Leaving and Coming


Are both frame and monument
To our spent time,
And too little Has been said
Of our coming through and leaving by them. 
– Charles Tomlinson


Since the beginning of time,
doors have symbolized both great opportunities and thwarted dreams.
The open door is a metaphor for new life, a passage
from one stage of life to another, and metamorphosis.
Closed doors often represent rejection and exclusion.

USA-10793Mississippi, United States


O god of hinges, god of long voyages, you have kept faith.
It’s dark in there.
You confide yourself to the darkness
You step in.
The door swings closed.
– Margaret Atwood


AFGHN-10235Kabul, Afghanistan

A door just opened on a street– I, lost, was passing by–
An instant’s width of warmth disclosed And wealth, and company.
The door as sudden shut, and I, I, lost, was passing by,
 Lost doubly, but by contrast most, Enlightening misery.
– Emily Dickinson



It’s doors I’m afraid of because I can’t see through them.
Its the door opening by itself in the wind I’m afraid of.
–  Margaret Atwood, Surfacing



The closing of a door can bring blessed privacy and comfort –  the opening terror.
Conversely, the closing of a door can be a sad and final thing.
The opening a wonderfully joyous moment.
– Andrew Rooney





The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
– Flora Whittemore

USA-10256United States


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87 Responses to “Leaving and Coming”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Félicitations belles images

  3. […] shares on leaving and coming and how lovely is this simple decoration for the […]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am speechless and humbled by the magnificent photographs and quotes.. Immensely grateful. Thank you. Diane

  5. my favorites are the photo no 1,4,7,12,15

  6. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration! My heart always beats faster when I see there has been published a new article here! Keep up the good work!

  7. Nice collection of Calm pictures!

  8. A master!

    Thanks for sharing this photos Steve, just perfect!

  9. gran toma, la composición excelente

  10. Many thanks for sharing your work with us! Merry Christmas …. Werner

  11. Great, immense: the best look on people around the world, their habits, their life, in beauty and dignity

  12. Caro Sr Steve,, Acompanho seu trabalho a muito tempo …e vejo nele o que lhe vai na alma. a pureza, a preocupacao com o mundo, sua luta para transforma-lo em um lugar melhor para vivermos.
    Especialmente neste post a foto que me chamou a atenção foi a de Cuba, lindíssima

  13. beautiful and impressive photographs. Memories of journeys I have made it too, but not your skill. My photos seem washed out steps of a dream. My desire is to photograph the reality. Congratulations, my mentor

  14. Reblogged this on goverseas360 and commented:
    Amazing images!

  15. Incredible work, every photo looks modest with no effects but actually the captured moments in them are priceless.

  16. […] post takes its inspiration from Steve McCurry’s latest collection of photos of people Leaving and Coming (see below), drawing on this time when we celebrate out one year and in the next to mark some of […]

  17. i love the Yemen pic and Kabul, Mr. Steve ;)x

  18. My favourite pictures are those where the colours are in such harmony – particularly the Cuban picture and the Afghan ones. I don’t know how much is fortuitous and how much is planned that way, but it just works so beautifully. I never tired of looking at your photographs, so thanks!

  19. Amazing How ordinary places are transformed in extraordinary photographs. An eye for the glass.

  20. Sunita Pathak Says:

    It really is out of our imagination how Steve Mccurry choose his subjects & images to
    match the theme so perfectly ? Hats of for this great great photographer….

  21. Diane Patterson Says:

    This is both clever & creative I enjoyed the visual as well as the sentiments behind the work, as I paused to think & focus. How meaningful it is. Thank you so very much.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Un trabajo magnifico!

  23. hermosas fotos!!!

  24. Kirk Sunglieng Says:

    Enjoy learning from these images. Thanks for sharing.

  25. LUCIA MOURA Says:

    The theme Doors are very rich. I have loved them, I will post in FACE and TWITTER. Thank you for sharing your creations, regards – LUCIA

  26. Very inspiring. I always look forward to new posts on your blog.

  27. Once again I’m deeply touched. Amazing. Thank you!

  28. Who knew, just doors could say so much

  29. Reblogged this on Max510's Blog and commented:
    Nuove bellissime immagina dal grande Steve McCurry

  30. Wonderful images like ever…
    Thank you for sharing !

  31. I just love your images….truly gifted and insightful……thank you so much, they really inspire me.

  32. I love the theme. Great photos as always. It makes me want to be somewhere exotic.

  33. Your fabulous photographs never cease to amaze and entertain me. Even better, I can learn from your photos and thus improve my own photography. I have shared your site with my fellow members of Saigon Photographic, a casual social group which meets periodically to discuss all things photographic. They are, as am I, most grateful.

  34. Outstanding work. My regards.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Very cool photos Steve.

  36. Doors….and the incredible impact they can have on life, relationships, and emotions. Magnificent set of images, as always, Steve. I always enjoy your work – immensely! Blessings, Robyn

  37. Reblogged this on sowolu.

  38. Marianne Wilson Says:

    Such a poignant collection of images and words. I love the wide range of images in this group of works, yet each piece is perfection, formally and expressively. Thank you for documenting the reality of life in places such as Yemen, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan.

