone thru lot of torture

  27. really impressive pictures. You re a great photographer

  28. kuldeep Says:

    Another Touching photo cronicle on Human Misadventures, I wish all the future new generations be saved from the atrocities od war and hatred…. Thanks Steve for sharing ..

  29. […] War's Children « Steve McCurry's Blog […]

  30. It must be hard to photograph this. Thank you.

  31. I wish these children get good education and moral, so that their children do not face same pain.

    My best wishes to Imagine Asia, its a great initiative.

  32. Jeff Silber Says:

    In Politics, Business & War there are NO Morals…..

    Another Brilliantly documented selection of photographs portraying the hard life, some experience.
    Makes me more thankful to The ALMIGHTY for what we have.

    Bravo Steve.

  33. […] Steve McCurry gives us a glimpse of despair in his post “War’s Children.” […]

  34. islandmomma Life on a Small Island and Beyond Says:

    As a mother I feel as if someone just screwed up my heart and squeezed it hard.

    The Eisenhower quote amazed me. I clearly don’t know as much about him as I thought I did.

  35. My mind tells me that they are children, but the faces are so aged. God help us.

  36. Sean Walsh Says:

    Steve, one day you will be remembered for what you’ve done for humanity, similar to what Ansel did for Yosemite.

    • Jeff Silber Says:

      Not One Day…..! Steve Already Is Famous.

      Humanity Needs To Heed The Call To Stop The Greed ETC.

  37. Children is too hard !

  38. Impressive pictures as always! For me you are are the greatest master! Keep travelling!

  39. do not have words to write,

  40. So impresive pictures, Steve. Could be interesting to show them in front of the NATO headquarters…

  41. I wish the war doesn’t happen and people never killed. But my wish is always challenged by the fact that war has existed since human kind and doesn’t seems to vanish. I am totally against war but my intelligence limits me when I start pondering over the matter.

    Your work is my greatest inspiration to be a better human being each day. And making some effort in changing the world even if little, for better. As you did. Love & Peace.

    • barbara Says:

      this is the only way to change the world – one small step at your door or that of a neighbor
      to show love – not globally- but next to you
      to refuse to be a part of the problem
      to renounce ANY doctrine of annihilation & hatred = even if it comes from a religion
      to love all and view all – men , women, all races, religions as equal, one, and loved in the eyes of God
      to love those you would smite
      to sell guns to buy food
      to raise a child who is not yours
      to ignore the propaganda machines and leaders of all countries who tell you to hate because it serves their own selfish and perverted desires fir power, wealth and control
      peaceful nonviolent resistance to oppression

  42. As usual haunting, hurting and yet beautiful. That last photo just says so much. I am floored.

  43. Images poignantes !! L’homme est fou ….!!!!

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