Going Home

Home is where one starts from. 
– T.S. Eliot

Rajasthan, India

The ache for home lives in all of us…
– Maya Angelou

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

My home is my retreat and resting place …
I try to keep this corner as a haven against the tempest outside,
as I do another corner in my soul.
– Michel de Montaigne

Cave Homes in Bamiyan, Afghanistan


He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan 

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown.
It may be frail — its roof may shake — the wind may blow through it — the storm may enter — the rain may enter —
but the King of England cannot enter! — all his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement.
-William Pitt the Elder


All language is a longing for home.
– Jalaluddin Rumi, 13th-Century Persian poet






Home is any four walls that enclose the right person.
-Helen Rowland


A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.
– Benjamin Franklin


Tihamah Plain, Yemen

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
– George Edward Moore

Refugees returning to destroyed homes, Herat, Afghanistan


There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues,
the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained. 
– Winston Churchill



 Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.
– John Howard Payne



 My home is not a place; it is people.
– Lois McMaster Bujold




Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.
– Herman Melville

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

It takes a lot of living to make a house a home

It doesn’t make any  difference how rich you get to be
How much your chairs and tables cost, how great your luxury;
It isn’t home to you though it be the palace of a king,
Until somehow your soul is wrapped round everything.
– Paraphrase of Edgar Guest poem, Home

Upcoming Exhibitions
Plazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy – Opens October 17, 2012

Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, California, United States – November 15, 2012
 Kunstmuseum-Wolfsburg, Germany – January 19, 2013
Kunsthalle Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland – June 1, 2013

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  1. […] Going Home Home is where one starts from. – T.S. Eliot Rajasthan, India The ache for home lives in all of us… – Maya Angelou […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a wonderful Images these are!
    Awesome presentation, Very good blog post.

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  4. pictures from Afghanistan…they are fantastic.

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  6. I always looking forwards this page , this is a great work. please keep coming others .I am from Nepal.

  7. Beautiful photography. So moving.

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    Абсолютно неймовірні фотографії.

  9. Dr Jas Saini Says:

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    A collection of photos that touch the soul; at once warmly inviting you into the homes of our brothers and sisters around the world, while reminding us of the fragility of human existence. “Going home” takes a “looking glass” approach to highlight the mix of frailties and simple pleasures that define our existence, and places us in a loving and empathetic partnership with the world’s people. Simply brilliant!

  10. stefanocontiphotography Says:

    I really love ALL of your photos!! Greetings from italy

  11. beautiful i am lookinfor a new house a house which i can turn into a home

  12. skli65300 Says:

    The COLOR just grabs you immediately. To see beautiful & thoughtful photos of places I’ll never go is a treat for a poor, old lady. Thank you for the early ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.

  13. Sometimes I really wonder that how can a person who seen horror of wars, still understand feel of persons suffering and portray it…

  14. I just moved into a new house. I made it my home. I understand that but you have been welcome to so many, so extreme and colorful, crafty and poised yet you manage to capture the spirit of the people as well as part of their
    Keep the world informed you are truely gifted
    thank you

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for a marvelous post!

  16. really nice shoot and word. Love it😀

  17. Breathtaking, heartwarming, heart-wrenching photos!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

  18. Thank you for this.

  19. The truth. In pictures. Thank you.

  20. Osvaldo Rene Braida Says:

    Thank you!! Beautiful pictures!!!

  21. Really beautiful pictures. A strong sense of how home is created by people, not things.

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    An absolutely wonderful collection of breathtaking photos…”Going Home”. So beautiful, we had to share.

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    Wow! So inspiring and such impact on one’s own dwelling. Fantastic.

  24. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  25. Thanks for the photos. Yes, home is where you make it….I guess the message is to remind richer folks (like ourselves) where home can be…beyond our own experience.

    From a daughter of immigrant Canadian parents of 6 children, growing up in a 1 bedroom apt. in southern Ontario, 1960’s.

