To Read is to Fly

“To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which
gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety,
ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.”
 – A C Grayling, Financial Times
(in a review of A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel)


I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
– Jorge Luis Borges


There is no frigate like a book 
To take us lands away, 
Nor any coursers like a page 
Of prancing poetry. 
This traverse may the poorest take 
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot 
That bears a human soul.
– Emily Dickinson

DSC_8680_esLondon, United Kingdom

01734_06_esShanghai, China

_SM17860_adj; Havana, Cuba; 2010, CUBA-00018 Cuba

00038_18, Serbia, Yugoslavia, 11/1989, YUGOSLAVIA-10127.Serbia


We read to know we’re not alone.
–  C.S. Lewis

USA-10880United States

DSC_3030_esCape Town, South Africa


India, November 2007,India


When I get a little money I buy books;
and if any is left I buy food and clothes.

– Erasmus

THAILAND-10147Chiang Mai, Thailand

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!
How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book!
 When I have a house of my own,
I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.
–  Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

_SM17695; Italy; 07/2011, ITALY-10289Italy

00703_20, CANADA-10007, Nova Scotia, Footsteps of Buddha, 06/2005France

The ability to read awoke inside me some
long dormant craving to be mentally alive.

Autobiography of Malcolm X


Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few are to be chewed and digested.
– Francis Bacon

UNITED_ARAB_EMIRATES-10005United Arab Emirates

To learn to read is to light a fire;
every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. 

– Victor Hugo


Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily,
often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.
– Joyce Carol Oates

_SM11134, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011, THAILAND-10066 final print_MACROChiang Mai, Thailand

Reading was my escape and my comfort,
my consolation, my stimulant of choice: reading for the pure pleasure of it,
for the beautiful stillness that surrounds you when you hear an
author’s words reverberating in your head.
– Paul Auster, The Brooklyn Follies

00939_16_es (1)Cambodia


USA-10821Renowned author, Paul Theroux, Hot Springs, Arkansas

SOUTH_AFRICA-10003NF_webSouth Africa

Beetles & Huxley Gallery
London, UK
12 May through 7 June 2014

Alex Del Piero Gallery
Power of Ten

Torino, Italy
16 May through 31 August 2014

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  2. Beautiful messages and photos about the wonders of reading!

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    Amazing colection of photos and quotes about reading.

  4. […] A Burmese man reading on his bike Photograph by Steve McCurry […]

  5. Reading is the salvation unto the self …..the best food, the best drink and an incomparable revelation of yourself and the world in whole new and wondrous and a bewitching new light

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    To Read is to Fly. Indeed, it is.

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    “How not to read?” It would be impossible for me; so enjoy this post of Global reading and be appreciate to your eyes, mind and ability to reflect…

  8. How not to read? In reading your power of knowledge is awaken and you are becoming the one you meant to be….

  9. You are a really great fotographer !

  10. humberto de jesus bermudez rivera Says:

    leer es ver una muvi

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    A particularly good series of photographs, by one of the best photographers in the world, Steve McCurry. This set are on the theme of reading. You may recognize some of the locations. Either way, revel, soak up, enjoy…

  13. alberto schmidlin Says:

    maravilloso, la lectura, es el centro de todas las culturas, es el puente de unión.

  14. Wonderful. The differences in settings and of people, and yet the similarity of expression and intensity of the reader. Love it.

  15. speachless ……no words for this owesome idea of collection:)

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    We are, for the most part, bloggers, readers and writers. This post is about readers. I hope you are blessed. Peace, T

  17. You have much giftedness, and it is good that you are giving your gifts to those of us who are blessed by your imagery. I would like to reblog this post. I will be following your work. Thanks for this great post, and the amazing pictures. Peace, T

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    perfect timing and thought! lovely:) thank you

  19. Just wonderful! How could capture so many images all from different places!Loved all of them!

  20. May I fly and dance and soar and sing and spring and prance and leap and bounce and bungee jump…all within the precious pages of a book!

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    Then I’m flying~

  22. Some of them are really moving and the library is amazing (the fist picture)…

  23. ritesh_patel Says:

    “Before he had lost his sight, the maester had loved books as much as Samwell Tarly did. He understood the way that you could sometimes fall right into them, as if each page was a hole into another world.”
    ―George R. R. Martin
    Samwell (I) – A Feast for Crows

  24. dineshauti Says:

    Love it …awesome:-)

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    Read is magic, Read is culture, Read is time to think and let fly your thoughts

  26. I like your idea and you picture very much.

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    From my favorite photographer, about one of my passions!

