Gift of Grandparents

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. 
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.  
– Alex Haley









There is no grandfather who does not adore his grandchild.
– Victor Hugo



Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.
– Welsh Proverb



A grandparent is a best friend, teacher, cheerleader, and counselor.

SRILANKA-10087, Sri Lanka, 12/1995, Boy Reading with mother in temple.

Sri Lanka

Something magical happens when parents turns into grandparents.
Their attitude changes from “money-doesn’t-grow-on-trees” to spending it like it does.
– Paul Linden









Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us,
as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends,
and hardly ever our own grown children.
– Ruth Goode



A house needs a grandma in it.

– Louisa May Allcott



It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.
– Christopher Morley



If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.
–  Proverb



The best place to be when you’re sad is a grandparent’s  lap.



Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.
– Mary H. Waldrip



“I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows,
his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories,
but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die.
– Bear Grylls, Mud Sweat and Tears























Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see
just me all day, and now the day was complete.
– Marcy DeMaree




133 Responses to “Gift of Grandparents”

  1. I simply could not wait to leave a reply. My grandparents are and were the two most instrumental people in my life. They ensured that we had a stable up bringing and more importantly, set the example of how we should live. Love you Nanny and Papa

  2. Amazing pictures. i really respect you. i really miss my grandfather. i love you.

  3. True Bless Here, Regards from Spirits

  4. Thank you, Steve. These are wonderful photos, and they are powerful.

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  6. Thank you. Wonderful selection!

  7. The next best thing to having had a loving grandparent is to have a picture of one. Thank you for so many!

  8. Tony Raiola Says:

    I felt it before I became a grandparent in the love of the only grandparent I ever knew , my maternal grandmother: the love of grandparents is unqualified and universal. Your images crystalize my intuitive feeling into hard knowledge. Recently my granddaughter and grandson spoke eloquently about the love of grandparents at my wife’s and my 5oth Wedding Anniversary celebration. Of the many touching tributes that evening our grandchildren’s evoked the warmest response in my wife and me. Tony Raiola

  9. […] Gift of GrandparentsNobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. – Alex Haley There is no grandfather who does not adore his …  […]

  10. […] Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children. – Alex Haley There is no grandfather who does not adore his …  […]

  11. “Grandparents are a Gift from God.”

  12. […] I read Steve McCurry’s blog entry on the gift of grandparents and was reminded of an Alex Haley quote I love: “Nobody can […]

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I truly love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme.

  14. Reblogged this on culturetrope and commented:
    My grandpa sprinkled stardust over my life. It’s been 12 years – I miss him still today: his warmth, his stories, his love – he was my teacher, cheerleader and counselor.

  15. Moved to tears – truly. I grew up with my grandparents. My parents were rarely around.
    My grandpa sprinkled stardust over my life. It’s been 12 years – I miss him still today: his warmth, his stories, his love – he was my teacher, cheerleader and counselor.

  16. Beautiful photos. Really, I feel very happy being a grandfather.

  17. Charming.
    And what a lot of work to put together such a collection of photographs.
    Well done …

  18. Reblogged this on E'n'M and commented:
    “I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows,
    his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories,
    but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die.
    – Bear Grylls, Mud Sweat and Tears

  19. Reblogged this on Vishal's Photolog and commented:
    Another great collection from Steve Mccurry.

  20. You do have some excellent images here.
    The theme is a very interesting one.
    Thank you for sharing it with all of us:)

  21. Excellent photos that show the strong bonding between grandparents and kids. Grandparents can do wonders in the lives of grand children being a companion and carer.

  22. i was mesmerizes by the way each pic was posted according 2 the quotation… just luv that:)😀

  23. As always, the compassion and love in your photos is truly astounding!

  24. When I look into the eyes of my grandchildren I feel love past, present, future.

  25. Amazing pictures and inspiring quotations on a topic I rarely see people write about- grandparents! Thanks!

  26. Anthony Says:

    ah! As always, the beauty and compassion of your photos make me shiver. . . .

  27. Amazing photos all…

  28. The joy of grandparenting and the joy of being grandparented are among the most precious memories of my life.

  29. Dorothy Says:

    Wonderful. Love the way each photo draws you in to linger and read the story

  30. Wonderful, touching post. So many emotions but love is definitely evident in each one.


  31. S. N. Rama Raju Says:

    The love between grand parents and grand children are genuine

  32. Now that I’m a GG (Gorgeous Grandma), I understand all of the above. A friend of mine said, we parents love are investments (children), but we love more the growth and returns of that investments.

  33. To my grandfathers I never knew, to the grandfather I did, and to my wonderful grandmothers that taught me so much that is still with me today. I love you all! Thanks for sharing such interesting photos of everyday people doing extra in the lives of young ones!

  34. Reblogged this on На дороге… and commented:
    My own Babcia and Dziadush saved me many times from my father’s pain. They were a godsend and I didn’t know till many years later, how much they suffered.

