Travelers’ Tales

INDIA-10711NF-(1) Agra, India

Stories about travelers are as old as humankind.  

One of the earliest travelers’ tales was Homer’s Odyssey, from 800 B.C.E., the story of Odysseus’ journey home after the Trojan Wars.

INDIA-10839Howrah Station, Calcutta, India

From Homer to Dante,  Xuanzang , Marco Polo and Cervantes to Halliburton, to Kerouac, Durell, Theroux, Iyer, writers have taken their readers along on their travels, whether the journey is  fiction, non-fiction, or a combination of both.

BURMA-10451, Burma, Myanmar, 02/2011Train Station, Burma/Myanmar

“The traveler sees what he sees.The tourist sees what he has come to see.”
– G. K. Chesterton


He who does not travel does not know the value of men.
– Moorish proverb

AFGHN-10231Kandahar, Afghanistan

00163_01. Sri Lanka, 1995 Sri Lanka

_SM10433_2, Myanmar, Burma, 02/2011, BURMA-10373 Burma/Myanmar

“The World is a book,  and those who do not travel
read only a page.”
– St. Augustine

TIBET-10198NFKandze, Tibet

AFGHN-12295Kabul, Afghanistan

BURMA-10384; Myanmar, Burma; 02/2011Burma/Myanmar

AFGHN-12369Maimana, Afghanistan

AFGHN-12254Hindu Kush Mountains, Afghanistan

BURMA-10404; Myanmar (Burma); 02/2011Burma/Myanmar

AFGHN-10154Kabul, Afghanistan

EUROPE-10121, Russia, August, 2008, Final print_NovartisRussia

38 Responses to “Travelers’ Tales”

  1. […] Steve McCurry looks at Travelers’ Tales […]

  2. Excellent photos and meaning!

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  4. Very impressive, Steve. Like a lot your work

  5. 你的图片很美,带着我的心去旅行。

  6. I love your photos ! Really stunning pics !!! Agra & Kabul are my favorites !!

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  8. Tammy Swofford Says:

    My favorite is the image from Maimana, Afghanistan. Your gift takes us to the corners of the world which evade our reach.


  9. Something about the man looking out the window and the photo of the elephant filled me with emotions, I can’t explain into words… just, wow!

  10. Astonishing! The photos truly depict the places mentioned in the caption. They capture history with certain degree of depth.

  11. you have some remarkable photographs here. well done. i love the photo from sri lanka with the big leaf and the shadow of a human foot on the road.

  12. Caro Sr Steve
    No meu ponto de vista Santo agostinho tem toda razao, “O mundo é um livro”
    Nossas viagens nao precisam ser distantes, basta visitarmos nosso bairro ao lado, uma praça que fica distante de nossa casa e que nunca estivemos lá
    com certeza se mantivermos nossa mente e os olhos abertos para recebermos os novos conhecimentos e sensacões evoluiremos como seres humanos.
    Suas fotos como sempre estão fantasticas

  13. Anonymous Says:

    beautiful edition, love the quote from St. Augustine

  14. svanbazhagan Says:

    A tourist wants to see himself in ‘the’ place than the place itself:)

    The longest journey, it is said, is the journey inwards !

    To understand a place, by seeing the physical features would only be one page of a book:)

    Travel, yes; see, yes; Know the place ? No, i do not think so ! It ould take a life..

    Very archetype photographs..impressive indeed..


  15. Travel, books, and of course photos… what else to understand the world?

  16. […] (a photo journalist blog—Steve is famous for his photo of a young Afghan girl) […]

  17. wow!! some really amazing shots….love the howrah station, calcutta shot, been there so many times but never saw it in this perspective!!!

  18. Thanks for sharing steve. Your photographs are a window to the world we do not see.

  19. Wonderful pictures Steve. Your pictures from Afghanistan are moving as ever!

  20. Steve, for an amateur photographer like me, who someday wants to make it big, you are a real inspiration.
    Thanks for leading the way!

  21. As usual great pictures. Colors and emotions…

  22. Steve, I continue to be amazed by your visual story – keep up the good work
    your work is important for those of us that stay in the USA to see the real story of the world.

  23. Amazing photos again! I love how you photos tell the story.

  24. Amazing photos again. Love how your photos tell the story.

  25. awesome… thanks for ……

  26. jessica hawkey Says:

    amazing! Afghanistan is jaw dropping!

  27. Once again, absolutely superb. Beautiful colours and content. Can’t wait for the next series.

  28. To travel is truly the best thing to do in life.
    I hope that I will see as much of the world as you have. And to photograph it of course!

  29. Steve McCurry, picture taker Extraordinaire.

    I have no words for commenting your pictures.

    Thank you.



  30. Wow Steve, the colours are amazing again!
    Well done!
    kind regards,
    Corina (the Netherlands)

  31. Anonymous Says:

    An amazing collection of pictures! great work Steve!

  32. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I loved the quotes in with them too. I especially love the photo of the elephant ride in Sri Lanka… It’s one of the many places I would love to visit!

  33. Amazing shots like always, Steve.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Kind Regards.

    Ricardo Vilela

  34. Very impressive, Steve. There is a emotional history in every picture.

  35. Marcio Says:

    Tunner : We’re probably the first tourists they’ve had since the war.
    Kit Moresby: Tunner, we’re not tourists. We’re travelers.
    Tunner : Oh. What’s the difference?
    Port Moresby: A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the moment they arrive, Tunner.
    Kit Moresby : Whereas a traveler might not come back at all.

  36. The most makes me dream the one with the girl and the sea. The Kabul one is also a powerful one.

  37. Stunning as usual, these photos have got my travel bug on overdrive. Thank you for letting me experience your travels.

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