Right as Rain

During the year I shot the monsoon assignment, I learned to see it as a critically important event, 
and not the disaster it had first seemed to my Western eyes.
Farmers experience the monsoon as an almost religious experience

as they watch their fields come back to life after being parched for half the year.

Varanasi, India 

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s annual monsoon rains have arrived at the southern Kerala coast,
a top weather official said on Tuesday, brightening prospects of higher farm output by aiding
farmers to plant summer-sown crops such as rice, soybean and cotton on time.
June 6, 2012

Goa, India

Rain is grace;
Rain is the sky descending to the earth …
– John Updike


For half the world’s people, good monsoons, those rain-bearing winds of
Asia and the Subcontinent, 
 mean life and prosperity.
Poor ones are marked by famine and death.


The rains fall on one horn of the buffalo, and not on the other.
-Indian Proverb

Kabul, Afghanistan

Java, Indonesia


Northern Territory, Australia

Tokyo, Japan


It is no use to grumble and complain; It’s just as cheap and easy to rejoice.
When God sorts out the weather and sends rain – Why, rain’s my choice.
– James Whitcomb Riley

Sri Lanka



The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.
– Lucretius

Porbandar, India


Dalit women cleaning streets, Mumbai, India


Only He shakes the heavens and from its treasures takes out the winds.
He joins the waters and the clouds and produces the rain. He does all those things.
– Michael Servetus (1511-1553)
Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer


Monsoon History
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
The air is wet, soaks
into mattresses, and curls
In apparitions of smoke,
Like fat white slugs furled
Among the timber
Or silver fish tunnelling
The damp linen covers
Of schoolbooks, or walking
Quietly like centipedes,
The air walking everywhere
On its hundred feet
Is filled with the glare
Of tropical water.
Again we are taken over
By clouds and rolling darkness.
Small snails appear
Clashing their timid horns
Among the morning glory

Bojonegoro, Java, Indonesia

Monsoon Festival, India

For months there is no rain, and then there is too much.
Half the world’s people survive at the whim of the monsoon.

Two men try to cross a monsoon swollen river after the bridge was swept away, Goa, India

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  3. andrzej Says:

    Wspaniałe obrazy.

  4. Dmad - The design madness Says:


  5. Amazing images so dynamic! Great photography!

  6. Lovely Photos.. Very creative. Visually Stunning.

  7. annalisa Says:

    non si riesce a non captare l’infinito amore per la vita …le sue immagini ,la realtà che le accompagna, affondano l’essenza di esse nella parte più profonda …nell’animo di chi le guarda ….grazie

  8. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely
    enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  9. nice

  10. Thanks for sharing, you are inspiring!

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  12. Thanks for sharing all these beauties for free. You are a great man and will always be remembered.

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  14. Kavitha prabhakar Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!! Beautiful photographs,

  16. very nice site.

  17. Great photos! Especially the one with the woman on the fence at Bojonegoro, Java, Indonesia.

    Found the post via the German podcast Happy Shooting (http://happyshooting.de/).

    I also took some photos in heavy rain in Ho Chi Minh City last year. You can find them here: http://blog.b4ey.com/2011/08/saigon-in-the-rain/

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. 이수진 Says:

    i love your pics

  19. just got to know about your blog….they are amazing and you truly prove that pictures speak a thousand words:). Thank You!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, i just discovered your blog and i must say it is great.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    out of words

  22. Great photos! I love your blog layout or theme. Is it your own design? I don’t see a theme mentioned. Keep shooting!

  23. leeinsook Says:

    Wonderful. Thank You So Much!!!

  24. Best monsoon story ever. I wish I could make story like this one day!

  25. Wonderful. Thank You So Much

  26. Beautiful… are you capturing the monsoon in India in this year? If yes, do share the pictures you capture across various landscapes…

  27. Jesse B. Says:

    Such remarkable photography that I’m nearly speechless. Just watched a Hollywood film from 1939 called The Rains Came which depicts a drama set against an earthquake disaster and monsoon flooding in India. The movie was dramatic but your photography is even more riveting. Great, great work.