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  36. Makes me wish I had grandparents!
    Makes me wish I had parents.

    Love the images. The expand me.

    Makes me wish I could meet those people!

  37. i`m in touching.

  38. I miss my Grandma every day.

    Such a lovely tribute.

  39. That’s great. I will set a link to your website on my blog ( ).

  40. Brendan Rooney Says:


  41. Quem carrega essas lembranças pela vida, terá sempre uma fonte onde beber ternura, amor e sabedoria de vida . Maravilhoso tema e fotografias, Steve!!!

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  44. Anonymous Says:

    This is awesome! Thank you.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I am a newcomer to your Blog, and very glad to be here.
    Beautifull images, wonderfull idea! Le us all love our children. They will be our guardian angels in our late days!

  46. Reblogged this on matermusearts and commented:
    Such beauty, do click for more photos of great love and artistry in portraying the role of grandparents.

  47. Just so superb yet again. The texture, lighting, colour and content…outstanding.

  48. heart braking gallery about what soothes in a world of conflicts!

  49. These are the first pictures of yours I’ve seen, though your name is somehow familiar. Very intimate images. You definitely have a way that brings out or catches unawares expressions of the the souls of the folks you photograph. Keep up the good work!

  50. Anonymous Says:

    beautiful pictures, beautifully said. Makes you stop and think.

  51. someone said… that love of grandparents to their grandkids are more than the parents of the kids itself…
    i believe it… your pictures show me :)x

  52. Reblogged this on docsology and commented:
    I’m long overdue to write a post about “Family”. For now, I thought (hope) you might enjoy this post by an incredible photographer named Steve McCurry.

  53. Beautiful thoughts and wonderful images

  54. Your pictures are amazing. I have become a much better photographer by studying your photos. Thank you for that and for the pleasure I get watching your photos. Bill Robinson

  55. Increíblemente fabulosas y entrañables

  56. Anonymous Says:

    This beautiful images reminds me my very much loved grandfather, who has passed away more than 20 years ago…..and I can’t stop crying

  57. Beautiful and interesting.
    However, in too many places, grand parents can’t be grand parents any more because they have to raise themselves their grand kids since the parents are dead (of HIV for instance). That is so sad for them and the children.
    ~ Frank ~

  58. Hyun Lee Says:

    Always find beauty in sorrow and sorrow in beauty on your photos. And always I feel confident of “Hope” on them. Thanks for sharing!!! You Awesome!!! 스티브 아저씨, 감사합니다, 정말 짱이십니다!!!

  59. Lindo demais! Fico sempre emocionada com essa fotos suas Steve, principalmente o retratos, que parecem capturar a essência, algo de profunda da alma das pessoas. Nenhum outro fotógrafo me emociona tanto quanto você, sabia poeta-fotógrafo?

  60. Beautiful work as always Steve…

  61. Beautiful and poignant! . . . Left me with a tear in my eye! Thank you, as always, for sharing!

  62. thank you for these photos

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I really like your picture style
    it’s a great picture

  64. Scrolling down this blog post I couldn’t help but think of my own grandparents and miss them dearly! So exquisitely portrayed. Simply Beautiful!

  65. Not only do these poignant photos make me smile and think of Zoë. They remind me of the love I received from my grandma.

  66. Reblogged this on Juli Townsend's Transition to Home and commented:
    I had two grandparents when I was born, one was senile, the other grumpy, so I never really experienced this love..I’m reblogging this simply because the words and images are so beautiful.

  67. I’m reblogging this, simply because it is beautiful. Thank you.

  68. I adored my grandmother and these images brought tears to my eyes as she is long gone. Your blog is always wonderful and this is one of the best

  69. Annachiara Says:

    Thanks Steve! This love blesses the world, I was blessed by this love, my grandparents loved me so much!

  70. I really loved this blog! I commented about it being special to me, since I am a grandpa myself. Three great grandsons! I love the way you group your travel photos into one theme! I have a lot to learn from you.

  71. Reblogged this on Marland Photography and commented:
    I loved this post, since it is close to my heart since I am a grandpa!

  72. Each photo here tells a story. This is so exciting and beautiful, and makes me think about the time I had with my grandparents. Thanky you.

  73. marsandmarina Says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! So many memories, so many feelings surface. Thank you for this post.

  74. These pictures capture really beautiful moments of life. Took me back to the time I have spent with my grandparents.

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  76. What a great tribute! I was very close to my grandmother; she died when I was 12. Fantastic images and verses.

  77. Jolene Nelson Says:

    Steve, You have captured the photographic images and the stories of what it is like to be one within the family of God. In this series. These are awesome. Grandchildren are an inheritance that keeps the heart strings close to what is good, pure and holy.I have twelve grandchildren. They are the delight of this grandmother’s heart. thank you for helping us to see and experience the heartfelt beauty of being present in the lives of our children’s children
    through your lens.

