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A few years some friends and family founded ImagineAsia.  The mission of ImagineAsia, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is to work in partnership with local community leaders and regional NGO’s to help students in Afghan communities in order to provide educational resources.

One of our projects  has been to provide medical books to doctors who have virtually no current reference books. We have received donations of thousands of new and slightly used medical textbooks from hospitals and the American College of Physicians, which we have distributed to medical schools and hospitals around Afghanistan.

It is impossible to overstate the need of up-t0-date information for Afghan doctors, and it has been very gratifying to receive positive feedback from doctors and librarians.  One of the needs mentioned most often was pediatric textbooks, and thanks to the physicians at the Chester-Crozer Hospital, we have been able to provide hundreds of those books.

We have also provided hundreds of literature books to schools, especially in Bamiyan.  One of our board members went to Bamiyan to teach an intensive English course for high school girls.

Our small school for refugee children in Kabul has been taught by a wonderful teacher who has been with us for three years, and thanks to the efforts of an Afghan doctor friend, has been well provided with a stove, wood, and other materials so that the students can learn all winter even when the public schools are closed.




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