River of Life

93 thoughts on “River of Life”

  1. I went to this blog through me daughter, she sent me the link, the photographs are beautiful, transmit softy emotions, indescribable feelings of sensitivity exquisite.Thank you for your beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. I stumbled upon this blog via Pinterest, but I’m so glad I did! These are gorgeous photographs. As someone who is from Pakistan and already knows how rich in beauty and culture South Asia is, I appreciate your efforts at trying to capture and share that sentiment. Keep up the good work!

  3. I see this, I read this, and I feel overwhelmed by the cascade of emotions stemming from your sensitivity as an artist. Words fail me to express how this makes me feel exactly.

  4. There are no words to define your work. Your shots are amazing, everything is perfect: light, frame, colours, characters. You always catch the perfect moment and fix it in beautiful images.
    I thank you so much for this blog.

  5. Everytime I see his work and think it cant get any better because it is already the best, I am again amazed at the beauty of his work

  6. All that can be said in admiration of these superb photos is already said in comments above. I keep looking and relooking at the portraits, especially the three from Afkhanistan: a dignified gentelman in Jalalabad, the lovely young woman Murad Khani, Kabul, two women in blue with the lovely little girl peeping out of curiosity, Kabul, Afghanistan. You have captured their joy of living in perfect harmony under all circumstances . They are all dressed to give expression to human beings innermost need for art, creativity, colour and shape. Wish with all my heart to compliment them on their superb costumes as they dress to fullfil their artistic dersire. Bravo Mr. Steve McCurry!

  7. such a beautiful answer to the ugly stories of violence, poverty, war and rape, all these beautiful faces full of experience and thought, may there be peace at their places and hope and goodness and life.

  8. I too have been fortunate enough to travel along much of the GTC. Your fine images Steve brought it all flooding back, the sights sounds and smells. I am inspired to continue with my own project for 2017, a celebration of the similarities and differences between India and Pakistan post Partition. Once again thank you. Your work is amazing..

  9. Stunning scenery and people; your pictures reflect a thousand of stories in just one shot, they are magical.
    Thanks for sharing, a fan from Manila

  10. As architect, I have had a great satisfaction in my professional life: a client of mine, after that I complete the design and the construction of his villa, told me that his wife bought 15 McCurry’s photos and so he asked me to help her to organize them in the villa. It was a perfect opportunity to appreciate one time more steve mc curry’s great opera!!!…and the perfect way to finish an important work like that villa!

  11. Probably the Best in the World for strenght and Impatc. As You know in Italy all Your Photos and Exibitions are very appreciate. Grateful to You for Yor Blog. It’s a donation for us very beautiful. Ciao Steve, we are waiting In Italy for You.

  12. Totally AWESOME photos!! Thanks so much for posting!! Someone posted this on FB, I will be following YOU from now on.

  13. I grew up along the GT (Peshawar, Kabul and Lahore) as the son of a US diplomat. I was also fortunate to have traveled its entire length. Your outstanding photos have brought back a flood of memories. Thank you!

  14. What a wonderful,delightful,colourful ,soul fulfilling experience .Through your images ,I was there with you seeing all that feels like a real life paintings of our beautiful world and all in it .I Thank you

  15. Through your amazing , outstanding and fascinating images we travel to the ‘real world’ and each image portrays a story . The colours, the details are truly spectacular. Thank you Stevebhai

  16. Thank you as always for these Steve. Appreciate how your images capture both what is hidden from common view, as well as the essential about some of these places. I’m pretty darn sure I’ve turned that corner in Varanasi, but maybe you’ve just captured the essential corner in the warrens of that ancient city. In any case – bravo.

  17. Your great shots doesn’t need my compliments, it’s easy to see that are awesome but what impresses me is the respect and affinity for the subject expressed in your pictures.

  18. Through your amazing , outstanding and fascinating images we travel to the ‘real world’ and each image portrays a story . The colours, the details are truly spectacular. Thank you Stevebhai

  19. Hello sir, i admire you as a role model. You had really done a great work in journalism & photography. I really appreciate your dedication towards the work. Am also a avid photographer which am preserving it in an enthusiastic way since 8 years. I want to meet you sir once in a Lifetime. Can you please lend me 1hour from your schedule just wanted to have a conversation with you i would be truely greatful. Can you please convey through my email kaus.creativity@gmail.com
    Regards, Kaushal Patil. INDIA

  20. I drove overland from Germany to India in 1971, mostly following the Great Trunk Road, and then criss-crossing through India. My heart aches looking at these beautiful images. I’m so grateful to Steve McCurry for regularly sharing his exquisite art with us!

  21. As I travel annually to this part of the world, it holds a special place in my heart. I seek out the works of other photographers who also capture this unique region. What I see that sets your work apart is your humanity toward your subjects. There is kindness there, not just curiosity. You inspire us to be better, live better and see differently. Thanks.

  22. I traveled this route in 1975 just loved the people I met along the way. Steve McCurry’s images returned so many memories of those wonderful people. Thank you Steve. I so look forward to your images arriving in my email box they are so wonderful.

  23. Amazing, emotional and powerful these images so beyond being photographs. Thanks for shedding light in this region.

  24. Accolades aren’t necessary for you or your work…both speak for themselves. However, as a student of great art, I count myself fortunate to have come across your blog. The photos, words and stories you tell through them are priceless. Thanks Steve!

  25. Magnificent Photos. Steve McCurry is able to capture the lives of so many in beautiful and tasteful photographs.

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