On and Off the Wall

Street Art | Graffiti, Murals, Posters, and Signs

 BURMA-10365NF4Inside a bell at a pilgrimage site, Mingun, Myanmar/Burma

Graffiti has existed since ancient Greece and Rome.  It expresses political and cultural views, and many consider it an art form.


 CUBA-10023Havana, Cuba

When there are cultural and political shifts, it is sometimes possible to see the earliest indications  by literally looking at the “writing on the wall.”

CUBA-10017 Havana, Cuba

GERMANY-10055Berlin, Germany


 Posters are found in public places all over the world. They are  designed to attract the attention of passers-by and entice them to purchase a particular product or service, make them aware of a political viewpoint, or attend a specific event. If suddenly it were decreed that they all must disappear, it would seem that all color had disappeared from the urban landscape, and the cities would appear a mournful gray.
– Max Gallo

 INDIA-10328NFPoster Studio, Mumbai/Bombay, India

ITALY-10080Venice, Italy 

INDIA-10530Anand, Gujarat, India

INDIA-11029 Dentist’s Clinic, Ujjain, India 

 USA-10167New York, NY

 Throughout the world there have been murals on walls as long as there have been people to scratch them, paint them, etch them, carve them and make them.

USA-10432New York, NY 



USA-10293Street art on the pavement at Seventh Avenue & Bleecker Street, New York

From the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux, France, to the ceremonial and celebratory murals of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome,
India, and Mesopotamia, the history of murals is long,  rich and varied.


USA-10204NF2Los Angeles, California

  Ancient murals often depicted activities in which the people of the time engaged, from religious ceremonies to
scenes of hunting and gathering for sustenance.

– Kaizaad Kotwal

 AFGHN-13103Mujahid, Kabul, Afghanistan

AFGHN-10255 Kunduz, Afghanistan

 AFGHN-12517Young men admiring Movie Poster, Pul-i-Khumri, Afghanistan 

AFGHN-12524 Poster Vendor, Kabul, Afghanistan 

 Posters are mirrors because they reflect and sometimes distort the culture and the customs of the time.
– Max Gallo

FRANCE-10046Metro Station, Paris, France

Nice piece in PhotoShelter blog:

20 Responses to “On and Off the Wall”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic blog post.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely love your pictures! Was extremely surprised to find out you have been to Ujjain, India. I was born and lived there for my first 12 years. Brought back old memories! :)

    What took you there?

  3. Made my thoughths fade away through the far distance and memories of Beautiful Afghanistan. No words to discribe how Great you photography skills are.

    Best of luck

  4. Phenomenal.



  5. come to mongolia. there are lot’s of interesting things to photograph!!

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  7. Greats shots. The walls are the canvas of the contries

  8. Dany Freitas Says:

    Thank you. You inspire me a lot

  9. Excellent pictures !

  10. Interesting collection Steve.. Regards

  11. Kaushal Kumar Singh Says:

    “Poster Studio Mumbai” so beautifully photographed I bow to you. Today’s big printers have replaced their work, one of India’s famous painter too was a poster painter for movies in his early days.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Graffit IS art…thanks for this great post. Expression of a sentiment or thought through a medium….of course its ART

  13. Great pictures as always!

  14. Verrrry Cool!
    Kind regards,

  15. Caro Sr Steve.
    Como bem o sr escreve . Esta arte é milenar e através dela podemos tomar conhecimento da forma de vida de nossos antepassados.
    E com certeza no futuro nossos descendentes poderão conhecer um pouco de seu passado através desse tipo de arte ( informaçao) que será deixada por nós.
    As fotos estao fantasticas
    abraços do Brazil

  16. Tomorrow’s anthropological account of our time. I especially love the boy in Kunduz, Afghanistan, who appears as the cave artist painting the bison hunt in Lascaux, France. A fine collection of stories – as always.

  17. Jeff Silber Says:


    —————The Writing Is On The Wall—————-

  18. I love what you do. Not only this serie, but your way…
    Your requierements and your heart
    Thank you very much Monsieur Le Photographe

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