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  29. […] "To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.” – A C Grayling,…  […]

  30. […] To Read is to Fly | Steve McCurry’s Blog. […]

  31. Reading really is so much more than just digesting words. Shame less and less people seem to find the patience to stop, sit, read…!

  32. fromnowhere12 Says:

    Very nice post with beautiful pictures and great quotes!:-) I love it!

  33. Great post I live how the photographs help to reinforce the point that we all are very similar. 😉

  34. Wonderful pictures, and wonderful memories. Thank you for giving us a look into something so beautiful and personal!

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    Reading is my life.

  36. SoulBirdE Says:


  37. All photos are beautiful and nice post

  38. stunning…thoughtful and ever so beautiful…thanks for sharing and composing this post.

  39. I love this post! The photography is superb! Thanks for sharing!

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    While going through few of the freshly pressed posts on WordPress, I came across Steve McCurry’s blog. Steve McCurry is a photo journalist and is famous for the picture he took in Pakistan, the “Afghan girl” which became the title page of the National Geographic magazine in 1985.
    Steve McCurry is one of my favorite photographers because he manages to bring out the ethos of that place and brings you so close to the person that you are captured in that certain frame for sometime. The new post on his blog ” To Read is to Fly” really fascinated me. I feel the quotes beside the photos also make you think in different perspectives. I hope you like it:)

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    Beautiful collection of photographs and quotes about reading! Absolutely gorgeous! One day, I will create such a project and collection!

  42. Great post! Amazing collection of quotes and I also loved the selection of pictures. Loved the quote about paradise being some sort of library. Well done!

  43. The Kat's Meow Says:

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    Why I read and why I write ❤ incredible!

  44. The Kat's Meow Says:

    Absolutely incredible! Reading will forever bring us closer to one another in ways we never thought possible.

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  46. lonnietalouise Says:

    wow! very nice

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  48. This is the most beautiful and resounding post I have seen yet on the internet. These photographs truly capture the unity of humanity through such a simple yet essential pleasure that is reading.

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    There are many passions, places and events that only reading can evoke and lead you safely to. Highly recommended

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    Love this post!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Very good post.

  52. kdf62 Says:

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    Books will take you to places you’ve never been .

  53. kdf62 Says:

    There is one thing I enjoy more than reading and that is writing .

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    El mejor homenaje a la lectura de un fotógrafo que sabe leer el significado de la vida

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    And It is worth flying, isn’t it!!!!:)

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    *in love*

  57. This is excellent. Thank you. Reblogged to

  58. […] The picture credit goes to Steve McCurry. Check out his wonderful post here. […]

  59. For some reason, I’m quite happy I didn’t see electronic reading materials in the photos.
    Beautiful collection. I am not sure why but the photos made me teary eyed.

  60. Good article, just excellent.

  61. So very special collection !

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    Reading– the key that unlocks the door to the rest of the world.

  63. What a fantastic collection of beautfully made images!

  64. Stunning collection of quotes and photos. Reading is absolutely essential to a well-rounded education, and to a well-rounded perspective on the human experience. We rhapsodize on this quite a bit here, if you want to take a look:

    Great blog!
    J & T

  65. Wow! Beautiful…

  66. The post is amazing but what is more amazing is the way it is presented, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  67. marvelous…..!!

  68. Beautiful images, thank you for sharing them.

  69. What a beautiful little quote.

  70. A wonderful collection…

  71. The photographs are marvellous. I went through them so many times trying to pick the one i like most but they are all just so gorgeous. Loved them all. It just made my day so lovely and like Rilke said – “Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading!” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge
    A few thoughts that I recollected while going through your post – “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” ― William Styron, Conversations with William Styron
    “A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.” ― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

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    Reading, photos – what could be better?

  74. makeascene21 Says:

    ‘We read to know we’re not alone.’ Beautiful.

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    Air is to living as books are to life!

  76. That Paul Auster quote was as something I could have said myself… and not just in my childhood. I could say it of yesterday.

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    I could get lost in the world of literature .. it provides an experience where-in you can literally escape from the “real” world ..

