Fun and Games

Tibetan Refugee Settlement, Bylakuppe, India
If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed
himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become
unstable without knowing it.
– Herodotus


TIBET-10799 Lhasa, Tibet


The true object of all human life is play.
Earth is a task garden.
Heaven is a playground.

G . K. Chesterton

Gubbio, Italy




You can discover more about a person in an
hour of play than in a year of conversation.
– Plato

JAPAN-10027Tokyo, Japan


 ITALY-10288NF8Spoleto, Italy


Mumbai, India


 INDIA-10005NF4Rajasthan, India


Play is a uniquely adaptive act,
not subordinate to some other adaptive
act, but with a special function of its own
in human experience.
– Johan Huizinga

Pul i Khumri, Afghanistan

AFGHN-12126NF3  Wrestling Match, Kahan, Afghanistan


USA-10214 Los Angeles, California

Games lubricate the body and the mind.
-Benjamin Franklin


CANADA-10001Nova Scotia, Canada


Play is the exultation of the possible.
– Martin Buber

AFGHN-10100Kabul, Afghanistan




Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the
seriousness of a child at play.
– Heraclitus

INDIA-10490NFMumbai, India


CHINA-10038NF3 China

It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use,
from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.
– Thomas Aquinas

  AFGHN-12262Bamiyan, Afghanistan






INDIA-10836Rajasthan, India

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221 Responses to “Fun and Games”

  1. Many pictures are very beautiful, some very beautiful, other ones much more but I prefer commenting them one by one

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  3. very interesting photos…Steve i love you,,,,,

  4. Fantastic! What a range of shots steve, catching the emotions…. of games and fun.

    You are an inspiration. I have started my photoblog inspired by you and your work. Kindly visit and give your feedback. Thanks and regards.

  5. Joymalyadas Says:

    Superb Loved the moments captured here

  6. Kallol Majumder Says:

    It is Steve and therefore just watch the entire set of his works and try to learn how a very simple moment was captured in brilliant way of visual documentation in true artistic manner. Thank you Steve for giving us opportunity to watch your magical sense of photography.

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  8. Roselinde Says:

    Mesmerising photography! Cheered me up.

  9. […] A few days ago, I saw this delightfully timely photoset on Freshly Pressed: Fun & Games by Steve McCurry. […]

  10. Magnifique!!!Que serions nous sans le jeu?
    Thank You sir


  11. Wow. Not only are these pictures incredible, but the traveling alone necessary for all this had to make for one incredible adventure. Well done.

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  13. I’ve just nominated you for The Seven Links Award. If you haven’t heard of it before, take a look at to find out what it’s all about. Looking forward to reading your Seven of the best!

  14. arief3000 Says:

    Lovely photos! No. Awesome photos! Congratulations on being FP’d!

  15. Amazing set of picture in interesting places…

  16. Wonderfully and breathtakingly beautiful images! You are a true artist with the eye.

  17. What is the picture from I think Spoleto, Italy? (The one with the big blue ball and I’m guessing at least a half-naked lady in it)

    Some sort of play or show?

    [The pictures are wonderful by the way, I really enjoyed this post]

  18. thoraaron Says:

    Still taking great photos McCurry, I love the Tibet ones.

    not for tourists…

  19. beautiful picture! It really gets you thinking about what’s important!

  20. Loved the pics and meaningful captions.

  21. Your talent for capturing the soul of the people and places you photograph is life-affirming and amazing. I love the way your photos evoke a sense of connectedness between us all despite the vastly different cultures and experiences represented.

  22. Steve,
    You are always superb. Photographs are perfectly composed and mean so much.
    Keep Up the great job.

  23. Play… one of the reasons I love being with my granddaughters, they make me forget the rules some times and we just frolic.
    It brings different people together for one purpose – to have fun!
    Wonderful images.
    BTW thank you for all your support with photo auctions for FWAB. Both my husband and I donate our prints to the charity. Giving back is another joy.

  24. ikukumsu Says:

    Superb pictures. They speak so much. Thanks for sharing.

  25. An incredibly beautiful, inspiring and happy post. Thank you

  26. The photographs and the theme of the post make great art. Very well done.

  27. A very interesting topic. I read the quotation and I was surprised how true that is! I love the way you use pictures instead of words. Very touching.
    Greetings, from Lithuania ;)

  28. Dear Steve,

    Wonderfully and breathtakingly beautiful images! You are a true artist with the eye.

