Between Darkness and Light

UGANDA-10002 Kampala, Uganda

 Shadows:  The places between darkness and light

Young Cambodian boys play in the ruins of Preah Khan near Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  Preah Khan, surrounded by jungle, is named for a sacred sword Jayavarman II left to his successor, is still guarded by his descendants.  Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999.Cambodia

“Look round and round upon this bare bleak plain, and see even here, upon a winter’s day, how beautiful the shadows are.
  Alas!  It is the nature of their kind to be so.
The lovliest things in life are but shadows, and they come and go, and change and fade away…”

– Charles Dickens 

AFGHN-10156Kabul, Afghanistan

War's toll on the psyche is etched on faces at Marastun, a shelter for the mentally ill in Kabul.  Afghans tell of relatives gone made from years of dodging bombs or being forced to fight alongside Soviets against the mujahidin.Kabul, Afghanistan

00230_ 008, Mazar i Sharif, Afghanistan, 2002, AFGHN-10133Afghanistan

Burma, 2010Burma/Myanmar


INDIA-10298nsBodh Gaya, India

00246_01 An Indian girl peers out of a train window, 1983.Girl peeks out a train window, India

Mud mosque, Djenne, Mali, 1986. MALI-10012NF7 Unguarded Moment_BookMud Mosque, Mali

DSC_4269; japan; 05/2011; may; 2011, JAPAN-10101NF2After the earthquake and tsunami, Japan, 2011 

PHILIPPINES-10048; Philippines, 03/1986Philippines



YUGOSLAVIA-10032, Yugoslavia, 1989Croatia

USA-10294Grand Central Terminal, New York

Train Station, Old Delhi, India 

 “The Sun never knew how wonderful it was until it fell on the wall of a building.”

Louis Kahn, Architect
quoted in the forward of  the book,
In Praise of Shadows,  Junichiro Tanizaki


FRANCE-10028, France, 1989  Marseilles, France

AFGHN-10225Jalalabad, Afghanistan 

44 Responses to “Between Darkness and Light”

  1. pavan kumar.s (india)

    super…………………………….! your a genius

  2. I’m learning: the way shadows dominate your photographs and reveal beyond what the picture shows is just wonderful!

  3. Great work…….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    just awesome

  5. I love the capture of shadow’s priest.

  6. always an honor to share you and your rich perspectives with my world xxx stay safe, Steve McCurry xx

  7. Bogdan Says:

    We are never alone, the shadow is always with us in happiness and misfortune.

  8. You always bring such beauty forth.
    Thank you for sharing an amazing view of our world.

  9. Remarkable photographs…

  10. Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful photographs !!
    Your big fan kantevaphotography

  11. aidanoliverphotography Says:

    The simplicity of the photo, both shadow and light depicted are both an inspiration and also a log of your amazing talent.

  12. You have taken the best pictures from Afghanistan. great work as always.

  13. Amazing photographs….

  14. Vinay Nair Says:

    It is strange that one needs help to look at one’s own country with more empathy. Some of your photographs from India are unnervingly authentic. They are an inspiration not just for photographers, but for people interested in people.

  15. Amit Saha , INDIA. Says:

    What to say and what not to say, their EYE’S are there to say….every images leaves behind a question….!!

    Thanks you SIR for sharing with us.

  16. Michele35 Says:

    absolument magnifique, quel talent !

  17. Astonishing pictures. You are the best!

  18. Beautifull ! Especially the shadows.

  19. ungureanu claudiu Says:


  20. Raffaele Says:


  21. very good set.

  22. Stunning let of pictures. What an amazing light play. Love the last portrait. What an amazing face, details and such beautiful light.

  23. […] I am always amazed at how perspicacious this photographer is in capturing a world that is so different from what I know… […]

  24. absolutely wonderful…

  25. Beautiful! Great!

  26. Andrea Chianura Says:

    This is more than photography: it is art. Thank you Mr McCurry.

  27. The Charles Dickens quote says it all. Once again an excellent series. Must go and find some shadows!

  28. Masterpieces! Could you tell us for just one of your pictures, under what situation you took the picture?

  29. Great collection !

  30. Sweeeeet! Light and shadows is what makes the pictures pop!

  31. beautiful pics, beauty in the light and the shadows!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Love them all!!

  33. Thank you for sharing Mr. McCurry!

  34. Fantastic….it’ s true that a picture is more than thousand words….

  35. Heavy theme, so I expected shocking photo’s…but no.
    They are beautiful, composition and colours ( about the colours, how do you do that???)
    Big compliment and kind regards from the Netherlands,

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic piece of work…….

  37. Anonymous Says:

    stunning and beautiful as ever

  38. Great work as always !

  39. Mayurakshi Dey Says:

    creepy…dark and beautiful…

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