  26. Wonderful…captivating images and inspiring words. Need more blogs like these.

  27. Brilliant Photography! Thanks Steve!

  28. […]  Going Home « Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  29. […] Going Home « Steve McCurry’s Blog […]

  30. Cassie Zheng Says:

    Home sweet home…I can’t resist sharing this on FB!

  31. Hello,

    Oh My God……… These Pictures are telling me every thing they have.
    Cant say any thing any more my words worth are less in front of these GIANT Images.

    You are most welcome to visit my blog http://www.kazeyez.wordpress.com



  32. Thank you so much! It opened my mind and my heart.

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  34. Chaotiqual Says:

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  35. […] McCurry photographs the concept of home . . […]

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  37. Dear Mr McCurry…I have been off for some days…And then, when I have internet again, here your post is!!!!
    I do not have words this time….It is SO wonderful!!! Pictures are GREAT!!!!
    And the quotes…Are right…I remember when I first met C…I was coming back from Georgia and Palestine, and thinking about going to Tanzania…And then I met him…And one day he gave me a hug…And I realized I had found my home!!! And since then, I have stayed there…Now I do not mind where we are….
    Thanks a lot for sharing your eye and your wisdom with us…Because only a wise person can develop such a wonderful work…

  38. Wow. Captivating, beautiful and heartwarming.:)

  39. Amazing captions!

  40. Gert-Jan Heesbeen Says:

    Reblogged this on GJ Heesbeen.

  41. DomeniiNebunie Says:

    Stunning. Beautiful. Thank you!

  42. Your photos speak volumes for cultural diversity. I’ve always said that there are three things that unite people and communities wherever they are in the world: all children play, everyone dreams of another place, but home is where the heart is. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images.

  43. Very colorful pics, so many amazing places have been shown in this post. nice work😀
    Thanks for sharing. Keep posting more

  44. Amazinlgy beautiful. and so very jealous that youve traveled the world, and got to visit so many peoples homes, and that you captured their home beautifully. thank you for sharing. very inspiring, love the colors, and life you got to see, did you get to live in these peoples homes for a little while? or just an outsider looking in? amazing pictures!

  45. Fascinating. I love learning about how other people live. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  46. it left me jealous…what you have experienced in each and every one of those photographs. thanks for sharing even a taste of people’s reality from all over the globe.

  47. What an amazing series! Your photographs capture such a depth of emotion. Beautiful work.

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    This is the first time I’ve reblogged a post. Steve McCurry’s work is incredible and I’ve been a big fan for some time now. His photos are so inspiring, powerful and captivating…I just had to share:)

  49. Stunning! All your photos are absolutely stunning. I especially liked the Brazil and the cave homes. You can see so many different emotions by the faces you’ve captured.

  50. Stunning photographs. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  51. So much happiness on these faces and so much beauty inspite of the conditions someone could call poor! Thank you bringing it to us!

  52. WOW!!! Such amazing and inspiring photography, and the photographs are given so much meaning with the quotes!
    This is by far one of my favorite blog posts that I’ve seen on wordpress!

  53. mysweatyshirt Says:

    Reblogged this on MySweatyShirt Always Sweat and commented:
    Thousand words for this, thousand thoughts in mind.

  54. […] About an hour ago, I was roaming around cyberworld. Clicking from one blog to another. Reading stories, being touched. Until I saw it. That blog. I was awestuck by that post’s title: ‘Going Home‘. […]

  55. wow.wow.WOW! I’ve wondered if there was photography out there that could move me anymore. I haven’t seen anything that has in years-until now. Thanks for sharing.

  56. i am deeply moved by your photos.. even without words, they do tell a lot of stories.. love your post.

  57. If I had to choose, myself over your blog, I’d probably love your blog more. I have never found peace more that I did in what I just seen or read. I am awestuck beyond words.

  58. Nice pics! I’m from the Philippines. No matter how small and dilapidated a home is, it is still a home for it is where one finds comfort.

