2013 Pirelli Calendar – The Cal™

Being selected to shoot the 2013 Pirelli Calendar was a great honor, and the
beauty of Rio made it
the perfect backdrop.


I wanted to photograph a mix of everyday people combined with a very special group of women
known not only for their talent and beauty, but also for their charitable work and
contributions to
their communities.


Rio’s varied landscapes of ocean, mountains and jungle, combined with a dynamic urban
culture, made it a wonderful location to shoot  the calendar.

BRAZIL-10059 Adriana Lima
Adriana is currently working with Bill Clinton’s global initiative in Haiti.
The aim of the Clinton initiative is to help support and develop
the local Haitian economy.

Behind the scenes Pirelli The Cal 2013 by Steve Mc CurryIsabelli Fontana
Isabeli is currently the Brazilian Ambassador for an organization
that works in collaboration with Save the Children.


Summer  Rayne  Oakes
A true ‘eco-optimist’, her environmental activism has been widely acknowledged and honored by
Vanity Fair, CnBC, outside magazine and many others.

BRAZIL-10079Sonia Braga
Sonia Braga is a tireless advocate of childrens’ rights, especially their rights to a
proper education.


Rio’s people are every bit as amazing as the spectacular landscapes; I was inspired by their
hospitality, warmth and generosity.


I enjoy photographing wall art all over the world; the spirit of Rio came alive through the images and words on the walls.


Sophia Loren


133 Responses to “2013 Pirelli Calendar – The Cal™”

  1. […] de Janeiro. Al seu blog McCurry ha penjat més fotografies de les que va fer pel calendari, aquesta entrada té més de 400 interaccions entre comentaris i ‘likes’. El mateix any 2010 […]

  2. Thomas Haell Says:

    I can never stop watching the video and the photos. I was ten days in Rio summer 2014, and I just love that city!

  3. […] On the Super Stage I only had time to see Steve McCurry’s talk, but I was so glad I did as it was an incredible insight into his work and an emphatic career. A very modest and understated man I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with him at the Hasselblad stand along with Tim Paton from Magnum Photo Agency. Having followed Steve McCurry’s work since I was a teenager, it was incredible to finally meet him. Much of his work has inspired me through the years of my own career. Although Steve has been predominantly a Nikon user for his photojournalistic work he also uses a Hasselblad for some of his commercial projects and it was a pleasure to talk to him about my experiences with Hasselblad and the new CMOS version camera. Steve McCurry’s recent  shoot for the Pirelli Calendar is testament to what an incredibly talented and versatile photographer he is. If you haven’t seen Steve’s shoot for the Pirelli calendar then check these links out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTJqU36mRSM https://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/2012/12/06/2013-pirelli-calendar-the-cal/ […]

  4. amazing photos
    عرب كول مدير موقع

  5. zahir khan Says:

    excellent photography.

  6. Jasvinder Singh Singh Says:

    Great pictures Steve Sir

  7. […] (zobacz u nas) – Sharbat Gula – HISTORIA JEDNEJ FOGOTRAFII z Afganistanu (zobacz u nas) – 2013 Pirelli Calendar – The Cal™ STEVE McCURRY’s BLOG z Buenos Aires (zobacz u nas) – Podróże to prawdziwy lajfstajl – […]

  8. liliana neyra tijero Says:

    steve gracias por compartir estas maravillas, realmente son magnificas

  9. Great work. Congrats..

  10. Reblogged this on 42deep and commented:
    Un fotógrafo que no puedes dejar de ver….

  11. hayranlıkla izliyorum

  12. Sir…. ! i lov those photos……

  13. Unusual but effective..The God, lives up to his reputation…

  14. Steve I found these work is slightly different from your traditional work. Like it very much ! Really some great work from you !

  15. Hi Steve, posting my 3rd comment on this post… can we have more on Pirelli please …:)

  16. my respect for Steve has increased a lot after seeing such model shoots for Pireli as there is always an X factor is his photographs that I can find. I want to learn lot of things from Steve if he permits me as I am very passionate about my photography and like very much straight photography.

  17. Peter Michael Dedes Says:

    Touching, moving and inspiring works!

  18. wow great works wishes….

  19. Thanks a lot this put up, it is seriously terrific!

  20. Amazing… Amazing photos…

  21. Grande Steve, sei sempre il migliore , grazie per le emozioni che ci regali.

  22. Impressive body of work Steve! Bravo!

  23. Hi Steve, I have always counted you as an influence on my photography. I hope I could at some point fulfil a dream to become a travel photography, as I see other countries culture as if through the eyes of a child new to the world. Your images especially of Buddhist culture really inspire me. I find the rich colours and tones spellbinding. If only Kodachrome was still processable.

