Eye Witness

Eyes speak a universal language, and no
interpreter is needed

SAM_5899, Rajasthan, India, 2009, INDIA-11532India

Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.
-Samuel Richardson


These eyes tell the stories of children around the world.
They speak of war, deprivation, and loss.


There is a road from the eye to heart that does not go through the intellect.
– G. K. Chesterton


Eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears.
– Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535 – c. 475 BCE


BRAZIL-10059NFAdriana Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive:
They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;
They are the books, the arts, the academes,
That show, contain and nourish all the world.
–  William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost

ITALY-10409Actor, Italy

Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.
 – Tarjei Vesaas, Norwegian Poet

PAKISTAN-10029NF3Afghan refugee, Peshawar, Pakistan

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to
look through each other’s eyes for an instant?
– Henry David Thoreau


The countenance is the portrait of the soul, and the eyes mark its intentions.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 – 43 BCE



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having 
new eyes.
-Marcel Proust

Dire, Mali, 1986, MALI-10003NF PORTRAITS_bookMali

INDIA-10209Mumbai, India 


INDIA-11034Rabari Woman, India


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118 Responses to “Eye Witness”

  1. These pictures are a perfect preparation for my next trip to India! Love these shots!

  2. Reblogged this on Los importunos and commented:
    Bellísimas fotografías de ojos y miradas.

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  5. Maurice Disney Says:

    Eyes are the true reflection of one’s innermost soul that lies deep inside…it speaks for itself in volumes even without the power of oral dialect.

  6. eklektike Says:

    L’ha ribloggato su eklektikee ha commentato:
    Occhi, linguaggio universale che non necessita di mediazione.

  7. Absolutely stunning and inspirational! Just love them all.

  8. I love the eyes photos! You have a neat of organizing photos.

  9. Superb portraits, as always.

  10. Mathew bejoy Says:

    Sir, I feel soo happy when ever I see you pic , just unbelievable how sharp you eyes are . I am crazy about photography and always inspired by your work . It is my dream to work with and learn how your eyes finds these amazing world and people. Hats off to u sir .
    Mathew bejoy .
    India .

  11. Anonymous Says:

    my idol

  12. Ana maria teresa de Hollanda cavalcanti Says:

    It is allways a joy to receive your extremeley beautifull pictures and quotes. Thank you!!!

  13. Beautiful……….

  14. i hope you put your portrait pics in Android too, Mr. Steve!

  15. i love the guy from Kashmir pic, Mr.Steve😉

  16. Anonymous Says:

    i love the guy from Kashmir:)

  17. Estelle Says:

    These are most beautiful portraits. Thank you for sharing them. They touch the heart.

  18. Your work is always so raw and real. Thank you.

  19. Eye Witness | Steve McCurry’s Blog, ¿Puedes explicarnos màs?, me resulta didactico esta post. Saludos.

  20. very nice job my friend!! those eyes from the peolple of afghanistan are very beautiful. i read something like “thw windows of the soul is the eyes!!!

  21. Excellent theme. These are all so riveting, and that first composition is a knock out!

  22. pure art❤. just breathtaking!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic

  24. Standstill ! great captures.

  25. Swati Singh Says:

    These are best close up snaps I have ever seen. Really amazing pics.

  26. great pics and a very good topic “eyes”

  27. Oh, the eyes………you can almost see into their soul… Thank you!

  28. […] work focusing on eyes and their ability to transfer deep emotion. You can see his series here. I decided that this theme is an important one and one that I have much to learn about, […]

  29. Atilla Parla Says:

    Every frame is a lesson to a photographer. Interesting people portraits with a deep eye contact. More than appropriate wording adds further impact. Thanks.

  30. Many beautiful eyes.

  31. Oh, my god! Pictures are AMAZING! You are incredible photographer. I’m your big fan.

  32. mandayamr Says:

    Beautiful…as always

  33. Different persons, different ways of looking at the photographer who can catch them in a so fantastic manner.

  34. Stunning portraits

  35. Jackie Says:

    You’ve captured so much depth and emotion. Incredible work!

  36. Beautiful. The images just grab and hold on to you.

  37. blocodecotas Says:

    Reblogged this on blocodecotas and commented:
    Os olhos são a janela da alma.

  38. As always – brilliant.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    perfect eyes and faces …..
    all are amazing

  40. Reblogged this on Written Here and commented:
    such an awesome ‘eyes’ post! :)))

  41. ALEX TORRES Says:


  42. Great images, great eyes, great people. Thanks.

  43. Beautiful, I could look at your images all day.

  44. They are the window to the soul.
    And now we can see and feel why…
    Masterpieces as usual.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    negli occhi, diversi mondi… bellissime foto

  46. Boriana Goranova Says:

    I saw your exhibition in Hamburg….amazing! Now I can say that I’m “having new eyes”….thank you!

  47. Wow, amazing eyes! each wants say anything.

  48. Reblogged this on Ideas_R_Bulletproof and commented:
    a classic series of portraits by the great Steve McCurry……

  49. Kaustubh Pandharipande Says:

    Nothing need to say….. only my eyes are working –

  50. Powerful post, Steve. Eyes are the windows that tell a profound story… thank you.

  51. …look into your eyes I can read your soul

    So beautiful portrait photos.
    Love your work.. Mr.Steve McCurry. ♥

  52. …. look into your eyes , I can read your soul.!