  78. Beautifully captured! Love the photos:)

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    his new book ‘Untold’ is worth buying too

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    Now, you know what means” Iq’rae’!_ in Arabic, the very first word revealed in the Quran; which is, “read, recite, say” _ all the debris that we call meanings are not enough to explain the word Iqura, but just look at “To read is to fly”,and you understand what I mean

  81. N shots!! Heaven of books

  82. What an utterly delightful post – such beautiful, intimate photographs and quotations.

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    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”- St Augustine

  84. Just such a beautiful collection, thank you. Mind you, I’m not sure that I’d become a booklover based on Caroline Bingley’s reccomendation! That inclusion made me smile!

  85. A picture is worth a thousand words-no pun intended

  86. Ana maria teresa de Hollanda cavalcanti Says:

    As a reader and as used books sellet, I absolutely loved those posts!! Thank you very much!

  87. weareallsomewhatscrewy Says:

    Love it!

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    I always Steve’s work.

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    To read is to fly truly

  90. Wow, beautiful.

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    Such striking images!

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    Where did you last read and what were you reading?:)

    Miss Anne

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    One of my favourite posts. Beautiful photographs and lovely quotes.

  94. bookfreakerz Says:

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  95. Ohhh I love this!!! As someone who never leaves the house without a book in her handbag, this really made me feel connected to these people who I’ll never actually know – I feel like all avid readers have an unspoken kinship:)

  96. I tried to make this point to a pair of indifferent second graders but lacked such eloquence.
    Beautiful post!

  97. What an awesome post. I never would’ve thought to photograph people reading, it seems rather boring, but I didn’t want the post to end. I liked the well though out quotes in between too.

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    Simpy unbelievable. THX

    Πορτες ασφαλειας Balomenos Doors

  99. Really enjoyed this post! Follow for follow?!:)

  100. Oh Lord….this is so wonderful

  101. It’s a beautiful post with a strong message. Wonderful work! Keep it up. (y)

  102. Texts may seem timeless and reading a cerebral activity divorced from time and place, but the photos in this post remind me of the physicality of texts, and that reading actually takes place as specific acts of reading, each occurring in a specific time and place.

    Every text that has ever been or ever will come to be, will only be read so many times before finally disappearing; and each reading will have been a one-shot event by a specific human being.

    The good fortune of having good books.

  103. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Hypocrite and commented:
    Truly inspirational. This is evidence that reading connects us, breaking the barriers of age, gender, culture, religion. It unites us; it gives us something special to share and cherish with all those around us.

  104. I couldn’t agree more! Read, read, read!

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    These images definitely sell the whole reading thing again. I have been trying to read James – Joyce ‘Finnegans Wake’ for ages. I always find meaning in a few paragraphs. My hope is to read some Wyndham Lewis at some point. Although as I sure you agree these images say more than 1,000 words could ever do. Freshly pressed WordPress blog, well done.

  106. These images definitely sell the whole reading thing again. I have been trying to read James – Joyce ‘Finnegans Wake’ for ages. I always find meaning in a few paragraphs. My hope is to read some Wyndham Lewis at some point. Although as I sure you agree these images say more than 1,000 words could ever do. Freshly pressed WordPress blog, well done.

  107. Amazingly beautiful – thank you so much!
    All art forms are so immensely powerful – novels, poetry, art, music and so on – they’re the universal things that make us human

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    Quote-nya keren, jadi penyemangat untuk semakin mencintai buku dan membaca.

  109. Reading is a retreat from the outerworld before you have to face it again. Books are magic.

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    Peculiar reminder that not all foreigners are that foreign after all. Amazing photos.

  111. Wonderful pictures! How universal reading is! I love it!

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    Beautiful and true!

  113. Amazing pictures and the well sorted quotes in between. Thanks for sharing.

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    Beautiful *_*

  115. What a fabulous uplifting post. Thank you for that Steve.:)

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    If it is possible for one soul to speak to another, then yours just did. I am in awe of this post…

  117. Very interesting post. Good quotes and pics.

  118. Wonderful selection of photographs. And for me, to read is to fly (also watching certain movies).

    Beautiful post!!!

  119. splitpantics Says:

    These are brilliant. Having a bit of a lonely poet day and I’m trying not to weep from the beauty of these photos in the middle of a library.

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    Love this

  121. Wow. That Library(?) in Brazil, just WOW! Just a dream!!! Is that a private collection? If it is I might have to cry:) and be very envious haha.
    For me these photos were so interesting because what you were physically taking images of is different people reading different things at many different locations on Earth, but as a book lover I see so much more than that. When you read (and the book is half decently written) you are transported to another world and you go on a journey with the characters. So what you have actually captured here is quite amazing, you are visually transporting us to the places these images are taken, images from all over the world of people on amazing reading journeys who in their minds might be journeying in your own country – who knows. Very interesting.

