The Power of Nature

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The word tsunami comes from two Japanese words: tsu, which means harbor, and nami, which means wave.

 JAPAN-10105 Japan


 In March  2011, Japan suffered from one of most violent earthquakes in history. 


 Its coastline shifted by as much thirteen feet to the east.


 The tsunami spawned by the earthquake destroyed virtually everything in its wake.


INDONESIA-10001NF6Duckweed carpets the water in a girl’s front yard at Bojonegoro, Java, Indonesia

Covering the monsoons  entailed day after day wallowing in filthy
water up to my
chest, or standing in the street in a torrential downpour, my shoulder aching from the umbrella
propped in my armpit, and an impatient assistant wishing he were somewhere else.

INDIA-10405NFPorbandar, Gujarat, India

I spent four days, in the flooded city of Gujarat, India, wading around the streets in waist-deep water that was filled with
bloated animal carcasses and other waste material.

INDIA-10436Porbandar, Gujarat, India

The fetid water enveloped me leaving a greasy film over my
clothes and body.  Every night I returned to my flooded hotel,
empty except for a nightwatchman, and bathed my shriveled feet in disinfectant.

INDIA-10220Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, India

INDIA-10307NGoa, India

 Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans in August  2005,  was one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States.
Almost two thousand people died in the hurricane and the flood which followed.

USA-10136New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

USA-10139NFNew Orleans, United States

USA-10129New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

USA-10130New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

On December 26, 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries.

 SRILANKA-10048Four days after the tsunami hit Sri Lanka’s coastline
A man prays for the victims 


USA-10387 Texas, United States 

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32 Responses to “The Power of Nature”

  1. Thanks from Japan😀

  2. Susan James Says:

    The photo of the field worker is very intriguing. I love the way you can tell she takes pride in her work with her jewelry and brightly colored clothes. It truly gives an insight into the lives of these field workers. She looks as though she is concentrated and detail oriented. Whenever I think of people working in fields, whether it be tea or what not, that they are frustrated and over worked, however this really gives a whole new light on the field workers of Bangladesh.

  3. whe i saw these pics ,i was just wake up to sleep,,
    so i was shoked to see them,,
    it was the horror of nature…..
    really nature sabki baap h…………

  4. ” Please scroll to the bottom for the UnpublishedPortrait of the Week” –> even you don’t mention it, I really think everyone will scroll to the very bottom of every posts you made! Your photos are just too admirable! Wish someday could take great photos like yours!

  5. Impressives shots….. Regards

  6. Just love your works. Very well done! Cheers!

  7. Andrés Fierro Says:

    Cuando todas las partes que conforman la realidad son captadas con tal precisión, surge la impresión, la potencia contenida en una fotografía. Steve ha sido una fuerza visual que ha influido en la evolución de mi sentido fotográfico, en la potencia de mi percepción.

  8. Steve,
    As a Texas gal I appreciate the unpublished portrait of the week. It reminds me of our annual stock show and rodeo which are held in Fort Worth each year. The best part is watching the youth, possible future ranchers of America, show their stock. Amongst those showing cattle, grasping the ring for the Grand Champion is the highest goal.

    As always, enjoy my occasional venture to your site. You are a gifted artist.

    Tammy Swofford

  9. Anonymous Says:

    we can only pray to God not to be angry so much….

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, compared to many other photographer’s coverage of the tsunami in Japan that I have seen, I think your images are the strongest. Were they published anywhere? Just curious, thanks for sharing.

  11. Mayank Says:

    The pic of the girl in the duckweed is so beautifully taken…just love the soothing effect in even the horrific pictures

  12. great captures……

  13. just impressive!


    awesome steve keep up the good work just love them

  15. Sandipan Majumdar Says:

    Really speechless!

  16. Steve, the power of nature may started from Japan travelling East or West did not end in Gujerat nor New Orleans. It also ravished areas stretching from Pakistan to Algeria. Nature has many weapons and never informs which weapon she would use why, where and when?
    But worse than the power of nature is the ” self-centered ego” of the two legged creatures known as homo-sapiens whose destruction power has no limitations as today we know under the guise of War against Terrorism.

  17. I admire your dedication to your craft and the lengths that you will go to, to acquire that perfect image. Another thought provoking series.

  18. […] from: The Power of Nature « Steve McCurry's Blog […]

  19. Great photos as always. liked all especially 3rd from top.

  20. They are all amazing in the stories they tell. But I think the one where the one guy is carrying an umbrella and in his other hand he’s helping someone cross a river torrent… with a waterfall in the background captures the best in man’s nature against some of the worse nature can hand out.

  21. Pat Digre Says:

    We like to think we are in control of our lives, until something like this makes us wake up.

    Pat Digre

  22. Nature’s fury. Awesome set like always.
    Kind regards.

  23. I was directed here by another great photographer friend of mine and I have to say you simply blew my mind away… Part of it was the expectance that you would focus on the latest tsunami and its affects on Japan alone, but part of it was (I guess) from being used to blogs trying to grab the attention of the reader… Respect, like my friend said! Respect for the awesome photos, but also for the way you lay them out and described them!

  24. Emilia Asensio Says:

    Mr Mccurry brought once again to our eyes the unstoppable power of nature. I think this testimony ought to make us more and more humble as human beings.

  25. Mankind may have taken great strides and have won over all forces ..but still today we are just toys in the hands of nature ….so let us respect and protect her …great series Steve …You inspire .

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Impresionante mas alla de la tristeza de la gente …cada fotografia son una obra de arte, gracias por compartirlas


  28. Amazing photographic images and also an amazing record of some of the worst of nature’s fury. We are blessed that Steve has endured these tragedies to show the world what was left behind. And yet, so far, mankind has risen up to help their fellow man, and survives, sometimes with tremendous perseverance an hardship.

  29. This is really a great series ! All the images are really strong. Thank you very much Steve for sharing !

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