  39. Rosa Xavier - Portugal Says:

    You are the Matisse of photography. And I love the insights and the stories beneath your photos. Obrigada – thank you Steve McCurry

  40. This may be my favourite post of yours that I’ve read thus far. Inspired. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  41. galerief64 Says:

    Awesome image!

  42. Thank you, as usual, for this yet again superb collection. Once again, so many touching human stories so perfectly told and with so much sensitivity…

  43. lindsaykeats Says:

    Always a pleasure to see your work Steve !! Best Wishes

  44. a very beautiful graphic pic!!

  45. Spectacular colors and expressive comings and goings. Thank you for sharing this great work.
    All the best,

  46. Reblogged this on Words 'n Pics… and commented:
    I love these pictures – as always!

  47. Your pictures works as a wake-up call for my own unpublished experiences. What I admire most, I think, is the social situation in what the pictures show.

  48. Angelina Reese Says:

    You have a way of turning the common into the sublime. Stunning work.

  49. Mr. McCurry takes images that tell stories. I have followed his work since the 1980’s and always found it very inspiring for me as a photographer.

  50. Beautiful images – I particularly like the Cuban one. MM 🍀

  51. Great!. Mastering the colour as expressive tool.

  52. surreal pictures… transport you in time and space…

  53. Fantastic. Regards from Ecuador.

  54. Outstanding as usual. I never tire of your images. Thank you for sharing.


  55. Wonderful idea and great shots….Love this post!

  56. Excellent job, as usual !!

  57. Maura Hagen Says:

    Die Bilder sind so schön, beim Betrachten tut mir das Herz weh.

  58. Anna Rita Carrisi Says:

    Semplicemente Splendide, grazie!!!!!!!!

  59. Oh how I love your photos! I’m always so happy to see your new posts. I’ve taken a lot of door pictures, but none even approach these. As always, you’re an inspiration.:-)

  60. I’m trying to find the words to express my respect for you.

    It is obvious -to me- that you are all in.
    I get a lot of email. Yours is the cream.
    You present -to me- why I should be
    grateful, humble, and understanding
    to get out of my head and look around

    I would love to go one of your expeditions.

    Be well and a peaceful time.

    Al Stegmeyer

  61. You do have the third eyes to capture the unseen, Steve.

  62. Very impressive! Congrats.

  63. Reblogged this on Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog and commented:
    I found this contemplation beautiful and facinating. Hope you enjoy it also. Many blessings, Gretchen.

  64. A peaceful and thought-provoking way to start a Sunday. Your photography makes me think of old concepts in new ways. Thank you.

  65. Your images are so evocative and thought provoking. I felt drawn in yet sad at how mankind can reject people so easily by closing doors on them. Equally, I was challenged by how decisive the framing of a situation can be by getting a fleeting glimpse of other peoples’ lives through an open or partially open doorway!
    Your artist’s awareness is powerful and so expressive.
    Thank up for sharing these cameos of life.

  66. This is a wonderful and beautiful art study and contemplation.

  67. There is so much depth in every frame. This is like a sermon on photography! On how there are different ways of looking a single subject! Thank you!

  68. Emily George Says:

    Mr. McCurry,

    Your doors are fabulous. I, too, take many photos of doors. I think of all the people who might have passed through them and what might have been going on in their lives. Thank you for treating us to your world!

  69. I love all your photographs.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Sad and optimistic!Thank you,Mr.McCurry!

  71. Ranjith VS Says:

    nice.. we saw many things daily unnoticed .. may be they are in our less priorities of brain. My brain will stare at doors for the following few days atleast.. enjoyed both pics and words:)

  72. I’m always wondering how you can approach the world, giving us a feeling of being living the moment with you – and the people receive your camera without changing the mood of being in their own world… Thanks!

  73. dhrupad shukla Says:

    great images…. its inspire me to take a bit different moment at a
    time always…….

  74. ” Leaving and coming ” Both of words are very hopefully of Life. ..but it isn’t easy to rise their life in some poor countries. !
    Thank you photographer Steve McCurry for share the image of life in Afghanistan.

  75. Dietrich Gruen Says:

    Thank you, Steve. I subscribe to your blogs. I would emulate you on this one, as befits my name, “Dietrich”—which, in the German dictionary, means (euphemistically) “key to all doors”; the other (negative) meaning is “skeleton key” or “burglar’s tool.” Thanks for some illustrations and poetic poignant quotes of this point, which I plan to use or reference someday, with your permission. (My son Eric is a photographer, so gets a cc on this.)—Dietrich Gruen

  76. Grand…. Always beautiful work.

  77. Reblogged this on Through the Looking Glass and commented:
    Another masterful blog post from Steve McCurry, enjoy:)

  78. Thank you for sharing your incredible work.

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