  122. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Your man Steve McCurry drops all kinds of inspiration and thought provoking pictures in his latest blog post. Reading and viewing other’s photographs may actually be the truest form of “budget travel” in existence…

  123. These photos are awesome my man. Each one really tells a story.

  124. That first picture of the library is astounding!

  125. aditi1641 Says:

    Have you traveled to all these places, or have you borrowed or discovered these pictures? Regardless, I loved this post. It shows how much our world has progressed. Students in Ethiopia to citizens of the US are able to read, and this shows we have a far way to go. Great quotes, too! Thank you for this global perspective😀

  126. Books..the means of bliss and peacefulness and an ever lasting thirst for more !!!
    This is absolutely beautiful
    Love Zara:)

  127. itsallgrooovy Says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings From Around the World and commented:
    Wow! Love these photos!
    And agree whole heartedly…

  128. Your pictures are infectious!

  129. I grew up in a home filled with thousands of books and was always told that reading is the key to”everything” Now that I have only room for a few books, I choose wisely. Great post. Thanks.

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    Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.

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    Although we may feel incredibly different from others at times, reading is the same the world over. (Check out that library in Brazil. I have serious shelf envy.)

  134. Global view of the essential aspect of our civilization based on the communication through time. Written message is the best medium, although not the only one.
    I accidentally reflected upon reading, which includes writing and speaking in my recent post

    You excluded reading on screen, but it will come. Reading 2.0 includes immediate written response, it engages even more, but maybe it distorts the author’s speaking.

  135. To read is to fly indeed ,and more, through our imagination .”Imagination is more important than knowledge ” as our old fellow Einstein used to say .

  136. Must be one of the best blog posts I have ever read! Incredible.

  137. Very well captured! Thanks for sharing!

  138. Reblogged this on Neverending1's Blog and commented:
    More beautiful photos from Steve McCurry all about reading. As always, stunning!

  139. Denise [But First, Live!] Says:

    I love this. This is beautiful❤

  140. leftoverpeas Says:

    Excellent post

  141. Excellent post and congrats on being pressed.

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    a spectacular ode to reading – just had to reblog this…hope you enjoy as much as me!

  143. Tobias 2010 Says:


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    I just love this

  146. Wow. I’m speechless at the breadth and depth of your images.

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    Nothing to blog about today. At Porto waiting to take off for the states in the morning after a 3 ½ hour bus ride to Portugal. Yesterday I talked about seeing the Steve McCurry exhibit in Santiago. I am rev logging his latest blog. Enjoy

  148. […] Wer lieber etwas fürs Auge sucht, der sollte auf Steve McCurry’s Blog vorbeischauen: Der berühmte und vor allem talentierte Fotograf hat in dieser Woche Bilder aus aller Welt veröffentlicht, die sich auf unterschiedlichste Art und Weise mit dem Lesen b…. […]

  149. […] Fast schon überflüssig zu erwähnen und wie immer eine Wucht: Diesmal zeigt Steve McCurry Lesende. […]

  150. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Very inspiring and enjoyable for one who likes to “see”.

  151. wow this is very powerful!:)

  152. No words can describe Steve’s photos – just simply spectacular and emotional.

  153. Sunita Pathak Says:

    The passion of the reading is so engrossing & gives you unmatched happiness.
    The more you explore in that world ,more & more it makes you wise, well directed views
    & vision to face the world. Steve Mccurry captured it truly well as always .HATS OFF..

  154. Thanks for beaming me up and around the world with these transporting photos and quotes. Although I understand this is the format of your blog, I wonder where I could find more information about the photos. For example, I’d love to know more about the women in the library in the United Arab Emirates. Is it a special section of the library for women only, and, if so, what kinds of books are allowed there? And I wonder what book the man is reading under the statue of Mao? Maybe it doesn’t matter, but as a reader and traveler I am always interested in context, and I can never have enough information about other places and cultures. Finally, one more picky comment: Most of the quotes are (great ones) from Western authors. Maybe next time you could choose some from writers in those countries. Goodreads has a fairly large quote library, and Quote Garden and are also good literary resources. Happy reading! I hope to be lucky enough to see one of your exhibits one day.

  155. These photos are so great. Are they yours?:)

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    A moving tribute to the power of writing and reading

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    So lovely I had to share. Enjoy!

