Sunrise Sunset

There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free.
Don’t miss so many of them.

–  Jo Walton






Sunrise and Sunset
I’ll tell you how the sun rose,
A ribbon at a time.

The steeples swam in amethyst,
The news like squirrels ran.
 The hills untied their bonnets,
The bobolinks begun.
Then I said softly to myself,
That must have been the sun!”
But how he set, I know not.
There seemed a purple stile
Which little yellow boys and girls
Were climbing all the while
 Till when they reached the other side,
A dominie in gray
Put gently up the evening bars,
And led the flock away.
– Emily Dickinson



We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.



Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over
tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the
color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgandy red,
the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”
– Jack Kerouac, On the Road



Happiness is the light on the water. The water is cold and dark and deep.
–  William Maxwell






From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and
makes us aware that we are nothing,  but the light is all.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson



How sweet the morning air is!
See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo.
How small we feel with our petty ambitions and strivings in the presence of the great elemental forces of nature.
– Arthur Conan Doyle



The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


New York, United States

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship of the creator.

– Mahatma Gandhi


Mumbai, India

Moonlight is sculpture.
– Nathaniel Hawthorne



There is nothing more musical than a sunset.
– Claude Debussy

A_4488545; Thailand; 01/2010, THAILAND-10097NF






There is only one day left, always starting over:
it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.
– Jean-Paul Sartre












Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.
– George Washington Carver


Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan










All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.
– Hāfez, 12th century Persian poet and mystic



Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence.
Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.
–  Leonora Carrington



If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years,
how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the
remembrance of the city of God which had been shown!
But every night come out these envoys of beauty,
and light the universe with their admonishing smile.
–  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature and Selected Essays



Twitter: @McCurryStudios





South Africa





151 Responses to “Sunrise Sunset”

  1. Reblogged this on Simona Prilogan and commented:
    All this time
    The Sun never says to the Earth,
    “You owe me.”
    What happens
    With a love like that,
    It lights the whole sky.
    – Hāfez, 12th century Persian poet and mystic

    Amazing photos! Thanks Steve for sharing!

  2. What city were you in, in Italy in the 4th picture from the top?

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  4. You have some truly beautiful images here. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. Rahul Singh Says:

    I LIKE YOUR CLICKS, its amaizing ,,, photography is my hobby

  6. What a joy it is to open your posts. I could follow them from my ‘photo blog’ just for the pictures, which are breathtaking, but as a bit of a wordsmith I wait for the words you find to put with each one – which make me almost lost for words, but I had to find some just to register my appreciation.

  7. These are fantastic shots. I am particularly fond of the one from Burma.

  8. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos and beautiful writings with all of us.

  9. танки онлайн Says:

    Great post.

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  11. Just awesome. Thank you.

  12. aceofjack Says:

    Great work of art. We’re learning a lot from you. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for taking me with you.

  14. A perfect combination of sunrise images so looking nice.
    thank for sharing.

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  16. I saw your exhibit in LA this past weekend….I am now your #1 fan😉

  17. wow!

  18. sir,,,,,, you are a shooter

  19. bohat Ala Sir…….

  20. gambar bercerita😀 keren,semoga bisa ke sana

  21. It’s amazing!!enjoying all the scenes as we were at that place.Nice work!!..;-)

  22. heckelberry Says:

    Reblogged this on heckelberry.

  23. Simply beautiful…

  24. Erco Travels Says:

    Amazing pics.

  25. Wow iam in Love with your images!!!

  26. Hi Steve,

    Your photos and selected captions are always awe inspiring! I know you have received numerous awards, however, I would like to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” The details associated with the nomination are at . I will continue to enjoy your inspiring work!


  27. Sir McCurry, I looked through your images with a tea in my eye. Effortless, astounding & moving. You are my sole inspiration. I’m considering a trip to Ethiopia soon and your images have truly inspired me. Thank you!

  28. Awesome Work! Thanks for sharing these.

  29. Mayur Kakade Says:

    Awesome work Steve! Thanks for sharing these.

    -Mayur Kakade

  30. Mary Ann Herzog Says:

    Goodaye Mr. McClurry, No wonder your photography is recognized the world over. Gazing through your gorgeous scenes, I felt like I was a travel companion absorbing the stunning sunsets and sunrisess with you and storing them in my mind. What I did was gaze on each photo and then closing my eyes I brought the scene and locked it there so that it became a part of me. That way I can meditate at will and have a peaceful day. Thank you for sharing your work.

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  32. Reblogged this on theferkel and commented:
    Fantastic photos!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the fabulous work!

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  35. Lesley Bookout Says:

    Not quite as emotional as the “reading” series, but definitely a very appealing series…who doesn’t appreciate sunrises and sunsets! Some very striking individual pictures.

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  37. Your photographs enrich my days. Thank you for taking me with you.

  38. Ginette Flamia Says:

    Thank you for providing such a wonder display of earth’s magic

  39. Steve McCurry you brilliant man! Your images are so inspiring and so poetic. They leave me breathless. I love and appreciate everything you do.