  24. I am green.. I thought the Pirelli calendar was made of women posing half naked. Is this the new format?

  25. Great pics, love them😀

  26. I applaud you for highlighting those working to make a difference.

  27. Reblogged this on Caixa Negra and commented:
    Como já aqui referi várias vezes, sou um incondicional admirador do grande Steve McCurry, um génio da fotografia.

    Tenho o grato prazer de conhecer Steve pessoalmente e tive o privilégio de o acompanhar numa viagem/ workshop fotográfico no Rajastão.

    Pois a Pirelli

  28. outstanding pictures sir… hats off to u:)
    love your work.


  29. Words cannot describe the beauty you capture.

  30. João D'Oliveira Says:

    One word: Beautiful.

  31. Stunning, stunning, and just stunning!

  32. I love your photos. They are so expressive and artistic. The subjects speak as much as the beautiful photography. Found you on a recent WordPress blog email. So glad I took time to look at your blog.

  33. […] Being selected to shoot the 2013 Pirelli Calendar was a great honor, and the beauty of Rio made it the perfect backdrop. I wanted to photograph a mix of everyday people combined with a very special…  […]

  34. a.m.faruqui Says:

    very nice sir
    the hindu,bhopal

  35. I think everything i feel , is already said about your lovely photos !
    Thank you, for sharing them with us !
    // Maria

  36. subir roy Says:

    Simply great Steve

  37. Semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSO !

  38. David Fenner Says:

    I also saw this thru your Facebook link. I particularly like the chili seller image, I assume she’s not a model or celeb?

    Your work inspires me & many other, thank you . . .

    . . . DF

  39. Jeannie Soupidis Hill Says:

    Absolutely LOVE it. Well done.

  40. Toujours de très belles images.
    Merci Mr Mac Curry.

  41. […] images du calendrier son à découvrir sur le blog de Mc Curry. A ne pas manquer […]

  42. […] den Pirelli-Kalender 2013 wurde viel diskutiert. Die Bilder zeigen die Brasilianische Stadt Rio. Was immer man sich von einem […]

  43. You have a really amazing blog! As an amateur, I really look up to these kind of pictures:)

  44. Congratulations! Very Nice!

  45. Every time, I see your work I feel goose bumps. Now this time, when you have captures beauty amongst one of the most exotic locations, it inspires me to do something with my city, Kolkata. Sir, you inspire me when I walk, when I think, sleep or even when I dream.

    Deep Sengupta
    an associate professor, Kolkata

  46. Hi Steve – I have seen so many pictures of Rio but never seen this way – maravilhoso…..
    hope to see you soon

  47. I am a weaver who is deeply inspired by the beauty of your work. Thank you for sharing.


  48. Anna Maria Says:

    Wonderful work…

  49. Anna Maria Says:

    Simply wonderful…!!! Like all your works…!!! THE GREAT…!!! (((<3)))

  50. These photos are so rich with warmth and color. Your photography brings everything to life – so vibrant. And the women – SO beautiful. Your work amazes me. You capture the beauty everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Wish I could see all the pictures you took while here (Rio). Hope you enjoyed ! Thank you very much Steve.

  52. yusufzdmr Says:

    great works

  53. Hi steve, Iam a brazilian and thanks for your pictures of my Brazil.

    do you speak some portugues??


  54. Got to this through your facebook link. Your work is always awesome! My idol!

  55. Alexis Madison Says:

    Reblogged this on Petrichor and commented:
    I know absolutely nothing about photography or cameras or angles, etc., but I do know an intriguing picture when I see one and Steve McCurry never ceases to amaze me.

  56. Núria Verdaguer Says:

    Emotive and beautiful photos.. An impeccable work, how ever!!!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Steve. Semplicemente il TOP.

  58. needless to repeat again yr photos r great! What I respect so much here is the way u channelled your talent for the pirelli project!

  59. Rossella Says:

    I like all photos…

  60. Reblogged this on Outside the Margin and commented:
    McCurry’s Pirelli!

  61. dirtylittlerunnergirl Says:

    Reblogged this on dirtylittlerunnergirl and commented:
    Beautiful work.

  62. It really is wonderful way to welcome ‘New Year’.Happy & refreshing New Year to all of you. ………..

  63. amazing work! you inspire!

  64. I can understand why you’d be selected for this. All the photos are beautiful, my favorite is the first one.

  65. icittadiniprimaditutto Says:

    Reblogged this on i cittadini prima di tutto.

  66. Sajid Aboobaker Says:

    A different cocept all together. Real treat to eyes as usual.

  67. Palash lalit Says:

    Bravo! I will never tire of seeing the images you create!

  68. So beautiful, I LOVE the portrait of Sonia Braga. Super fun to see you shoot in the behind the scenes video. I want to go to Brazil!