  28. I love the poem. Stunning photos.

  29. the monsoon does come alive in your photographs.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    U made rain more beautiful with ur photos…

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Breathtaking images

  32. Wow, thank you very much!

  33. This is a beautiful message that you send at the world! Wonderful work

  34. Wonderful collection of moments in the rain. The Bojonegoro, Java, Indonesia is a favourite, what an intriguing photo.

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  36. stunning colours and love the rain shot with the guys on the bike

  37. Espectacular!! Nice schots!

  38. kyleisnowhere1 Says:

    inspiring stuff….really

  39. Amazing pictures sir… Specially loved that one from japan. Thanks for sharing them.

  40. Very beautiful, congratulations

  41. Anonymous Says:

    great work…

  42. Purple Rain Says:

    Astounding & mesmerizing… thanks for the gift:-)

  43. Beautiful and impressive shots like always. Thank You for sharing your awesome work.

    Kind Regards.

  44. bruce allan Says:

    thank you for your reflections of the monsoon in India, It brings back strong memories of my time in India and the dancing rain viewed from by terrace. You inspire

  45. Anonymous Says:


  46. Beautiful.
    I love rainy days, but the shots are very difficult to capture. These capture so much.
    My favorite is the one of the rickshaw cyclist. They have great character.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful rain!

  48. SMITHA Says:


  49. Reblogged this on Juliane Naito | Fotografia and commented:
    Já que não para de chover nessa cidade, aí vão umas fotos incríveis do Steve McCurry com o tema chuva.

  50. great shots…….

  51. ICONIC! Love your themes and their powerful execution!

  52. The photos are all highly inspirational especially when photographers normally try to avoid shooting during rain. The master of photography has shown us that shooting during rain will result in equally beautiful captures if not better.

    Thanks for sharing.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias! Gran trabajo!

  54. grumpytyke Says:

    Everyone here (UK) complaining about the rain. These pix just show we should be praising it. Wonderful!

  55. Exceptional monsoon photos. The last one is mind blowing.


  56. Wonderful theme and surprising pictures!My favorites are the picture of the boy hidding under the hippo statue and the picture with the boy crossing a river of rain with a tea pot!:) Magical moments!

  57. Splish splash I was takin’ a bath…

  58. Gabry Says:

    Fantastiche e suggestive!
    Grazie. Di Cuore

  59. […] "CRITEO-300×250", 300, 250); 1 meneos Colección espectacular de fotos tomadas lloviendo stevemccurry.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/right-as-rain/  por arenanegra hace […]

  60. lucadambra Says:

    top class. inspiration

  61. I see the hope in their eyes

  62. The best photographs in the rain I have ever seen!

  63. swati Says:


  64. Some of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen.

  65. this makes me miss India so much…the one of the man selling chapattis in a flooded lane is my favourtie..

  66. Absolutely great images!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Mind blowing monsoon photos. The last one is exceptional.


  68. Anonymous Says:

    Mind blowing monsoon photos. The last one is exceptional.


  69. lucyray Says:


  70. A compendium of masterfully composed and brilliantly executed shots. The photographs bring out how much we are still entwined with nature; be its vagaries or its beauteous offerings. Thank you for making my day, and for giving a flavour of the season I love the most in this intolerable Chennai high summer.

  71. Brilliant photography. Inspired! Thank you for making my day.

  72. Sudhir Das Says:

    Amazing and most inspiring work

  73. Loved every drops ..

  74. Good morning Mr McCurry! As always!
    I Like the light of the Bangladesh pic, the one with people crossing the railway. Also the Tibet pic: I don´t know who looks sadder: if the monk or the cow!. The backs of Sri Lanka: I didn´t even know there were leaves so big!!
    And I LOVE the last one: Nature showing all its power, a real pagan deity above the mankind fragility!!!And still, manking struggling for its survival!! Thanks a lot!!