  78. Very Nice Pictures and really I love them! God Bless you!!

  79. Jolene Nelson Says:

    Awesome photographs and stories of how much we are all alike at the core of our being. You have created a family album that reflects the human spirit, as well as God’s love and compassion for mankind.

  80. Kristin Winn Says:

    As a brand new grandparent, all I can say is thanks! Wonderful photos. This will be a great adventure.Kristin Winn

  81. Anonymous Says:

    you are the best Steve<3

  82. Amazing photos again Steve. My grandparents meant more to me than anything so this set has particular relevance for me. Sometimes I think that grandparents are more important to children than their parents.

  83. Kázia Fernandes Palanowski Says:

    MARAVILHOSAS AS FOTOS…Como avó, agradeço…Abraços

  84. Caro Sr Steve, fui criado em uma colonia de Italianos no sul do Brazil, como bom descendente que sou desta gente alegre e cheia de sentimentos , onde a famila é tudo, meus Nonos ( avós) eram tudo para nós. Hoje Somente a Nona ( mae de minha mae) esta viva, 92 anos, o sentimento que temos por ela é indescritivel.
    Sou avo etenho dois netos,

  85. Absolutely beautiful set, like all the others fantastic shots.

    Thak You for sharing.

    Ricardo Vilela

  86. Glenda Haigh Says:

    Being a grandmother myself, I can totally relate to there beautiful images and captions. Sadly, my grandparents had all passed away when I was born and I really envied my friends their relationships with their grandparents.

  87. Impressive post Steve.Thanks for to share

  88. Really beautiful post. Thank you

  89. Beautiful photos and quotes. What a moving post.

  90. Lovely images Steve , looking forward to be a grandma one day !!!

  91. I appreciate your reminder via these wonderful images how blessed I was to have adoring grandparents! You also must have been so blessed.

  92. I have two daughters and I can observe that grandparents are a gift from God.
    Photos(as always) incredible!!!

  93. Amazing photos! I just lost my title as a “grandchild” to anyone last year. It makes me smile to see photos of grandparents and grandchildren and remember my own.

  94. Reblogged this on Wonder and Beauty and commented:
    Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do.
    Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
    – Alex Haley

  95. Great thought. I am now streatching my imigination to feel what it is to be in thet lovely position, and it feels great LOL
    so i now have a little joy of that reality, so i will enjoy and wait on my chance or chances to sprinkle my share of stardust. Afterall i did put things in place for that process to materialise. Great, great thought.

  96. I was born so late in everyone’s life that I missed the grandparent experience! No wonder I make sure I’m never late now!:) Thanks for the Love you gave me in this essay, Steve.

  97. L’ha ribloggato su PasChics.

  98. Very nice Steve

  99. Marilee Pittman Says:

    I love being a grandmother. Thank you for the validation.

  100. Preciosas fotografias… es una suerte vivir en esta epooca para disfrutar de TUS FOTOGRAFIAS.
    Unico e irremplazable

  101. I adore them all, but especially the photo from Yemen. I hope there is a story behind it ? If not, please make one up !?

  102. Just today I spent all afternoon with my grandma. This is really the purest kind of love – without any expectations.
    What makes yous pictures so amazing, is that you show us this relationship is all kind of countries in the world. Between people we always thought were so different from us – and they are not at all. THANK YOU!

  103. gorgeous photographs and thoughts. thank you

  104. Adorei as fotos, como sempre. Lindíssimas!

  105. This is a tribute to all grandparents. My own grandparents meant so much love and security for me, and my own children have loving and caring grandparents too. If a child is without grandparents, the child will have a tough start in life. Today, in the western world, children are in more than one sense lost without that contact. Wonderful post.

  106. I love, love, love this. Of course, I’m a bit prejudiced on this subject: Two beautiful children call me Grammy.

  107. Absolutely lovely.

    Thank you.

    All good wishes,


  108. Peter Michael Dedes Says:

    Touching, Moving & Inspiring!

  109. zeroinc Says:

    My grandma deceased before I was born and my grandpa, when I was just 7. I hardly have any memory but these photographs somehow make me really miss them now.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    hi sir!
    i follow your posts regularly, but this one has to be the most special one till date! i lost my grandmother recently, this brought back some of her warmth. thank you.

  111. I have always enjoyed your photography and I really respect you a lot. I do have to thank you especially for this set though. As my wife’s grandmother is nearing her end times fighting a unbeatable cancer battle, this post brought so many memories back. We saw this together, smiling and with teary eyes.

    The love from grandparents is indeed divine.

  112. These are absolutely wonderful! Gorgeous images. Memories of my maternal grandparents are still strong and continue to shape my life.

  113. Just superb. This is also my dream.

  114. Speaking as a grandma I loved this … thank you.

  115. So poignant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, Steve.

  116. What a lovely post,grandparents are a joy to spend our valuable time.Thank you for this post.

  117. noelgreene Says:

    Really beautiful images and wonderful sentiments

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