    Safe travels,


  29. hootoo2011 Says:

    i had already 5 to 7 years not play games like this, but actually when i was a kids, i love those games, but people will grow up like everyone else. Busy jobs, heavy burden from families will occupy most of our time. But i still will miss them when i’m in weekend, those at weekend, i still need to make some extra money for my beautiful clothes!

  30. elizabethweaver Says:

    The quotes & images are fantastic! I am impressed not only by the images, but how much of the world they include. Also how you expanded on one theme so beautifully. Thank you.

  31. These photos are a striking reminder that we are all human and that all human beings are able to, and deserve to laugh and play, no matter where on this Earth they may be. We all share laughter and it makes our world far more beautiful. Thanks for such a touching post.

  32. If my life allows me to see half of the things in this post, I feel like I will have achieved the impossible.

  33. great pic as always, makes me want to travel more and more

  34. Great pics as always…makes me want to travel more and more!

  35. lovely weave of words and images. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  36. dreadnoughtvoyager Says:

    first off, gorgeous pictures.

    secondly, i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a positive representation of an afghanistani man prior to yours. those bright blue eyes and the icecream in his hands make the image so genuine and familiar. i see my brother in those eyes. now, he is my neighbor and my family in my perception, not an enemy or stranger.

    isn’t it wonderful how an unsuspecting image communicates more profoundly sometimes than the exact placement of ideas throough words? excellent work, thank you for sharing!

  37. These photos make me happy. We are all human. Sometimes we forget. It’s nice to be reminded of our similarities.

  38. Arjdalumat Says:

    Love all of the photos in this blogpost! :)

  39. Amazing photography and quotes as well. The photos depict the true meaning of travel and life. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Congrats on the FP fame!

  40. Gorgeous images, thanks!

  41. Beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  42. Nice photography. Quite entertaining.

  43. The pics are amazing. The nova scotia one was amazing!

  44. Brings back wonderful memories of a pick up soccer game in a Tibetan monastery in India. You wonderfully wove the quotes into the series of photos. Nicely done!

  45. It’s nice to see pictures of people from other countries enjoying themselves. Love all your pictures.

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  47. The best word to describe Tibet is pure. Thanks for sharing such nice photos!

  48. Great photos! Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  49. I think it the pictures are great and I love to play.

  50. We are quixotic Says:

    Fabulous! Saw your retrospective in the Water Hall in Brum last year. An extraordinary insight into places that have forever changed.

  51. I meant to say blog, not post! Amazing photography and wonderful words in combination.. just perfect!

  52. This might be the most beautiful post I’ve seen so far!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  53. I love that your photos show what we all have in common!

    Let us play more and fight less!!!

  54. Each photo is a masterpiece, thank you so much for sharing :)

  55. What a beautiful and inspiring post

  56. Amazing pics! I especially like the picture of the Afghan man with the ice-creams… the look in his eyes… pure mischief and joy.

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  59. Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!

  60. Absolutely amazing photographs! I must see more of your photos now, thanks to FreshlyPressed.

  61. Eva McCane Says:

    amazing shots! it really displays the cultural differences in a beautiful way. thanks for sharing!

  62. Fantastic theme. As we are bombarded with images of tragedy, devastation and despair, this was a very welcome tribute to the playful nature of mankind.
    Thank you.

  63. Paul Park Says:

    I love this post. Great candid pictures and the theme through the lens of the world is excellent and variegated. Here’s one you could possibly include from my home country (South Korea) called ‘mal-took-bak-ghi’. Here’s an old school picture of it:

  64. some really remarkable images and very pertinent quotes, really glad I came across your blog!

  65. Fantastic vision, great photography, THE MOMENT, very well done.

    Kudos to you

  66. Beautiful photos :)

  67. Incredible photos! Thanks for sharing them and making me smile!

  68. I feel so lucky to have checked out Freshly Pressed today! I am a huge fan – thank you for sharing your work online – I had no idea this existed. Your talent for capturing the soul of the people and places you photograph is life-affirming and amazing. I love the way your photos evoke a sense of connectedness between us all despite the vastly different cultures and experiences represented. I have no idea how you do it time and time again. Thanks again!