  59. I used to complain about my room..

  60. Unbelievable images, would be the best photo essay I have ever seen. Magic!!!
    Cheers Callie

  61. Your photos are outstanding and show us another side of life!

  62. I love the very first picture with the blue walls. Stunning. After looking at these pictures, I’m ready to get my suitcase and just go somewhere.

  63. Those are some of the most incredible photos I’ve ever seen. Stunning!

  64. Seen a different world through your eyes. Thank you. Loved it.

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    I just had to reblog, I love Steve’s photos!

  67. Home is the touchstone for each of us! Thank you for sharing your images. They are breathtaking and humbling at the same time.

  68. Tourism Oxford Says:

    Wow! These are great shots!

  69. Phenomenal. Thank you for sharing.

  70. Obviously an artist with heart and soul. Your images brought out the magnificent spirit in all of your subjects. Well done!

  71. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos and words.

  72. I really like your blog and would love you to feature on mine, http://www.5thingstodotoday.com. All you have to do is write five suggestions along with a link back to your site. Please check out the blog and see the sort of things people have written about. Please consider following me on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/5thingstodotoday

  73. You’ve just proved that a thousand words can be masterfully conveyed through any means…
    Brilliant. Beautiful.
    Congrats on your Freshly Pressed, its well deserved!😀

    Check mine too and honour me?

  74. wow! you traveled so far away to capture ‘homes’ around the world? magnificent jobs, very touching indeed!

  75. Absolutely stunning shots, thank you so much for sharing.

  76. You have a remarkable talent of bringing the soul of the world to light. Looking forward to future posts.

  77. Extraordinary post! One of the most unique and compelling pictorial presentations I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience! Your photographs are stunning! Thank you for the wonderful quotes and for opening my mind to what others all across the globe….call home. xoxo

  78. Wow, beautiful and beautiful images. Very well done! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  79. […] come sempre,  sono tutte bellissime. Le trovate  QUI Share this:TwitterStampaFacebookEmailLike this:Mi piaceBe the first to like this. Questa voce è […]

  80. So colorful, yet so full of misery somehow…

  81. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing Mr McCurry. I am truly inspired.

  82. Home sweet home.

  83. Reblogged this on and commented:

  84. Stunning photos. Inspirational words. Incredibly moving.

  85. Azhar Ali Says:

    Excellent. Excellent.

  86. Thank you for taking me out my little world.

  87. Great Post… I’m currently living away from home so I know the importance of home.

  88. LOL ! the man in the Tibet (4th from top) looked like Sylvester Stallone at first glance. :p
    Great pictures by the way, very colorful.

  89. justjabari Says:

    What a gift you have! These pictures are timeless…thank you so much for sharing

  90. Reblogged this on Photos and thoughts from my journey and commented:
    From Steve McCurry’s blog. The best photography blog I’ve seen.

  91. What wonderful images, profound words, a magnificent blog.

  92. Being born in one country, raised in another, educated in third, fourth, I’ve always tried to define what’s home for me. All of the definitions in the quotes are true. As for me, home is a place where I put down my backpack and take a rest, simply any corner of the world. Don’t know if that’s how it should be. I came to understand that no matter where you are and who’s around you at that exact moment, if you open your heart, everywhere you go, you’ll be at home.

    p.s. thank you. beautiful photographs.

  93. Your blog is perhaps the most beautiful photoblog I’ve seen. You have some very, very powerful images. That photograph from Uganda will always haunt me – if you have any background information on your photos, do share, and that will do viewers and readers a world of good. All the best.

  94. Stunning photography that leaves me speechless.

  95. Love love LOVE these pictures!! So beautiful. I want to know the story of each of these homes!

  96. Truly utterly amazing.. your photo’s are amazing.. I am inspired, motivated and jealous…

  97. That shot of Herat should go viral … :)

  98. Beautiful!!! Thank you!
    Home is where we started from, and where we finally will return… and what’s in between, is the journey of life:)

  99. Afghanistan pictures are amazingly magnetic to me. It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time…

  100. I loved the photograph of the woman in Tibet. Made me strangely homesick for the region and wanting to go back.
    best, e.v.