  40. Un placer disfrutar de estas imágenes, gracias.

  41. dije laishram Says:

    Wooooooooooooooow …… yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,,, Lots of Indian Pictures !!!!! I am happy to be indian and a photographer….. Sadly i cant explore my country through my lens….. Thanks for sharing your picture..:)

  42. Anonymous Says:

    amazing work.

  43. Reblogged this on Max510's Blog and commented:
    Cari amici, godete anche voi di queste fantastiche foto del grande Steve McCurry !

  44. Thank you for sharing, Steve.
    There are no adjectives for these… incredible shots.

  45. Absolutely Brilliant !! The ethipoian picture looks like a dream…This is a treasure, Thanks for sharing !

  46. its a joy to watch!! a privilege!!
    if we can’t travel all over the world, there’s always Steve!!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Stunning as always, a fan!

  48. Fantastic collection!!! It made my day!

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  50. It’s such a pleasure to gaze upon your work. Thank you.

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  52. I love your blog and the photos you post. I am wondering how you manage to get the photos loaded in this larger format?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Always amazing

  54. Sunrise Sunset – Steve McCurry

  55. Tus fotos tienen el poder de hacerme pensar en los lugares que veo y no en la foto en sí. Eres un genio.

    Your photos have the power to make me think of the places I see, not the photo itself. You’re a genius.

  56. Is the champion, thank you

  57. Steve Sir, you are my best teacher

  58. These pictures are amazing and the way you have captured light and shadows is brilliant. Thanks for sharing!!

  59. Your eyes have seen so many amazing and beautiful things…Thank you for sharing them with OUR eyes:)

  60. rajee jain Says:


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    Många fina bilder.

  62. Reblogged this on panalyah's Blog and commented:
    Another stunning collection of photos by Steve McCurry😉

  63. The picture from Ethiopia with the runner is absolutely spectae! Wow. It left me breathless. Thank you for the work you do. You are in the right profession.

  64. Another great post from you Steve !

  65. Another great collection Steve !

  66. Anonymous Says:

    It is as wealthy as the river of gold and as vivid as the eye can contain for the first twenty pictures and the last one

  67. Thanks for sharing!

  68. Thank you – again.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    what a great post! thanks very much for sharing it with us…

  70. Reblogged this on performance~marks and commented:
    “Happiness is the light on the water. The water is cold and dark and deep.” William Maxwell
    Thank you again Steve McCurry for showing us such astounding beauty.

  71. I love the way you weave the poetry through. It helps to see into the photos a little more fresh and deeply.

  72. Reblogged this on Random Musings and commented:
    I’ve never reblogged an article before or even felt the need to… But this, this is breathtaking I just HAD to share. Ah-may-zeen!

  73. Featured this blog post on my personal blog Staying Focused, which can be found here:

    Thanks for sharing your talents with the world!

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  75. Amazing set. That one from Burma are simply stunning.

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    Sunrise Sunset av Steve McCurry

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    Зрештою, для всіляких там роздумів на тему, переварювань особистих образ і розповідей “як я провів літо” в мене є красивий чорний блокнот і можливість створювати нескінченну кількість вордівських файлів. Я хочу, щоб тут було гарно, щоб без ніякого бруду, тому – так.

  78. I viewed these in the early morning as I drank my coffee and I knew my day was already wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your art.

  79. Daphne Josselin Says:

    Moving and uplifting. And of course utterly beautiful. Thank you!

  80. Fantastic collection! Thanks!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    il potere trascendentale della fotografia.

  82. Downloading the New App. Thanks Mr McCurry. The quotes with the pictures are always inspiring, but this ones about the sun… thanks!

  83. Anonymous Says:

    The pictures were amazing as usual! But this time the words really moved me, thank you!

  84. nadine3064 Says:

    Mi scusi Sig. McCurry, scrivo in italiano perchè non conosco bene l’inglese e non posso quindi commentare in modo adeguato le sue fotografie.
    Lei, con i suoi scatti ha la capacità di emozionarmi profondamente, ho avuto l’onore di vedere la sua mostra nella città di Genova, in Italia e ne sono rimasta molto colpita. Ogni suo scatto trasmette l’anima e la vita del soggetto che vi è impresso! Grazie di cuore per il suo splendido lavoro!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you I like pictures nice

  86. Amazing pictures! So much atmosphere and the emotions they evoke. I enjoy a great viewing them on than a little jealous;-)

  87. Reblogged this on mymotionpicture and commented:
    Sunset and Sunrise by Steve McCurry…

  88. What a joy it is to open your posts. I could follow them from my ‘photo blog’ just for the pictures, which are breathtaking, but as a bit of a wordsmith I wait for the words you find to put with each one – which make me almost lost for words, but I had to find some just to register my appreciation.

  89. Absolutely Gorgeous!

  90. Palash lalit Says:


  91. Stunning images and perfectly chosen text: very moving. Thank you.

  92. I saw the Fashion TV story of your shoot of the Pirelli Calendar. It was a wonderful show, just as these photos are amazing. Both are great learning experiences, and I thank you so very much.