  69. CarlosFernández Says:


  70. The pictures are fabulous. And the quotes are so apt. A colourful blog indeed. Perhaps the blog layout is too simple. Great to have come across your blog.

  71. these photos are phenomenal. Thank you for sharing!

  72. Wow! Too see this planet in such a fashion thru the eyes of someone else and his camera, man.

    I often wonder why some things get fresh pressed, but there is no doubt about his one.

    It was spectacular, thank you.


  73. I love the picture of the guy holding the ice-cream cones. It truly is great to see people from all over the world playing and having fun

  74. This one does your heart good; people just naturally love having fun, no matter where they are!


  75. Quotes and vivid photos are a great combination!

  76. Outstanding pictures and qutoes to go along with the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  77. Very good inspirational work! Thank you

  78. Love this, gave me goosebumps!

  79. Beautiful picture, beautiful words and so true!

  80. Nice pics and impressive quotes.

    thanks for your sharing.

  81. the photo of the guy in Afghanistan holding two ice creams made my day. thanks for this beautiful series. now i’m addicted.

  82. This is great! It makes you feel so happy just looking at these pictures! Thank you for sharing such memories and fun with us :)

  83. all incredible

  84. these photographs are just beautiful. sports…yeah! they do lubricate our body and soul.
    I am subscribed!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  85. awesome pics :) It’s like the world is only a click to view…

    Congrats for being Freshly Pressed!

  86. clarehudson Says:

    I love this and am definately subscribing to your blog. The quotes and photographs work beautifully together.

  87. Wow! These just made my day :)

  88. joahnadiyosa Says:

    Lovely photos! No. Awesome photos! Congratulations on being FP’d!

  89. very refreshing. I feel so energized after watching these lovely pictures.

  90. i LOVE this!!! <3 :)

  91. Absolutely breathtaking and so inspiring.

  92. I love this sequence, but especially the first one.

  93. What an inspirational blog! Living in a city , its easy to forget the importance of ‘play’. Your images really capture the energy and vibrancy of the subjects!

  94. “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” – Willy Wonka

  95. Makes me smile :) I love them!

  96. We all need happines and games also. Ultimetly compassion is achieved trough good life attitude. :) Games is something that can help us to achieve that, if we can accept that we can lose. Like in life great loses wil happen. And nothing is eternal. But we exist and that is what counts. Possibly wil write about that. Sometime.

  97. ferrinspace Says:


  98. Steve, you’ve no doubt heard it all before but I have to say it. Your work is a fundamental reason why I pursued photography in addition to illustration and graphic design. Your portraits and landscapes of civilization inspired and shaped my approach to street photography; admittedly sometimes a little too much as my images began to look like bad copycats of yours.

    You have set a standard in portraiture and photojournalism that will always influence my development as an artist, and my general consciousness.

    I can’t thank you enough.

  99. Great pics. Loved them.

  100. sangjiwa Says:

    SUPERB!! expressions of life and happiness i believe :).

  101. Amazing photos! Love it!

  102. letempspasse Says:

    Inspiring post. You shots are impressive. Such playful energy ! But amazes me the most is how you were able to capture in photograph such a wide array of cultures at play. Simply breathtaking. Congratulations !

  103. Love work ~ Love rest ~ Love PLAY!

  104. Congratulations on being chosen for Freshly Pressed! Your photos just made my day! Thank you :)

  105. Amazing eye for catching the pure joy each of these people found in what they were doing. One of my favs has to be the dude with the icecream, he looks like a little kid who just chased the icecream man for 6 blocks before getting him to stop VICTORY! :D

  106. Magnifico, espectacular…..como siempre

  107. Jacqueline Says:

    I didn’t know what I would find when I clicked on your site. GREAT JOB. I LOVED IT!!! (Autism from a Different Perspective)

  108. How fresh these photos are. Nice work! I’m an art therapist and am always amazed how kids can make fun & be creative through trauma or without material goods. Thanks

  109. Great pictures.Nicely put together.Keep on playing with the camera and quotations.

  110. It’s hard to see the funny side in some countries… It’s a big inspiration for my work now in Bolivia. thank you for sharing Steve!

  111. Wonderful!!!!! Congratulations, you are a big teacher. Thanks


  112. Wonderful!!! Congratulations you are a big teacher… Thanks

  113. Very well done! Thanks for the time out.

  114. no matter where you go the desire to play remains the same. I like that, it shows we never stop being children.

