5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am part of an advertising agency and we are interested in one of your images on your blog. Do you license your images. Please let me know.

  2. Dear Steve. This beautiful work is always a celebration of life, and of a (your) life well lived. I frequently receive almost gigabytes of post modern photographic dribble – expensive, over produced and slicker than cadillac de ville. Visual bling – Technically perfect crap without substance. And then your work arrives. Thank you. Richard.

  3. Dear Steve,

    Being a fan of your work, I have moved from film to digital with a Nikon camera D200

    I have found difficult to setting up my camera even with a book edited by a french photographer
    I try to corrige myself working as a film photographer and not spending time front of my computer

    I have though to going back with a Nikon film camera (eg : Fm2)
    I read that you use a D3X and a Hasselblad camera
    How do you organise about the logistic part of it

    I am a backpacker and I have been to some places
    I met some difficulties about moving my staff away from CDG airports (weight/over taxes) when I went to Egypt adding being harceled

    I made a philosophy and gained a great experience
    Then I am planning to backpack against realising a reportage and crossing borders after Turkey : Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan towards India and then crossing to China

    I asked to the french travel agencies and couldn’t get any help
    In France, this is difficult to find a fly towards Kaboul or Beirut.

    Emotionnaly, I feel like returning living abroad


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