  69. I MUST HAVE THIS CAL!!!!!!!

  70. Beautiful Images!!! As always you are very inspiring!!!

  71. Brilliant yet again.

  72. wow! your first shot moved me to tears! it remembers me Orpheo Negro. thank you:-)

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Simply beautiful… I have to get a copy!

  74. Piero Roncarolo Says:

    Bellissimi ritratti. Steve sei il MIGLIORE.

  75. As usual, great work and a bit diferent…

  76. Reblogged this on Trentamila Piedi sopra lo Stivale and commented:
    Un calendario meraviglioso

  77. Steve, gracias por compartir estos maravillosos trabajos. Estoy facinado por tu arte. Saludos desde Argentina!!

  78. advocacine Says:

    Inspiring and wonderful photos! Loved the way you use space!

  79. “Certas canções que ouço
    Cabem tão dentro de mim
    Que perguntar carece
    Como não fui eu que fiz?

    Certa emoção me alcança
    Corta-me a alma sem dor
    Certas canções me chegam
    Como se fosse o amor”

  80. Pirelli calender never looked this good- EVER. Fantastic work Steve, Glad they chose you for this- “justified” – Subodh Shetty

  81. Roger Heynze Says:

    !!!!! Congratulations !!!!! Steve, thank you for the wonderful pictures and for sharing with us. I admire your work tremendously, and i’am so inspired by your amazing photography. No wonder your works have been appreciated all over the world. Greeting and thank you again. A great admirer of you. Roger – Zelzate – Belgium

  82. |You truly revolutionized it

  83. Every picture has its own story.

  84. Fantastic Steve!!

  85. Stunning photos, as always! Love your tribute to the beautiful and philanthropic women of Rio!

  86. Sensational style!

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Serene composure

  88. 好靚靚!Beauty

  89. Simply Awesome!:)

  90. Great as always!!

  91. Hello Steve,

    Congratulations for this beautiful Pirrelli calendar. You are the best. I just love your style of work and it inspires me everyday. Thank you for sharing your wirk.


  92. Hi! Am so glad that you chose subjects far removed from the glamorous models that so many others choose to portray. The first picture (landscape) is almost unreal – stunning capture. You don’t need us to tell you that your photos are good but, you manage to get our admiration each time.

  93. dear Lord!!!
    super impressive……….

  94. Fantastic work !!

  95. Amazing work as always Steve…

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Inspiring as always.

  97. Incredible mix of subjects and a bit different than some of your other posts. Love this and admire your work tremendously. Thank you!

  98. Hello,

    From Portugal, receive my compliments.

    I admire your work. Some days ago I talked about you in my blog:


    Congratulations for your excellent work.

    Good luck and be happy.

  99. Rodolfo Sada Says:

    Gracias Steve, por ser guía para tantos y tantos jóvenes fotógrafos.
    …Y para mi también.

  100. I am so inspired by your amazing photography. I love ALL your photos, but in this batch I especially love the girl with the chili peppers and the landscape of Rio.

  101. Wonderful ! Thank you so much Steve for sharing your great job !

  102. I’m in love with your work! Amazing colors!

  103. This is awesome! Congratulations! And thanks for the pleasure and joy your photos bring to the viewers.

  104. Your first image would prompt anyone to start pricing tickets to rio! it’s beyond magical!
    as always, thanks!

  105. The Adrianna Lima: femininity magna cum laude!

  106. At last!
    O Brasil é um belo país, apesar do que andam tentando fazer com ele nos últimos anos. Seu povo não é diferente de oturos povos, mas é o meu povo.
    Thank you.

  107. What a joyful photo of Sonia Braga – magnificent and inspirational both for the photography and her inner beauty that positively shines through. Many thanks for sharing.

  108. No wonder your works have been appreciated all over the world.:)

  109. beautiful rio:)

  110. Reblogged this on Rdeča Veverica and commented:
    Božansko! Definitivno en izmed fotografov, ki ga najbolj občudujem.

  111. Reblogged this on Rdeča Veverica and commented:
    Božansko! Definitivno en izmed fotografov, ki ga najbolj občudujem.

  112. Wonderful pictures! Love the warmth and culture captured here!

  113. Gorgeous photos! Love love love your work!!

  114. Wow, congrats on being picked to shoot the Pirelli! These are excellent shots, you’ve captured not just your subject’s beauty but also the nature of Rio itself. Fantastic work.

  115. lucas molianri Says:

    steve ,thank you for you art !beautiful as always

  116. Thank you Steve for these amazing photographs. It’s kind of strange for me to write how good you are.You are known all over the world.I feel If I don’t write it ,somehow it is not enough. You may inwardly chuckle and say,’oh yeah as if I needed you to say that. ‘But accept these sincere words from someone who admires your work.
    Thank you again.

  117. O Mestre no Rio !
    Very Nice !

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