  93. You are Guru of photographay:)

  94. As usual, my envy of your photographic skills knows no bounds.

  95. When I see your work, Steve, I hear myself groan and sigh and then i wonder how I can ever post anything without this caliber of beauty.

  96. Fabulous!!

  97. Its an experience!!! it was delightful …keep it up !

  98. impressive, Mr. Steve…. 😉

  99. Your quote by Jo Walton at the beginning of this blog post has turned on a light bulb in my mind. Thank you for sharing that! Rox

  100. Anonymous Says:

    great moment, great pictures, perfect combination….!

  101. lisalday111711 Says:

    This was so lovely…words cannot express as my soul opened up with each new vision you shared….thank you my friend and God Bless

  102. I always look forward to seeing another of your posts in my WordPress Reader — your images are so inspiring, and the words a perfect partner. ~ Kat

  103. Beautiful light and people.

  104. Hi Steve,

    Always the poetry through the lens. It’s a joy and a privilege to see the life as you see it.

    Thank you.

  105. Admirable Capture & Coposition.

  106. Connie Jensen Says:

    Ps, about not missing too many? I am often up for dawn photo shoots! My favorite time of day..:) ~Connie Fisher Jensen

  107. Connie Jensen Says:

    Beautiful, love those rays around the one from India…! Best Connie

  108. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and sharing with us what you see.

  109. Reblogged this on Sabethville and commented:
    I loved your post,I Reblogged it.Thank you so much!

  110. Ana maria teresa de Hollanda cavalcanti Says:

    Outstanding! Thank you very much!!

  111. Photography is art and you are the master!

  112. Reblogged this on Treasured Trifles and Trifled Treasures and commented:
    Whenever I travel or even otherwise, I am always up at sun rise, its a beautiful experience, every single time and a great start to the day! These pictures are great, they are not merely a depiction of the sun at the horizon coming up or going down, but each of them captures the mood, the time and the activities that go on during the that time of the day…which makes every click special and unique in its own way

  113. Beautiful, a perfect reminder that I should see the sunrise more often, so much more life-giving than a few extra hours in bed. Thank you.

  114. Fantastiche, una serie di foto eccezionali!!!

  115. Excellent photography, as always, Steve. But don’t you find it a little gimmicky to use wordpress to advertise?

    Btw, the poster of the Afghan Girl you autographed for me about twenty years ago at the PMA has completely faded into nothing…

  116. Sajid Aboobaker Says:

    Brilliant as usual. Rich colours and the people from all walks of life.

  117. Sajid Aboobaker Says:

    Brilliant as usual. Rich colours and the people.

  118. Fabulous perspective on sunrise and sunset. Beautiful light and message. Thank you!

  119. This is why you’re the master! Awe-inspiring as ever. I’ve recently posted about human expression, but I’d love to see your interpretation from your extensive collection. Best wishes.

  120. Gorgeous photos, you rock Steve! thank you for sharing.

  121. degouvestz laurent Says:

    Magnifique album!!!!! J adore

  122. Anonymous Says:

    Always amazed at how to blend the photo’s and the words and paint such fabulous images in our hearts and minds, thank you.

  123. Marietta Yandoc Says:

    Steve McCurry continues to reconcile us to an earthly existence that shows beauty in as many turns as it takes to lift us out of life’s doldrums.

  124. your photographs are so beautiful.I love them all.Thank you so much for your post.

  125. STUNNING!!! Thank you, Steve!

  126. Anonymous Says:


  127. have i mentioned this lately? i want to be you when i grow up! beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

  128. Ernst Vikne Says:

    Great work as always! I instantly purchased the iPad app!

  129. You blog is a work of art! Thank you so much!

  130. What a wonder-ful series of excellent photos and texts praising the sun, life, the world …!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  131. Amazing! Best regards:)

  132. Always; your images coax me into the scene, and I stare with mouth agape in childlike wonder.

  133. Fermin Perez Escuredo Says:

    McCurry advertises his new app about portraits at the bottom of his newsletter.

    Sent from mobile phone

  134. Great post…great combination of photos and quotes and poems. I really enjoyed it.

  135. Nicholas Karpouzis, Sr. Says:

    Congratulations. Very nice work. Brings the people closer.

  136. M agraden molt aquestes fotos jo abans he estat amb aquest llocs i ara amb les fotos ho torno a viure .
    Un saludodel christian

  137. Monika Niedermeier Says:

    Thank you

  138. You seem to be having a lifelong, passionate love affair with light. It’s fun to watch, and without the guilt of porn.

  139. Beautiful. Do you take the photos and then find the words, or do you find photos to go with the words?

  140. Chelsea Taylor Says:

    This is such a beautiful theme. Wow. Stunning.    Chelsea Dillon-Miller Taylor Cell: (858) 349-9215


    Programs and Outreach Coordinator Our Mission: Ethiopia, Omo Valley: Ending Mingi and Nurturing 37 Children.

    Make a Heartfelt DONATION-Thank you!

    NEWS: BLOG     “Like” OMO CHILD     “Follow” OMO CHILD

    La vida es como la espuma, por eso darse como el mar. “Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.” -Y Tu Mama Tambien


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