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    Ich möchte euch heute einen unglaublich schönen Beitrag von Steve McCurry’s Blog zeigen….die Aufnahmen sind wunderbar und passen zum vergangenen *Welttag des Buches*
    Danke Steve für diese Bilder!

  159. Traumhafte Bilder! Wunderbar! DANKE!
    Gelesen wird auf vielfältige Weise und ÜBERALL auf unserer schönen Erde!
    Viele Grüße

    reblogged auf

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    The wonder of reading…

  161. Cristina Palese Says:

    A complete tour of the world, thank you for your wonderful photos!

  162. Incredible shots. Like the book, your photos take us to other worlds

  163. I am very happy to see your photos, my inspiration..

  164. Exquisite photography!

  165. shared your link on facebook, hope you don’t mind. brilliant photos. such a great topic!

  166. Fantastische reportage reeks. Heb genoten van je foto’s en je poezie!

  167. Thank…….Tuyet

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  169. Anonymous Says:

    As a book fiend myself, Bravo! Wonderful quotes and images as usual. Thank you for sharing Steve,

  170. As always and exquisite post. Reading enables us to live a thousand lives whether its a fearless warrior or a curiously courageous rabbit, we live and die a thousand times books.
    Read people! Read.

  171. Reblogged this on Frechilla Fotografía and commented:
    Ayer fue el día del libro. Hoy McCurry nos regala este fantástico artículo fotográfico. Sensacional!

  172. I so enjoyed reading this. Great post.😀

  173. Reblogged this on Leya.

  174. My feelings exactly, I love to read and my motto is “you don’t have to read everyday, only on the days that you eat.”

  175. Wonderful theme, photos and quotes. Will reblog this – my children used to call me the protector and saint of all books.

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  177. I loved these so much. It shows how reading is universal. And the quotes are great.

  178. Rita Gonçalves Says:


  179. Another excellent post.

  180. As always, had to be Steve, thank you for your visual gifts !

  181. What a gorgeous collection of photographs and quotes with an exceptional theme! As usual, incredibly dead-on photographs, perfectly exposed and compositionally outstanding and content worth spending time with. Well done Steve!

    P.S. I want the library set-up on the first photograph!

  182. metropolitanhomesickblues Says:

    Reblogged this on Metropolitan Homesick Blues and commented:
    So well done. And so true

  183. Kathrin Says:

    Reblogged this on Phantásienreisen and commented:
    Steve McCurrys Bilder sind immer wieder beeindruckend und ich bereue, dass ich es nicht zur Ausstellung seiner Fotografien in der Erfurter Kunstgalerie geschafft habe (die Masterarbeit dominiert gerade mein Leben). Umso besser, dass Steve McCurry uns über seinen Blog an seinen Fotografien teilhaben lässt.

    Passend zum gestrigen Welttag des Buches hat Steve McCurry einen Beitrag mit Bildern veröffentlicht, die auf unterschiedlichste Weise das Lesen thematisieren:

  184. i love your cross-cultural with something-in-common pieces. such beautiful, diverse, expressive photos~wow! thanks for the window into more of the world❤ wren

  185. They are all wonderful but my favourite is the Thailand lady with the neck rings:-)

  186. Great photos and theme

  187. Fantastic images! I love that first library, awesome!

  188. Richard Jacobs Says:


  189. Wonderful theme, wonderful photos.

  190. The way you capture the light is a constant inspiration to me.
    Great post (as usual).

  191. The theme and how you presented it is just fantastic!

  192. A book is like a chariot it can take you where ever you want.Excellent post.jalal

  193. Lis Steeden Says:

    As always Steve – it’s a pleasure…:)

  194. dubravka milković vukelić Says:

    As always I enyoied in Your photos.Thank You.

  195. Reblogged this on Kiều Ka and commented:
    You are always amazing!

  196. Another great collection from you Steve !!!

  197. Reblogged this on Wonder and Beauty and commented:
    Another wonderful photo essay from Steve McCurry. Make sure to click on the end link to see his whole post.

  198. elenajan Says:

    They are all beautiful photos, as usual, so thank you.

  199. Reblogged this on Lichtgewimmel and commented:
    Wow! Also ich reblogge eigentlich kaum jemals irgenwelche Artikel, aber Steve McCurry schießt hier mal wieder den Vogel ab! Unglaublich! Was für ein Fotograf!
    Thank you Steve for these unbelivable impressions!

  200. Beautiful selection!!!! Love all the quotes as well, …Oates one is great and deeply right!

  201. Wonderful post. Thank you!

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