  101. These are absolutely stunning, breathless, beautiful. I just soaked in every picture and felt a twinge of jealousy that my photos will never be this good. You are a true talent and I hope you’re seeking payment for these.

    I’m going to India in January and will try my best to live up to your standard. Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  102. Truly amazing photos, and revealing quotes. Nice work.

  103. Captivatingly beautiful photoblog. You have such a gift. Congrats on being FP!

  104. Took my breath away.


  105. AMAZING photos! Oh I just love these!!! Stunning!

  106. Loved every picture, thank you for sharing!

  107. Christine Ghobrial Says:

    FREAKING beautiful in the paradox of their display.. Byooootifullll!!!!

  108. Thank you. This blog is utterly beautiful.

  109. wonderful! beautiful! gorgeous! I’m speechless…

  110. Fascinating photography and words, I truly enjoyed! Amazing! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  111. These were amazing Photos and I guess they kinda brought out a feeling in me I need to process a bit more because I got all teary looking at them. Wonderful photos!

  112. Impressive! Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

  113. These are beautiful words and images. Did you find home, if you were looking for it?

  114. can’t say more,its absolutely beautiful..

  115. Incredibly exquisite!

  116. Fantastic pics & quotes.. I honestly appreciate ur effort.. Thanks for sharing wid us

  117. Fantastic pics & quotes… Thanks for sharing with us..

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    Photos that inspire simplicity

  119. incredible images – so inspiring to live a more simple life. your photos have captured so much of the world. did you use a special photo program or app to highlight colors?

  120. did you take all of these? they’re gorgeous. people are so beautiful. i am completely jealous of how traveled you are. what do you do, that allows you to go to all of these places? do you work there?

  121. Unbelievably amazing! Just got me spellbound. Reminding me of Robert Frost: “Home is the place, where you have to go..they have to take you in”

  122. This is undoubtedly THE best post on a blog I have seen. What a wonderful experience for the viewer/reader:) Great pictures too!

  123. Fantastic and awesome! I am so impressed! Those photos look so real! How did you managed to capture all of those? Really, I am so amazed! Thanks for sharing..and very well deserved to be on Freshly Pressed!

  124. Reblogged this on leolaadurant and commented:
    Living in simplicity.

  125. You spoke a thousand words through your photography.

  126. Those picture are so REAL and so LIVELY~~~ LIKE!!

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  128. These photos made me want to visit these places and meet these people.:)

  129. Reblogged this on Danny's Conscientious Mixed Bag and commented:
    Truly beautiful pictures of worldwide homes!

  130. These photos tell such a wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

  131. Heartwarming pictures and the quotes fit beautifully in there!

  132. wow this was so touching

  133. Karunakaran.V. Says:

    The photos reveal our ” GROSS NEGLIGENCE ” to take care of our fellow humans in their living standards.The author has the ” ANGEL EYES ” to try to capture the ” CRYING VOICES ” of the voiceless people of the World through his iconic and dramatic photos.

    A noble task indeed.


  134. Puts life into perspective and what do you really need to survive?

  135. Awesome pictures about home. Did you really go to all these homes? What an adventure! How long is your exhibit in LA?

  136. SO beautiful and moving. Shared your Winston Churchill quote with my son. This is a beautiful reflection of values.

  137. These pictures were so moving. A part of me has changed…

  138. Fantastic pics. I would likto know what camera you use?

  139. My students are from an affluent or middle-class backgrounds so they have little or no idea of what poverty is like. These pictures should be an eye-opener for them, Thanks!

  140. Reblogged this on Treasured Trifles and Trifled Treasures and commented:
    Home is where the heart is…no riches and luxuries can ever replace the comfort and peace of mind one finds at home…

  141. Thanks Steve. Your pictures are a reminder for me of going home.

  142. Almost every picture stirred my soul. All that our body needs is a free gift from Nature.All other “needs” are man-made and unnecessary.