  115. Mark Hayden Says:

    Saw your work here on display here in Durango, Colo. I must say, your photos are pretty inspiring. Thanks.

  116. As a child I used to play for myself and with others. Your beautiful quotation from Plato illuminated with your beautiful photos shows us in an exemplary manner … what it all looks to be about. I play now also

  117. Wonderful post! The photos are incredible to look at, and having the quotes really pulls it all together. Great job highlighting the importance of play in human life.

  118. This post reminds me that I need to spend more time enjoying life, without worrying about the future. Great photos too! :)

  119. blouisdaniel Says:

    I absolutely love these shots. You’re capturing emotion, and feelings.

    I believe that when one’s behind the lense, every time the shutter is released you steal a piece of that life, or that scene. The goal is to be able to pay back what was taken though the photographs. They are a gift.. capturing the essence of our world.

    Fantastic job, and congrats on being freshly pressed.

    B Daniel

  120. Awesome pictures, Steve! Great job! Congrats on FP.

  121. Looking at your blog made me feel happy!

    It’s so interesting how many ways people find to play and have a smiling good time.



  122. idreamofeden Says:

    This post is truly inspirational, no matter the age or where you live, play is vital to the human soul. Thank you for this reminder! Congratulations on being freshly pressed, you absolutely deserved it!

  123. Great pictures!

  124. Awesome collection of photos and reflective quotes!

  125. Your pictures are simply amazing. The concept of ‘play’ in different countries was a great idea. Each pic was better than the last, although I’d have to say my favourite was the Afghan guy with the ice creams. His smile and innocence holding two ice cream cones (surprised they’re not melting!) is great!

  126. A Alegria e felicidade são sentimentos simples e precisamos abrir nossos olhos e prestar atenção porque podem estar próximos a nós e não percebemos, grandes fotos e um belíssimo tema
    abraços do Brazil

  127. Such cool photos and quotes!

  128. Your page is really cool!
    Post updates to your blog:
    ——– Kablom Group ———

  129. These photos are terrific, love the photo of the van.

  130. Great shots! I love the interplay of quotes. Reminds me to get outside and enjoy my day rather than wasting away in front of a screen. Thanks for posting!

  131. Beautiful pictures. They really made my heart happy :-)
    Thank you

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing set of picture in interesting places…

  133. this is an AMAZING blog. Don’t stop.

  134. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. These photographs are so beautiful, and you did a great set for fun and games… Fascinated me. I am glad to meet with you Steve McCurry, Thank you for sharing with us. With my love, nia

  135. What an awesome post. I felt more relaxed and playful just reading it. Thank you for sharing.

    I will follow your blog for sure.

  136. Oh my God! Beautiful Blog!!! Keep it up!
    (I love the Burma pic the most!)

  137. Such a beautiful, elegant series of photos.

  138. wonderful pictures :)

  139. these photos are exquisite. absolutely beautiful photography.

  140. Love the picture taken during Holi in India!

  141. I found myself reminded of the simplest things in life as I stopped by your post. Thank you for capturing the moments. :)

  142. aparnanairphotography Says:

    Magnificent!!! My favorite is the young boys in Tibet. Thank you for sharing!

  143. Nice to see some of his work again:)

  144. my country is Burma / Myanmar .
    Water festival / Thin Gyen festival .
    Thanks for seeing all pictures.

  145. What a happy post! I love the Chesterton quote. That man knew how to have fun :)

  146. Breathtaking and insightful. Thank you! One question though: From the gender ratio of the photos, it looks like girls and women don’t play very much in Asia. Is that an accidental thing, an Asian thing, an allowed-out-in-public thing, a photographer-selection thing, or a female thing?
    I love the way you put together the photos and quotes. Well done.

  147. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness so many varied and amazing parts of life in this world! Great photos. Thank you.

  148. aviatrixkim Says:

    Beautiful. Wow.

  149. Thank you for this. I think I’ve gotten to a point where I’m forgetting to have fun, and this is a great great reminder.

  150. Amazing pictures. I love how everyone of your pictures tells a story.

  151. Great pictures! Your work has always been inspiring to me. Also, as it turns out, your sister was one of the most influential school teachers I ever had.

    I love the picture of the guy holding the ice-cream cones. It truly is great to see people from all over the world playing and having fun. Thank you.