    Very beautiful portrait photos of eyes.
    I love your work, Sir…!

  53. Steve sir, your captures are like stories.. every picture has something to say.. you are an inspiration.

  54. Reblogged this on My Name is Marcy and commented:

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    Olhos e olhares. É disso que se trata essa belíssima coleção de imagens do fotógrafo Steve McCurry: Eye Witness. Vale o seu olhar.

  56. Lexpaul Says:

    Reblogueó esto en LeoAr Photography / Lex Ariasy comentado:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  57. Reblogged this on ArtiZenImages and commented:
    I do not normally reblog but if you have not seen Steve McCurry’s portraits, you need to do so! So soulful and full of character….

  58. Your portraits are truly inspirational!

  59. Wow! Your work is an inspiration you capture the heart and soul in your portraits.

  60. Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    A great photographer

  62. The piercing greenish eyes of the Afghan refugee from Peshawar, Pakistan have the same expression as your original stunning portrait of The Afghan Girl which you took all those year ago.

    Brilliant series in the post above.

  63. Love your photos….our humanity shines out through the darkness. They are truly something special! From my heart I bow

  64. 남다른 시선에 의한 멋진 샷…즐겁게 감상합니다.

  65. Brilliant Photography, it touches the soul, with words that are so fitting, thank you for the inspiration!

  66. marta gamboa Says:

    hay que aprender a mirar con los ojos, ellos no mienten !

  67. Perfect technique but better sensitivity, that´s the difference between a photographer and a genius. It´s difficult to catch the soul, character and the history of a person in one pic. It´s a pleasure to follow you from Spain.

  68. Captivating !

  69. I just saw the National Geographic exhibit, 50 Greatest Photographs, in Las Vegas and saw your work there. Stunning to see your photography in a gallery setting. Being subscribed to your blog is icing on the cake.

  70. Tabary Claudette Says:

    Toutes les photos sont splendides et reflètent à chaque fois l’impression que l’on a ou s’imagine du pays d’origine.

  71. Los ojos son el espejo del alma (eyes are the mirror of soul). Fantastic images !!

  72. Thank you for this. The expression through multiple eyes, makes me understand ,how different we are!

  73. Carlos Says:

    Beautiful portraits, reminding me of the one from Afganistan

  74. Reblogged this on Caixa Negra and commented:
    Já não tenho mais palavras… É génio puro !

  75. Another fantastic post!! Your photography is brilliant!

  76. gery ten Broek Says:

    A beautiful “eye” – serie. It tells a great story, thanks for telling us. Regards, Gery

  77. All these eyes…. fascinating !!!!

  78. Absolutely stunning photography. That’s how to do it

  79. Your posts are always a balm; thank you. z

  80. Exquisite. Simply exquisite.

  81. Simply incredible photos, truly amazing.

  82. You have captured so much emotion in these wonderful images.

  83. Reblogged this on PGS – The Way and commented:
    Steve McCurry’s most famous photograph is the shot of the Afghan girl with the huge eyes, most commonly seen on the cover of National Geographic. He has a way of capturing eyes that is quite magical.


  84. Reblogged this on Neverending1's Blog and commented:
    More beautiful photos from Steve McCurry. As he writes, the eyes say it all.

  85. Just curious, but was make-up put on all these people’s face, or is it part of their culture to wear dark under eye pencil?

  86. Silvia Says:

    Wonderful pics that catch the soul, as usual…


  88. stunning photos! eyes that speak for themselves!

  89. Stunning series of images captured so sensitively.

  90. Beautiful images Steve…even words can not describe what the eyes can say, they tell everything..!!
    Many Thanks for sharing these wonderful images and people..!!

  91. […] Eyes speak a universal language, and no interpreter is needed India Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal. -Samuel Richardson Kandahar These eyes tell the stories of children…  […]

  92. Amazing post, great eye to take them and even better wording related to “eye-reading”…

  93. Fabulous, from Texas. Was introduced to your blog from a Film Director in Australia. The world is a small place. Just returned from walking the Camino in northern Spain and wish I had seen more of your work before hand as I would have taken more portraits.

  94. Great photo’s! Really beautiful subject.

  95. Grandi foto, fortissime emozioni!!

  96. Stunning………..

  97. I understand that your photos are so beautiful, first the eyes are the mirror of the soul and on the other side of the trigger start desicion is attached to your heart, you are a God personified photographer, I love to follow you.

    A big hug from southern Spain.

  98. Reblogged this on mymotionpicture and commented:
    Another beautiful depiction of human emotions.. Eyes -witnessed by Steve’s eyes are mesmerizing and a treat for those longing hearts that wait for art and love of art forever…

  99. Incredible portraits Steve! You are amazing at drawing out the eyes of every subject you shoot. I love to look at the images of people you have captured. Truly amazing! Robyn

  100. Very nice series… But how could you not include the Steve McCurry signature shot for a series that is on eyes…??

  101. ALBERT WAGNER Says:

    This is a great piece of work!

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