  143. beautiful and touching photography, nice work!

  144. Thank you ! What a wonderful reminder of how much we are connected.

  145. Damn. Freaking great shots and great post. Thank you for sharing!

  146. free penny press Says:

    Stunning post.. so beautiful. thank you for sharing with us all a glimpse of our world!

  147. We all live at homes, and yet each of our home is so different…
    Wonderful set of photographs…

  148. […] Angelou Omo Valley, Ethiopia My home is my retreat and resting place … I try t…See on stevemccurry.wordpress.com Share This Page: This entry was posted in News by troletti. Bookmark the permalink. Cancel […]

  149. […] Home is where one starts from.  – T.S. Eliot Rajasthan, India The ache for home lives in all of us… – Maya Angelou Omo Valley, Ethiopia My home is my retreat and resting place … I try t…  […]

  150. I have a question:
    Most of the places you’ve been are poor countries, where people suffer. I know poverty can be perceived in different ways, but how to be not heartbroken seeing them ?
    I live in a place where heavy poverty is still running, and it’s so hard to face…

  151. Very beautiful images accompanied by quotes full of wisdom from a man who has dedicated his life to serve those hapless human beings yet to be discovered even by the humanitarian workers of the UN. In lieu of turning his camera to magnificeint palaces or mansion to capture their elegance, his camera focussed on huts and dialpidated home inhabited by our fellow human beings living in wreched conditions. There lies his uniqueness in this world of pomp and pleasures. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and prayers.

  152. Teng Chieh Says:

    Oh my God, I really love your pictures! Thank you for your vision.

  153. Me encantó los bellos colores , los rostros de las personas y los pensamientos .Uno puede estar muy ajusto en algún lugar ,o de viaje pero uno quiere regresar a su espacio a su hogar.

  154. Beautiful photos! And beautiful quotes! Thank you for sharing.

  155. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for these amazingly beautiful images… Breathtaking….have to share

  156. Silvio PADULA Says:

    …I wish would stay with Them, in their home!

  157. Dear Steve – normally I’m satisfied with the poetic captions that accompany your photos. But this collection left me yearning to know about the people, places and situations in which you photographed. What are their stories? It’s so clear that every place holds a tale. What is it about the idea of home that draws us so deeply into every one of these?


  158. Bellisimas imagenes, gracias por tanta magia y poesia

  159. Muchas gracias por tanta belleza y poesia!

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Home is different from homes

  161. Reblogged this on Hands and Language and commented:
    Steve McCurry’s blog sends my heart aching for home.

  162. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful with pathos…

  163. Beautiful & moving images that leave me inspires. Thanks for sharing.

  164. Beautiful and touching work. I’ll be anxious to see more of the work you did with my friend John Rowe on Oma child.

  165. […] Mr. McCurry übers Reisen- zu Hause-sein. Gefällt mir:Gefällt mirSei der Erste dem dies gefällt. Veröffentlicht: Oktober 12, 2012 Einsortiert unter: Photography, Travelling […]

  166. Ilmana Fasih Says:

    Breathtaking pictures. I wish I was the lens of this camera. :p

  167. Anonymous Says:

    Breathtaking and hearthbreaking images from amazing places, so beautifully described.
    Unique and disappearing cultures, captured here for eternity.

  168. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias, muchas gracias por tanta belleza y poesia

  169. m a r a v i l h o s o

  170. Fantastic photographic work as you used to offer us.
    Thank you Steve
    Best regards

  171. nina07blog Says:

    The first thing i did today ? I had a look in your blog. It’s a great way to start a new day . I deeply recommend it! Cheers.

  172. rich rewards to my eyes and heart.