  75. Krishna Prasad Says:

    Awesome… Pics…

  76. Beautiful rain!

  77. arijit dey Says:

    really awesome ……………

  78. I almost feel those raindrops, smell grass and mud – amazing!!!!!

  79. Fabulosas tus fotos, unas imagenes super reales.


  80. Monika Earner Says:

    What wonderful photos, I love the one of the kids playing football in the rain

  81. carllapeirre Says:

    Masterly !!!

  82. Hussain Says:

    what a great work, AWESOME:)

  83. Anonymous Says:

    very nice work….

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Simply awesome…

  85. Lydia Kuniholm Says:

    This has to be one of my all time favorite collections! I love the way you put your collections together with the accompanying texts. As I am presently living in the midst of the desert, this collection is even more enticing.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Really beautiful photographs…

  87. You are freakin’ incredible. I would be honored to hone the skill that you have. My hat off to you my friend.

  88. Kishore Joshi Says:

    Superb monsoon photography.I am indeed delighted to see a photographs of hotel boy serving tea taken at my home town PORBANDAR INDIA.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    There is gift of vision that is imparted bu the God to you, Steve. Thank you very much.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Lovely reminder on this rainy afternoon!

  91. Simply the Master of light, color and emotion!

  92. Superb, super. Pictures to remember on a rainy day. And so right: rain is very important everywhere.

  93. Incredible shots… Thanks for sharing them, Steve.

  94. Hermosas fotografías Steve, pocas personas pueden retratar de forma tan conmovedora la realidad humana.

  95. Christina Says:

    Thank´s !

  96. Varlice Says:

    You have been blessed with this gift.
    Thanks for all these wonderful photos.
    Varlice (from Brazil)

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Superbes photos comme toujours ♥

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Wieder einmal wirklich schönes Bilder, ich mag zwei Bilder besonders gerne. Einmal das mit dem Mädchen am Zaun und dann den Jungen im Wasser mit der Teekanne in der Hand. Tolle Momente.

  99. Carlos Ferreira Says:

    And here I was complaining that it’s wet and miserable in England… your shots are mesmerising, thank you.

  100. luisa Says:

    Thank you for continuing to share your amazing work with us . always a privilage to see…

  101. Amazing how your work translates all these situations, and how expressive it is, I actually photograph every day for that one day I can perform a job that has become so important.

  102. Having experienced the monsoon on many, many occasions, I can say these images capture the individual images correctly but, with a great photographer’s eye. Wonderful.

  103. Belas imagens, excelentes textos. É um privilégio receber este post regularmente.
    Muit obrigado, Steve.


  104. “Specially loved the one with the Ducks.
    Humor always a welcome relief

  105. Your work is beyond belief.

  106. Anonymous Says:


  107. glasmannschaefer Says:

    Truely astonhishing pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  108. Sharonm Says:

    I love your work. I look at so many photographs but yours are in a class of their own. An inspiration.

  109. These are incredible pictures. I can feel the rain!

  110. Giulia Sersale Says:

    Simply stunning!

  111. As stunning as ever – thank you for continuing to share your work with us mere photographers.

  112. laura Says:

    las imagenes valen mas que mil palabras.

  113. You’ve always been my idol. Thanks for your shots always open new avenues for us humans.
    with teacher
    Giovanni Maw

  114. Beautiful images which perfectly describe the importance of the monsoon

  115. I was standing at my kitchen window, wondering if I should water my garden or wait and see if the rain would arrive yet this afternoon. I turned back to my computer and this had just arrived in an email. What beautiful images of beautiful people, in celebration of life

  116. You are an amazing photographer!

  117. vladimir Says:

    Excellent portfolio, so much power of life…

  118. Anonymous Says:

    One more proof that a master in photography doesn’t need the perfect weather to make great shots.

  119. aviatrixkim Says:

    Perhaps one of my favorite posts of yours; and I do so enjoy them all.

  120. Anonymous Says:

    One more proof that a master in photography doesn’t need the perfect weather conditions to make great shots. Very beautiful shots!

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