  152. I love the quote about discovering more about a person in a hour of play…I’m writing along similar lines. Beautiful photos. The idea is restorative.

  153. What an incredible post. I dont’ know what else to say. I love the way the scope of your photos enhances the simplicity of your message. Well done!

  154. Superb energy release by both images and each captured moment of fun and freedom – most uplifting and really made me smile – absolutely great – many thanks. Just what is going on in Italy with that woman and the blue ‘ball’, tho?

  155. letscriticize Says:

    thanks for these photos, now i recognized the beauty of Tibet and other countries.
    Well done!

  156. Based on this post alone, I think I’m going to really enjoy digging through your blog!

  157. Love this post! Great photos and quotes. Congrats on making freshly pressed!

  158. Fascinating photographs! :)

  159. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing those amazing photos :-)

  160. Beautiful. I love seeing the ways other cultures enjoy a beautiful day.

  161. I LOVE these photos!! It’s so great to see people from so many different nations at play; laughing and smiling.

    What a great way to start the day. :)

  162. snardleyhonford Says:

    I was having a look at your images and other Magnum photographers just the other day, very nice to see some of your photos on WordPress.

  163. Great Post Thanks for Sharing

  164. Chimi Youdon Says:

    i love all the monks from different countries

  165. Just what I needed this morning. Well and thoughtfully assembled. Thank you for this!

  166. Stunning photography! And I love the quotes between photos. Outstanding!

  167. Thought provoking photos…I feel culture and inspiration through them all…I am visually inspired today. Thank you. vx

  168. zenlifefrugal Says:

    I love the photos!

  169. And I think every management “team building” session could not go wrong with a 3 legged race. or egg and spoon.

  170. Perhaps my favourite was the Afghan with the ice creams. Just a great look of glee that he has 2 and may even be able to eat at least one of them.

  171. Magnificent photos and captions! . . . Thank you for the important message!

  172. These are really wonderful and insightful pictures, with very fitting quotes. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  173. Amazing photos and amazing captions as well!

  174. Great pics! I especially love the first one of the kids and the one of the guy with the cones.

  175. I think the Tokyo, Japan one was my favorite; I found it amusing.

  176. I am grateful for the power of the internet for having learned about you and the simplicity of seeing your art by virtue of your blog. I am always excited to open your pages. Thank you, Steve.

  177. Jim Donahue Says:

    Love the image with the ice cream cones, the guy looks really happy.

  178. Marietta Yandoc Says:

    Playing in the fields of the Lord is a metaphor for life which I take seriously. Steve’s pictures are always inevitably relevant to what humans are up to.

  179. As usual, gorgeous, significant photojournalism and such a meaningful message. Thank you!

  180. Anonymous Says:

    Go Dodgers!

  181. “Due cose mantengono vive le creature: il letto e il gioco; perché l’uno è refrigerio de le fatiche e l’altro ricreazione de i fastidi.”
    Pietro Aretino, Dialogo delle carte parlanti, 1543

    Thank you for your inspiring images and thoughts.

  182. Incredible…like always…

  183. Angela Di Finizio Says:

    After these lovely images, my day becomes a better day.
    Thank you Steve

  184. good work, as usual.

  185. As always great images. I just wish you would set up a photo blog page that did more justice to your images. A version with a lightbox would be perfect.

  186. Legendary stuff! as usual… :)

  187. A great travel to places few of us can visit…. Thank you sir.

  188. intriguing ‘n inspiring as always, steve. your images will never cease to amaze me.


  189. Hearts are at peace when play is fully done.

  190. Dear Steve,

    The photos are amazing as they captured the very delicate essence of life, the happiness. I believe the idea behind this series of photos was interesting as it let the photographer captured photos very close to the subjects’ deep personalities and innocent souls.

    Wish you luck and happiness.

    Payam Ghafoori

  191. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Steve,

    The photos are amazing and captured the very delicate essence of life, the happiness. I believe the idea behind this series of photos was very interesting as it let the photographer capture the photo very close to the subjects’ deep personalities and innocent souls.

    Wish you luck and happiness.


  192. Another great series from you Steve! AS I allows say that it’s possible for you only to display many great picture for any single theme ! You are really a great story teller Steve !

  193. TImeless classic photojournalism… You get me everytime Steve!

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