  173. maggie dunlop Says:

    Love your blog.Amazing photography. Wonderful quotes. Thank you,maggie Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 20:20:07 +0000 To: maggiedunlop8@hotmail.com

  174. ahmet sen Says:

    thank you,Absolutely great works…

  175. François Says:

    as usual, your photos are very nice !!! every 2 weeks I like to receive your email …

  176. Provides beauty for the eyes and food for the mind. Real good!:)

  177. I always get lost in your shoots……thank you

  178. Beautiful photos and beautiful quotes. A superb post once again.

  179. Very good Steve; a lovely match of words and photographs. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your Fiji shoot.

  180. Precious and profound. Thank you for sharing your experiences!:)

  181. so inspired by your images…thank you..

  182. Purple Rain Says:

    Home sweet home .. The place we all find solace .. Bful pictures .. Iv been following ur blog for sometime now and all pics are really amazing ..

  183. a beautiful series, no better way to start the day!

  184. George Bristow Says:

    As I sit in my hotel room far from home,i realize its not the deco that that makes the home,its the soul.thanks for the soulful pictures.

  185. I am becoming a good photographer, one day I will be a great one. But in this moment I need inspiration, something that make me keep going, I can’t say that you are my inspiration because it’s a lie, but I can say that all the people, stories, places that you blog are part of my inspiration. Because it made me be a good photographer and becoming a great one to able to go around the world and see, met and be in places I just can imagine right now.

    That’s we I thank you to show me my inspiration to be a great photojournalism

  186. My home is your castle, but my castle is notbyour home! They keep still a smile on their face, which some of us has already lost in our castles!
    Well done Steve!
    Regards Sophie

  187. ibrouwer@q.com Says:

    Thank you so much Steve for being so generous in sharing these beautiful

    touching pictures,  sayings and poems.  They touch my heart.  I am very

    grateful to rec eive your blog.

    Inge Brouwer,

    Eugene, Oregon



  188. I so look forward to every one of your posts. Each is completely extraordinary. The glimpse you give us into other worlds is something precious.

  189. Don’t we all wish for a home of our own ?
    Great pictures again, each of them by itself, and in this collection as a whole.

  190. Your photo’s captivate me and at the same time, light a fire, deep within my soul. I needed this today, I needed it quite a bit and I thank you for it.


  191. Am enjoying so much in your photos …

  192. Belíssimas fotos, como sempre !

  193. Belíssimas fotos, como sempre!!!

  194. What extraordinary, beautiful images. Even the colors are stunning,. And you makes the world seem bigger again. I owe you for that. Thank you. The pictures of the refugees returning homes to the ruins are heartbreaking. I thought it was some ancient heritage site, until I read the caption. Love the pictures from Mali & Mauritania too. I already wanted to go. Hope to one day soon. The picture of the blonde child in Kashmir is extraordinary, surprising, to me at least. Are there many blonde haired people there? Anyway, thank you.

  195. Absolutely Brilliant!

  196. ALBERT WAGNER Says:

    great piece of work,again!

  197. I’m siting in a comfy chair, with my two dogs by my side. As I look around, I appreciate my humble home. Thank you so much for these wonderful photos and words. They really are inspiring. Your work is beautiful.

  198. your photos always make me smile and realize how lucky I am to live where I do.

  199. Ed Weiner Says:

    The photography is amazing and the subject matter is an awakening. Keep up the good work.

  200. I love your blog and look forward to each new post.

  201. A stunning collection of images as always. You have succeeded yet again in raising the humblest to the status of kings. It is always a tremendous pleasure and inspiration to look at your work.

  202. rafael10031 Says:

    Beautifull . Thank yyou

  203. Thank you so much for open my eyes, again…

  204. Anonymous Says:

    I always look forward to these, please keep them coming.

  205. The little woman from Tanzania stole my heart! She is surely treasured in her community!
    As always, your post enriched my day. Thank you, Z

  206. Thank you, once more pictures and words bring peace and joy to me.

  207. Anonymous Says:

    thank you

  208. Beautiful. Beyond words.

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